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New school in future?

Voters head to polls Tuesday to decide

December 8, 2013

Voters will go to the polls on Tuesday to decide whether to approve a $125 million bond election for new school construction....

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Dec-10-13 10:25 PM

well this should send a shockwave to bismarck. and when property taxes are eliminated next year they'll finally get the message that we are done with the raping and pillaging

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Dec-10-13 3:43 PM

i read that all the chemical weapons they found in syria were stamped with a made in iraq

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Dec-10-13 3:25 PM

Neck,kindergarten doesn't count.

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Dec-10-13 11:34 AM

how long is a school day, total time is about 4.5 hrs spent in the classroom or in class the rest is lunch playtime and studytime, anyone can go and sit in on a class or a day of school, these are just facts and please doent take my word for it go check it out, i did.

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Dec-10-13 10:48 AM

read the contract and they doent do a new lesson plan every year it is no different then a budget it is just twekted from time to time,if a new lesson plan in there lets start them at at the beginning of the payscale again they are teaching your kids to cry and beg it is the way it is

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Dec-10-13 10:07 AM

I encourage all of Minot to join me in voting today and "VOTE NO" on both items on the school measure!

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Dec-10-13 10:00 AM

@landslide2014: Its ACCEPTED. Not excepted.

And we are supposed to listen to you regarding education?

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Dec-09-13 11:29 PM

There are billions and billions of dollars in the state bank in Bismarck. I say we vote no and make the school board go after that money. Our state leaders are LIARS if they say there is no money to use for schools. I am sick of the leaders in Bismarck covering up and saying there is no money. Enough is enough. Somebody needs to tell the truth about all that money sitting in Bismarck. I have asked state leaders where the money is and how it is being used. You can ask three different legislators and get three different answers. In other words, they don’t want you to know where it is going. You can only imagine! Funny, all this talk of the big surplus and not ONE state legislator will step up and post anything anywhere. Silence makes you wonder.

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Dec-09-13 10:52 PM

*******, do you realize the amount of time teachers put in to do a good job with preparing lessons as well as correcting papers, projects, etc? The mere fact that you would say teachers spend 5 class periods at 50 minutes and calculate their salary that way is beyond ridiculous...get your head examined.

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Dec-09-13 10:02 PM

i will direct you to the place i found it minot public schools teachers contract i think it said readychilddotcom on google and i took the average wage the highest and lowest, actually came to 50000 but i used 48000 and the contract reads for 5 classes, anything above that is extra and that is just the wage i didnt do the benies

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Dec-09-13 9:48 PM

The North Dakota Senate has approved increased funding for K-12 schools which will also mean significant reductions in property taxes.

The $1.2 billion bill has $700 million going into property tax relief.

The bill is a new way of funding schools, which will mean less money coming from local governments.

Senator Tim Flakoll says the state will fund 80% of the cost of education.

And a $200,000 home will see a $1,200 reduction in property taxes.

The bill also raises the minimum teacher salary to $27,500.

An attempt to increase the minimum to $32,000 failed.

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Dec-09-13 9:44 PM

i thought the same thing i also think it is when they see facts that they cant get there way,

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Dec-09-13 9:38 PM

Funny when people quickly resort to name calling, a dead giveaway.

Only choice is to Vote NO!

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Dec-09-13 4:45 PM

i think we are sick of paying for everybody elses wants, i doent have a problem being taxed for the 3rs its the show i doent like to pay for and there is a foundation any person can put money in that if you feel they need more money,just get out your checkbook, that is what you ask us to do.

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Dec-09-13 4:20 PM

don't need to call the school, read the article. and since the 70's most of those schools have been added onto. so they actually housed 3,000 more students with less facilities in the 70's. It was a different era where people made due with what they had. And they got a great education for far less money. we have become a generation of needies and elitists. and expect everyone else to pay their way.

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Dec-09-13 4:16 PM

Chad want to know where those kids were housed in the 70's call Minot High,That is if you want to know the figures for then.Glad to see you adjusted those days on the teachers.Takk,You want to know why these facts are coming out now.Becouse most of us know the circumstances of the schools becouse we stay involved.Not you and neck ,You 2 just sit back complaining about things you are ignorant to.Typical republicans.

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Dec-09-13 4:08 PM

Williston voted on a bond issue a year or so ago. As like Minot, there was all kinds of banter back and forth. One thing really stood out in regards to the real underlying motive for new schools. One parent commented in favor of the bond by stating "we're a class A school it's time we started looking like it". That stunk of extreme arrogance and displayed a very elitist attitude. That one statement displayed what the majority believe was the real motive for the bond issue. I suspect that is quite likely the case over in Minot. too many people are all about "perceptions" more than common sense.

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Dec-09-13 3:18 PM

Stupid auto correct. The fund set aside by the state for school construction.

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Dec-09-13 3:16 PM

Why can they use the funds set aside NY the state? The money is there just force the state to actually use it!

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Dec-09-13 2:55 PM

if it is figured at 50 minnets for 5 classes it comes out to 63 dollars an hr, now add in the benies

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Dec-09-13 2:37 PM

i found the teachers contract realchild**** and the contract is for 185 days and 5 classes but for easy math i used 8 hrs and it comes out to 32.9 dollars an hr with the middle of all the pay scales

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Dec-09-13 11:58 AM

good job *******!

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Dec-09-13 11:19 AM

i told all my tenants and employees to vote no or i will fire them or throw them out in the street. its kinda blackmail but it workes

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Dec-09-13 10:07 AM

Voting no... I fully recognize the space is needed but we can't afford it. We live very average middle class lives, drive old/used cars, we don't have a lot of fancy stuff, we don't take vacations, etc. Still recovering from the flood! Our property taxes have nearly doubled since we bought our home. There has to be a better way of doing this...

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Dec-09-13 10:02 AM

There should be a full accounting of the school district and where they are spending the enormous increase in property tax revenue. has to be darn near double what it was ten years ago. This same thing is going on in Williston. the local governments talk about how much money they need yet they are collecting four times in property taxes than what they were ten years ago. maybe more. They issued 430 million in building permits this year as of 12/1/13. Second year in a row of that kind of permitting. Imagine the increase in property taxes just last year alone. People are being sold a bag of goods and some are dumb enough to buy it.

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