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Minot school enrollments up, nowhere near 70s high

December 6, 2013

Enrollment in the Minot Public Schools currently stands at 7,400 students, but that does not compare to the student numbers the district saw back in the early 1970s....

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Dec-06-13 4:51 AM

it's the same over here in Williston. No where near the enrollment that they had in the early 80's. Yet they have built a new middle school since. So they have more facilities than they did then. It's all smoke and mirrors.

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Dec-06-13 7:25 AM

I heard that MPS is asking the Ward County tax assesor to withold sending out the property tax statements untl after the vote on Tuesday. Vote NO.

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Dec-06-13 9:27 AM

The sky is not falling, Vote NO.

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Dec-06-13 9:29 AM

I guess hippies didn't need more schools.

Save the children, Vote NO.

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Dec-06-13 9:44 AM

This is funny. This will certainly help the NO vote. Maybe they should of built more schools in the last 3 decades instead of waiting for sky high property taxes! Vote NO!

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Dec-06-13 10:45 AM

Finally a great article from Minot Daily News. This proves that new schools are not needed. The truth as finally coming out and showing the school board trying to cover up the truth. ***VOTE NO ON DEC. 10TH ON BOTH ITEMS ON THE BALLOT!*** Maybe next time if you tell the truth you may have a chance.

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Dec-06-13 11:33 AM

thank you MDN good job

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Dec-06-13 11:36 AM

Let me get this straight. Current school enrollment is 7,400 students. The average enrollment from 1970-72 was over 10,000 students. Minot's schools are suddenly overcrowded! Give me a break! Remember Magic City Campus didn't open until the fall of 1973. Where oh where did MPS put all those students? I know; I was one of them.

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Dec-06-13 11:39 AM

By the way; my vote will be a big NO!

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Dec-06-13 11:54 AM

So...they drop this story a few days away from the vote. Where was it the last few months? As far as the numbers go, it would help to know the number of schools then and now and amount of teachers...As I have said, they raised property taxes both years after the flood and the sales tax, so hopefully we finally stop the madness and make them fund this in other ways. Only choice is to Vote NO!

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Dec-06-13 12:28 PM

This article doesn’t make me want to change my YES vote to a no vote. I have seen firsthand the lack of space. My kids are suffering from it. But it does make me wonder how this reporter made it through journalism school. She is comparing apples and oranges? If there is excess capacity in Minot schools, why so many portables? Why do some kids at Washington go to school in a commercial building? Conspiracy theorists unite! This is your article. How come no mention of the fact students with significant disabilities now attend Minot, but didn’t in 1970? Space needs 40 years ago was different for every industry, not just in schools. Today, engineering firms need more space for computers, printers and testing labs to comply with federal testing laws. They didn’t need those in 1970. Thanks EPA! Comparing my space needs to 1970 is meaningless. My parent’s 1970 car ran on regular gas and it didn’t have airbags or power windows. Do I want to compare my 2013 hybrid car to that? No.

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Dec-06-13 12:44 PM

Not only did Magic City Campus not open until 1973, we have a new Ramstad now along with an expanded Longfellow and Washington.

This 125 million is just another scam to drain taxpayers pockets. Create fear (oh, your kids are gonna be dumb or freeze to death)so you must pay more.

The people of Minot have fallen victim to scare tactic tax increases time and time again over the past 30 years, I hope they are wiser this time. Vote NO!!

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Dec-06-13 12:56 PM

if a person wants to pay more in taxes just note that on your tax form and the money will get there.

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Dec-06-13 1:05 PM

WhynotinMinot, don't worry about the vote. You stated that if the vote failed you were going to move and take all those jobs with you. We'll see if that was just hot air or not. VOTE NO NO NO

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Dec-06-13 1:14 PM

We also still have the Jefferson Elementary school building and I know something is there but I want to know why we don't reclaim it. Our school numbers were down so low a few years ago that we closed that building down. I think whoever is using the building could find another space and we could reopen that elementary school...

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Dec-06-13 1:17 PM

and there wasn't the second christian school in Minot in the 70's. The portables are probably a direct result of offering far too many different classes. We need to go back to the fundamentals of education and maybe our kids will smarten up.

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Dec-06-13 1:19 PM

or give vouchers to those that wish to attend the two private schools in town. That would probably solve the overcrowding if there is any.

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Dec-06-13 2:16 PM

"Give them vouchers","To many education opportunities are the problem", "Should have built them earlier" Seriously? Some of you are so anti gov't/tax that you can't see reality thru those anti-glasses. My guess is most of you would oppose any improvement in increased required or not. Admit it. Easy to say no, when you have no kids, no facts, and refuse to believe there is a problem. Drive by Washington elementary. Then lets talk.

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Dec-06-13 2:26 PM


What was the average class size in 1970? I would venture to guess it was more than 18-20 students. I believe that is the number the MPS wants as a class size!

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Dec-06-13 2:29 PM

didnt it say fact box on this one

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Dec-06-13 3:47 PM

when you have two private schools in town that are at half capacity why on earth would you build more. voting yes on more taxes would be just like having someone break in your house and steal from you because you left the door unlocked. first time it's shame on them. second time it's shame on you. but after the fifth time you need need to be institutionalized for continuing to leave your door unlocked. There is definitely no cure for stupid.

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Dec-06-13 4:03 PM

Dec 10 is the vote for NO. Dec 11 is vote for Yes.

Someone below said their kids were suffering, That was hilarious. Go visit Russia and China to see suffering. No one is suffering here.

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Dec-06-13 4:05 PM

I'm having trouble sleeping anticipating my NO vote. Dec 10 is my Christmas, or as people who vote yes would say, X-Mas.

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Dec-06-13 4:08 PM

So, I'm guessing in 70's there were like 30 People here and 1/3 were kids. What is Breakdown now? 50k with 7k kids. Not Making a point, just throwing stats Against wall. Only true fact is voting NO To save kids and Minot. Oh yeah, that vote Yes tv ad when someone in wheelchair at portable, real classy.

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Dec-06-13 4:10 PM

In 20 years were gonna have 20 vacant hotels And 20 vacant schools. Vote No, vote for The future of Minot.

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