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Bond issue needs change

November 24, 2013

Andrew Owen, Minot Minot Public Schools are experiencing overcrowding due to the limited amount of schools and space within, and because of the influx of people due to the massive oil boom....

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Nov-27-13 11:30 PM

Our current tax structure also needs a change. "the show must go on"? I say take the show and hit the road with it. it costs too much money. Why are we paying for oil impacts? high taxes, high cost of living--those costs will go higher without school money added--no thanks.

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Nov-27-13 11:27 PM

ceci***eli, WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES. Your not fooling anybody, We all know the vote is Dec. 10th and we going to vote a big NO. Now go stick your head in the sand bank with the rest of the school board!!!

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Nov-27-13 10:32 PM

i recommend a no vote , property taxes will go up, everyone will be blindsided this year because the legislature dropped property taxes for on year, not 20 yrs, then along come obama care next year ,and how much is that going to cost? working man cant catch a break.

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Nov-26-13 2:36 AM


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Nov-25-13 10:11 AM

the public forum did what? This is a democracy where votes determine outcomes. Give us a multi-choice questionnaire. a public forum is an opportunity for some to steam and others to say what their handlers want them to say. a. public forum is only fair if at least half of the people involved get to speak. It is an opportunity to identify and punish dissenters. Ask a labor lawyer about "repercussions". Better yet; have someone truthful tell you what has happened to members of the city council who repeatedly voted against the in crowd. 3000 students--portables can solve that. Minimize transition--portables solve that. No bathrooms included--who made that decision? Punish the decider with an unheated outhouse. Close to sports etc.--our children are driven to every corner of the city for daycare, preschool, swimming, hockey and etc.

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Nov-24-13 10:16 PM

Only 1 of 3 in the nation? I have to beg the differ. The split schools are all over the place across the nation. Even some places where 9th graders are separate from the 10-12. As you bring up the reason for more sport opportunities. They see money.....I just don't see it. Then how do you decide who goes to what school? Then you get labled just like the kids going to Jim Hill compared to Ramstad and so forth. This town is not big enough to have 2 high schools. Like we need more labels to hurt these kid's esteem........

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Nov-24-13 6:23 PM

Anyone with enough bucks to cheer for the new taxes is welcome to pay my share--and most of the city population i am sure. This city has betrayed our trust too long to think they r on the up and up now. This is how cities create slums and go bankrupt. Spend it like you got it. I don't got it. Vote No

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Nov-24-13 4:45 PM

I couldn't be more pleased to see a second 9-12 high school proposed and converting Magic City Campus to a 9-12 as well. Since Magic City opened in 1973, our school system has had a split high school configuration (9-10 grades at Central Campus and 11-12 grades at Magic City Campus) -- one of only 3 in the nation.

The public forums held earlier identified that our community wants two medium sized high schools and not one large high school. If we can use the existing Central Campus structure to accomodate a nice third middle school, our community can have two 9-12 high schools which will create more academic, extra-curricular, and athletic opportunities for students, less transitioning and better guidance for our students, and more collaboration opportunities for our teachers.

It is time for two 9-12 high schools in Minot. I am voting YES.

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Nov-24-13 3:58 PM

Good article and comment on it from Concerned. B4 you vote, look at the bridge to somewhere (which no one uses) over N.BDWY. Look at the 17Million dollar grandstand--was it more important than schools? It was not falling down. It is time to stop the corporate welfare spending in minot and turn this city government into one we (who don't have a conflict of interest) acn take pride in. Be sure to vote and make it NO.

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Nov-24-13 11:15 AM

I meant isn't the job of the Chamber, MADC and other entities in the area to see this growth coming? If it is then they aren't doing their jobs properly and why are we still paying them?

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Nov-24-13 11:14 AM

Why are we checking out a website when some of us will paying at least $1,000 a year more for property taxes before the vote? I thought when you grow you get more property taxes from homes and commercial properties. You don't need two high schools in a town this small. Maybe another middle school. You should had some person within the Minot Public Schools Foundation putting money aside for land and so forth over the years like other communities the size of Minot has to avoid this crisis. And oh the Chamber was asked if Minot would experience this growth that other communities were experiencing 6-7 years ago, and he said no. Now I know that the Chamber can't predict the flood, but isn't it the job of the Chamber and the Minot Area Development Corporation to see Minot is receiving. If it is and they aren't doing their job then what are we paying them for?

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Nov-24-13 9:00 AM

It is the middle schools the problem. Middle schools will have nearly 1000 students by 2017 in each one when room only allows for 720 students. Jim Hill is already over capacity. The community opted for the two high school model overwhelmingly at one of the first community forums this past spring and also through a survey. This will allow Central Campus to be a middle school and MPS will not have to build another one. I think Erik Ramstad cost 35 million give or take and was built on FEMA money to replace the flooded school. As a parent, I do not want my children attending a mega high school of nearly 3000 students either. The two high school model is more appropriate and solves the middle school problem. Check out the MPS website for more facts. All of this information has been made readily available for voters.

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