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Overcrowding still present

Bond issue being defeated solves no problems

December 12, 2013

Minot voters defeated a $125 million bond issue proposal Tuesday, but school officials said school overcrowding isn’t going away....

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Dec-12-13 12:56 AM

Why was Lincoln not rebuilt with fema funds like Ramstad?

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Dec-12-13 12:58 AM

They need to find other methods period. But, they'll spend time and effort trying to push more votes. Never going to happen.

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Dec-12-13 3:04 AM

Seriously, does everyone here suffer from some sort of memory loss?

@MarkHighwater - Washington was knocked down not by the school district, but by whomever purchased it from the district. It's like when you sell your house to buy a different house. Crazy concept. Except they sold the school & land to offset cost of the new Washington. They could not expand on that location. Pretty simple stuff.

@takkak - Lincoln was rebuilt, but it was rebuilt as part of Longfellow. That's whey they doubled the size of the school. FEMA wouldn't allow them to rebuild on the same site because it was in a direct flood plain. The best solution was to incorporate the two schools as one. This only happened a couple of years ago. Not really ancient history.

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Dec-12-13 5:57 AM

The vote is not even 2 days old and Mr. Vomit is already threatening us with another vote(get a life)should of thought of schools when they buried millions of dollars in a pipeline(naws)that hasn't delivered a drop and the new courthouse they shoved down our throats to make criminals feel more at home(hell they live better than I do)all seasons arena expansion, the list go's on and on, just go's to show you can't live in this dump town any more, sure I can move but why should I? This oil boom will bust just like those before it, and when they all move out and head to the next oil boom town in Texas and Minot becomes a ghost town because you and yours pushed out all the lifelong residents of this city, then and only then you can build all you want.(keep your hands out of my wallet)

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Dec-12-13 8:05 AM

Why would jim think that a city full of old fuddy duddies want anything that would improve the lives of the children in Minot.He must think he lives in Fargo.

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Dec-12-13 8:46 AM

they need to look hard at the 70's and figure out where all those kids were housed. considering there is more square footage now there shouldn't be a problem. Now threatening another bond issue. Great way to bring the community together lol. There needs to be a law preventing bond issues for four years after a failed attempt. Th

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Dec-12-13 8:46 AM

what a joke. Lets just keep asking for a vote until we can find a way to scare enough people into voting yes, or rig the vote. This town stinks of corruption. Sadly enough the "Intellectuals" and liberals of our school system want shove tax down our throats using the kids as an excuse. Do they ever stop to think that these bond issues will cancel out most people's raises they get Jan 1st. They seem surprised people want to keep their money. I'm fed up with this garbage.

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Dec-12-13 8:52 AM

" MAGIC FUND MISUSE " How did Magic Funds Money get used for Ryan High School/the University Dome etc. if the Public Schools are in such DIRE condition ??? Every School has wasted space that for reasonably few $$$ could be turned into nicely useable Classroom space. Why not look there first and make use of it ?

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Dec-12-13 8:53 AM

Re-fitting a used medical facility to house elementary students was not a wise decision by the school district.

Selling the old Washington School, a great piece of architecture, was a mistake.

However, a new elementary school will indeed help the system.

Lack of funding and lack of cooperation by the property owner are problems Minot's school board needs to solve.

The school board needs to secure funding from sources other than the property owner.

The state has a school lands trust fund that can be tapped, regardless of what those in charge say. It is close to criminal action for the state to deny funding for education. It is a moral outrage that the state acts as it does, that is for sure.

I would forget about any kind of bond issue until all other efforts are exhausted.

The school board needs to do more homework.

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Dec-12-13 9:08 AM


So now these Bond issues will be mixed in with other Elections/Votes and the Masses will be taken by surprise and like Magic we will have more New Schools!

In the mean time children will be used as Pawns to confound an cause confusion/problems for Parents. This Mad shuffling of children all over town guised as necessary to balance Classrooms size will surely have it's toll by design !

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Dec-12-13 9:32 AM

ceci***eli, that is only a technicality. MPS closed Washington, would not allow a private school to purchase it, and so they only use for that building was to tear it down. Ronaldo, they didn't use the Magic fund, they use part of the NAWS money to gift the private organizations such as the Curling Club because we all know how important they are to the entire community. WE need an elementary school, maybe two smaller one rather than one for 500 students; but I voted no because the board had not done anything prudent to reduce the situation prior to asking for an inordinate amount of money.

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Dec-12-13 9:46 AM

Mr. Rostad, I believe you are not reading the vote correctly when you said "I wanted to approach the Legislature more aggressively knowing we had the community of Minot behind us." You have the community behind you to go to the state to loosen the reins on the state land money.

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Dec-12-13 10:20 AM

Should have built Lincoln somewhere else with 90% FEMA funds, doubling longfellow in flood plain was dumb.

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Dec-12-13 10:21 AM

You people must be brain dead.The landtrust money can only be used certain ways.Asking for it just isn't one of the ways.Can anyone say ,Pecentage of the landtrust money.

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Dec-12-13 10:22 AM

Oh yeah with Washington, simple stuff, So simple they needed to ask for $125,000,000.

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Dec-12-13 10:24 AM

So, law and language says land trust cannot ever be used for schools, under no circumstances, period? When was it established? Do charters never change...

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Dec-12-13 10:25 AM

Brain deads voted yes and lost.

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Dec-12-13 10:31 AM

Geez, Mark V., Jim and the rest of the school board, will you all quit your whining. You lost because you didn't do your homework good enough period. We are all getting so tried of this B.S. Get off your throne, (not the throne in the bathroom I'm referring too, but sometimes I wonder),get to work on what you have till you figure out a positive and honest solution that makes dollars and sense.

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Dec-12-13 10:34 AM

FEMA wouldn't allow Lincoln to be rebuilt in flood plain? Didn't Ramstad have to fight FEMA to not have to rebuild in flood plain???

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Dec-12-13 10:38 AM

So...what's plan for $1M building sitting outside longfellow where old skate rink used to be?

Bingo hall???

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Dec-12-13 10:46 AM

I believe they rent the portables like Ramstad and longfellow last year. Not sure how many are owned by MPS. Maybe they put all eggs in bond vote.

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Dec-12-13 11:27 AM

takkak, are you serious about a NO campaign? Are you in contact with Blaine DesLauriers? He is supposed to be representing the people of Minot on Dalrymple's property tax force. Are you in support of the school board going before the legislature to change the land trust ruling?

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Dec-12-13 11:49 AM

all the yes voters get out you checkbook and solve this your way through live, ya ticks

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Dec-12-13 11:53 AM


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Dec-12-13 12:04 PM

Our property taxes have doubled since we bought our house. The valuation on it jumped $30,000 this past year so we received a notice in October that our mortgage payment was going up significantly (in our minds). Our house is NOT fancy!!!! We simply COULD NOT afford more taxes. We never thought this wasn't a good idea and I'm sick of people saying we don't care about the children--we are parents with school age children--we just can't afford more taxes. This was presented very poorly and they were asking too much $$. We may have been inclined to support this if it hadn't been such a chunk. This is not a repub vs dem issue either--I'm frankly sick of people making it out to be such. I know dems and libertarians who voted NO..

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