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We must never forget

December 12, 2013

Did Saturday’s date — Dec. 7 — mean anything to you? It should, because of what happened 72 years ago and what occurred on Sept. 11, 2001....

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Dec-18-13 11:49 PM


Is as false and fake Fraudy McFraudington. Got to ask yourself where Fraudy McFruadington comes from Canada eh?

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Dec-18-13 10:17 PM


Fish we shoot with a rifle. You've demanded that I answer one question but gave me four. I will answer the first question my rank was E4. With that please tell this board what your rank was and don't say captain.

I can assure you ndfaketrn is a fraud. He refuses to answer one question about his past. What was his rank? Where did he serve? What branch was he in? Who was his commanding officer?

This poser really needs some professional help

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Dec-16-13 7:35 PM

Liberals who celebrate the tolerance of other views always seem amazed that there are other views - William F. Buckley

At some point, the government will run out of money. - Barach Obama, August 22. 2013

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Dec-16-13 7:27 PM

"Once men get in the habit of helping themselves to the property of others they are not easily cured of it" The NY Times editorializing in 1909 against the federal income tax.

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Dec-16-13 7:09 PM

Honey I'm home, sorry I missed everyone's concern about who I may be. I will tell you that I am not dustoff3 or Ron Carlson. I may need to get to know them but not right now. I will tell you that I am a real veteran unlike many here. I am also a conservative. Need to know anything else?

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Dec-16-13 4:15 PM

"You ARE Ron Carlson."

willgrr, there hasn't been enough info shown in the posts yet for a deduction like that. The biggest thing is that ndvetrn doesn't write anything like DustOff did.

I know you might want this to be true, but I'm not convinced yet.

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Dec-15-13 12:26 AM


big brother tells you when to fart, what's your problem.

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Dec-15-13 12:20 AM


If the following is true, I was ten when you started your tour in Vietnam. Do you honestly expect any of us to believe you talk like this, a person of your age and hopefully wisdom. If I was ten then you would have to be almost 80 now. It's hard to deceive for that long.

Started tour on May 15, 1968 at Bien Hoa Province, South Vietnam..My rank is Captain, Us Army. My MOS {training} is 4800D Maintenance Officer for Ordnance and Civil Affairs...Units served; A Co. Army Depot Long Binh Army S>P>T>, CMD Saigon, 1st LOG CMD, USARV... Medals: Purple Heart

HE SAID, SHE SAID, This too funny! You want to take typo and turn it into a controversy. Go for it. The fact still remains that your a military fake, phony and a liar. Like I said previously if your military record is correct you have to be almost 80. We would also like to know where you attended college or the military academy.

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Dec-15-13 12:09 AM

So, is this editorial commentary attempting to make US "feel" about 9/11/01 the same way we are supposed to "feel" about 12/7/41? I am leery when Big Brother is telling me how I should "feel" about horrific atrocities.

Peace and Semper Fidelis...

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Dec-14-13 2:07 PM

Seriously, PJinfinity?

Your lexicon of hateful words makes anyone else's slams seem like leftover vanilla pudding.

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Dec-14-13 12:48 AM

This MDN editorial states:

"On both dates, the United States was attacked by foreign powers. In the aftermath of both assaults, Americans vowed to eliminate the enemy to prevent future aggression."

What "foreign power" attacked US on 9-11-01? My interpretation of the story says it was 19 guys from the middle east (15 from Saudi Arabia) that hijacked 4 aircraft. Which "foreign power" directed this event? It wasn't Afghanistan, and it certainly was not Iraq.

My point is that I do not see this editorial as factually correct because the so-called "foreign power" that attacked US on 9-11 is not cited or named.

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Dec-13-13 2:08 AM

The only commenter that said anything important was my bud willygarr/canook. Take some time and read what she said.

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Dec-13-13 12:53 AM

Even this editorial from the MDN is attempting to manipulate readers to accept the "official" government storyline about these events. Shameful. I suppose that if I had television, and watched the Fox Newz Channel, I would agree with this opinion piece from the MDN. As it is, I do not have a television, nor do I watch the Fox Newz Channel. I participated twice in the US occupation of Iraq. I have become leery of "dates to remember" and "never forget". These are obvious tag-lines of propagandists, such as the US government. The MDN is obviously part of the propaganda machine.

Peace and Semper Fidelis, y'all... I'm rootin' for the US of A to win, not to fail like Ted Cruz.

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Dec-12-13 11:27 PM

originally posted by Whistler: "I guess that my perspective on war and our National Defense is outdated but as a Vietnam Veteran I have been there, done that."

And to think that even that crummy little country beats the US in math and science.

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Dec-12-13 4:20 PM

"We have toppled one government that served Islamic terrorists." Let me see, that would be Afghanistan right? Because that other nation, Iran, was a sovereign nation who did not fit that criteria. Or, is this one of those moments, whistler, where you never met a war you did not like?

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Dec-12-13 8:35 AM

Both dates the government propagandists used to whip the population into a frenzy to support wars. Nice...

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