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We don’t need more schools

December 1, 2013

Robert Hale, Minot Minot voters are being asked to unnecessarily tax themselves $125 million dollars for school....

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Dec-04-13 12:12 AM

The governor has created a Property Tax relief council and according to the news, they are meeting for the first time this Friday. Maybe, just maybe someone is actually listening down South. After the bond issue fails, we all need to pay attention, get the fact, and contact our representatives. Maybe, just maybe!!!

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Dec-04-13 12:04 AM

that's the problem, the need really isn't there. it's nothing but a desire. but not truly a need. there is time to wait for the next legislative session where you can convince the legislature to change things for funding. there really is no urgency. The projections are not even close to reality. williston tried to use that same old scare tactic. said they were no doubt going to have 1200 new students. well when the dust settled they barely had over two hundred. and get this. we are eight years into this boom, Williston has doubled in size since, and the school still doesn't have close to the number of students enrolled that it had in the 80's boom.

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Dec-03-13 11:32 PM


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Dec-03-13 9:51 PM

Tarkin, these kids are going to be taking care of us. The kids aren't asking for "new" walls. Most forward thinking adults realize that these kids will be supporting us in the future. It has been this way for generations. We all pitch in to pay for fire, ambulance, police, roads, schools, etc. whether we ever use them or not. There are not "used" buildings available that will meet the needs of what it takes for a school. Portables pose many safety risks and are meant to be temporary anyway. It is unfortunate the laws aren't different so other money could be accessed more easily. Let's get this passed so construction can begin right away. We can all work together to get legislation changed which is where our property relief could and should come from. Vote yes because the need is there. If you don't agree that a need for buildings is not there, than visit with school officials and listen. The kids are here right now to cause overcrowding and more are coming. Let's w

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Dec-03-13 9:16 PM

The schools are on the hotline tonight, begging everyone they call to vote yes for higher taxes.

Seems awful funny how they think everyone, whether they can afford it or not, should pay for everyones kids, not just your own, its your job to pay for all kids, the rest of your life.

These poor kids cant learn without new walls around them, give me a break, whats that say to kids.

In other words, don't strive for better things kids, the government will take care of you, or should I say property owners.

Socialism is a dependency disease!

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Dec-03-13 9:15 PM

Measure 2 didn't pass, not because of a lack of desire to eliminate property taxes, but because the measure had some unclear wording, etc. And because the public employees and keep it local folks made a huge push to prevent it. But now, nearly everybody I talk to that voted no will vote yes to any bill that eliminates property taxes because they now realized they were duped. I think the anger and resentment is enormous. And the band-aid the legislature did angered people even more. I'm wondering how those that voted against the bill like their "keep it local" now. Had the measure passed we wouldn't be having the discussion regarding school buildings. The schools would have made their case to the state, and if there truly was a need they would have gotten their buildings. That being said, the reason the schools were so against measure 2 is they knew they couldn't sell their needs to the state. The state has the real numbers and they know it. So that ought to throw o

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Dec-03-13 6:24 PM

Lewis and Clark was built to absorb north Minot growth just as Washington was a few years ago - for the south side. When Washington opened it had five empty classrooms and in two years it was full and portables were needed. So right now - sure kids could be sent to Lewis and Clark but I guarantee you in a couple of years they will be needing portables there. I really understand the quandary of those who were flooded - but not the assumption that the school district is not in need of more buildings or is lying or whatever the reasoning to vote no is.

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Dec-03-13 5:04 PM

Leftwing Seriously! You can ask a question like that without hesitation. How do you know how many respondents supported Mr. Hale on measure#2? How about adding to the problem/solution discussion and stop poking to start a fight. I was with him if you must know and the rhetoric and false assumptions spewed back then as well. The property owners who sat back and didn’t take the initiative to vote are reaping a nice tax bill now, and mumbling “what the F happened”.

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Dec-03-13 4:40 PM

Nancy1, you have dodged a straight forward question. I assume the answer is yes there is room in the North, that's why there are un-used class rooms at Lewis and Clark and I assume at the new Ramstad as well. So why ask for so much when the property owners are hurting with their tax liability? Why not ask for one school at a time (South grade school)? Have you heard the rumored flood insurance figures? I hope that doesn’t happen or people will be forced to sell. Can you tell me what their homes will be worth if the flood insurance is raised a significant amount? Who would want to buy those properties? Why would I attend the public forum when this kind of rhetoric is the norm in this town? Some honest, straight forward, no bull$h!tt discussion is what I’d hope for. I/we must all pay taxes with that comes fair representation. Does that ring a bell? Vote your conscience, I am!

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Dec-03-13 3:54 PM

Bond issues are hard - Minot hasn't passed one since 1969. Bond issues need 60% yes votes in order to pass. The last bond issue had a majority yes vote but not 60%. It would be much simpler to go to the state - if possible - for the money to build schools.

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Dec-03-13 3:51 PM

The south side of Minot needs more than some room. They already have a grade school in portables. The north side is growing too as well as the tearing down of Lincoln caused all of those students to go to Longfellow. The need for more space is apparent - drive by Washington and Sunnyside - which was added on to about 4 years ago. Did you attend any of the public forums?

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Dec-03-13 10:44 AM

Nancy1, are you saying there is room for growth on the North side due to recent expansion and the South needs some additional room? The Lewis and Clark addition was completed in short order so what’s the rush to have everything at once. Vote NO and go after the finances in a different manner or at least revisit the necessity to have everything completed at once. As far as I can tell, the bond issue was the easiest path for the yes crowd to take. We need to petition the State and our legislators to release bank rolled tax money (oil boom affect). Maybe the city/county should hire Mr. Hale as an attorney in order to present the facts and laws to the public and State. At least his heart is in the right place to represent the property owners of the State! Just saying, I will vote NO!

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Dec-03-13 10:10 AM

great piece Mr. Hale. It is unconscionable to further tax the people to fulfill the constitutional requirements of the state when the state has billions horded away. I cannot believe we are even having this discussion. The state legislature is totally inept. They should all be held accountable for their epic failure to unfund any mandated programs in this state when they have billions available. Also thanks for pointing out the Williston school estimates. I live there and it was an absolute joke and scare tactic used by the schools. The overwhelming majority of people coming here aren't bringing kids. They are suitcase workers that commute back and forth on days off. The rest are young people that are many years away from having kids of school age. Most wish to return to their home towns when the economy comes around. I'm fed up with scare tactics by school officials.

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Dec-03-13 9:45 AM

Ramstad was built to hold about 250 more students - making its capacity the same as Jim Hill. The old Ramstad opened its doors in 1958 and Jim Hill opened in 1964 and was built larger as there were so many more students just in that time frame. Lewis and Clark was added to so it could help absorb student growth on the north side of Minot. The SE, especially, is crammed. Look at the south side of Minot and all of the growth and there are two grade schools - Washington and Edison. During Edison's lifetime it has been added to three times. It started out the same size as McKinley! Both Washington and Edison are 400 student grade schools. Lewis and Clark and Longfellow are each 400 student grade schools, too.

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Dec-03-13 9:06 AM

Robert Hale is the president of Somerset Court. Somerset Court is located in Minot.

Looks like he has a dog in the fight.

The ad hominem grates. The sales tax has been used as a tool to convince people that taxes won't continue to increase when in reality, they have. The result is even more tax revenue is realized, and yet, more money is needed for more infrastructure and improvements. The homeowner's ox is gored again.

Skirt the sales tax law that forbids the use of sales tax to fund education and use the money to fund education.

If you can rob the social security fund to pay for other branches of government, then you can divert sales tax revenue to fund the Magic Fund to build a school.

A new elementary school would definitely help the system.

I would vote yes to use the Magic Fund money. This 125 million dollar bond issue business gets a great big NO in five-story block letters.

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Dec-03-13 12:35 AM

A question for one of the yes voters. My son attends Lewis and Clark school on North Hill, he has 18 students in his class(grade 2), and with the new addition to the school this past summer there are numerous class rooms not in use. Is this information accurate and if so why would I vote yes considering the "yes crowd" scare tactics? Just saying!!! Taxes are to high and increasing every year. There is a problem with school space but are other solutions to the problem.

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Dec-02-13 8:15 PM

Vote NO in Minot Dec. 10th.

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Dec-02-13 7:13 PM

Subman, I agree with you that the voters need to have the facts. The yes voters have presented a plethora of facts. The MPS can only present factual information all of which have stood the test of this election time. Not one fact that they have given on their website has been disputed successfully with a credible source. Expert opinions and rulings are ignored by many of the Vote No and solutions offered by them are often illegal to do or require many more years of waiting. It is simple, every school will be overcrowded with students currently attending Minot Public Schools. There is an entire elementary school being educated in portables. The students are already here to cause overcrowding. State experts have said the School Land Trust Fund cannot be accessed unless state and federal law is changed. Sales tax can't be used and the century code stating that was given. Vote informed, vote yes!

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Dec-02-13 2:57 PM

A logical question about this, is what if their estimations of future population turns out to be inaccurate? After all, they are just guesses. Then what happens to these school buildings? If the oil boom goes away, there will be nothing to support these schools. We have no other industry in North Dakota to keep the people here that came to work for the oil companies. So what happens if it all goes away one day? It's happened in the past, and Williston was left with a bunch of empty buildings that were built during the oil boom and no one to fill them.

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Dec-02-13 2:25 PM

I am not sure what the cheap shot was that I stated. He lives in the Burlington District. Someone else was wondering - just answered the question. A person can call the tax office and find out your property tax - do so if you are wondering how big a drop there will be.

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Dec-02-13 8:26 AM


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Dec-02-13 7:56 AM

ever wonder why the no voters usually have facts and figures backing up their message while the yes voters just rely on it's for the children emotions

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Dec-01-13 11:48 PM

Looks like Bob better do a little more research. Classes of 15-18? Where? Does Bob think we're the only city that's heard of the Land Trust? Undoubtedly, we are not. If that money were so easy to access for building schools, wouldn't every school district in the state be after it? Voting NO will change nothing... We'll have a gaping wound that will still need fixing, building costs will be higher, Legend will still be crying about the "entertainment fat cats" from 30 years ago, and Bob Hale will still be trying to sue everyone. It's time to be positive and proactive. Vote yes.

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Dec-01-13 11:02 PM

Where does Mr. Hale come up with his facts?

Last spring all residents of the Minot Public School District were invited to participate in forums. Hundreds of people participated. At no time was there ever serious consideration given to any solution that would only require $32 million.

Where was Mr. Hale during these community meetings?

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Dec-01-13 10:44 PM

Does it really matter where Mr. Hale lives? I am sure that those who think the bond should pass, would not say anything against the location of someone who was speaking out in favor of the bond. I agree with Mr. Hale on what he has written. He is one of the few that is looking out for the best interests of those in this city. The promoters are trying to cram propaganda based on made up numbers, where as a lot of the no voters are doing the actual research instead of behaving like a bunch of sheep.

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