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Leith situation gets worse

November 20, 2013

Does anyone think the situation in Leith is going to end peacefully? We certainly hope we’re wrong, but the tension seems to be growing among residents of the small North?Dakota town, where white......

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Nov-22-13 5:45 PM

I see the "progressive loons" got their tweets from the "mothership" today. Seems to me there are still some of those Southern Democrat KKK members alive and well. The "progressive" loons don't misspeak, they simply lie like their "messiah"

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Nov-22-13 10:08 AM

Typical, PJinfinity.

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Nov-22-13 10:08 AM

NT4M, the qualifier should have been introduced in the very first statement, not after the unintended results come.

Did you misspeak?

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Nov-21-13 9:41 AM

"ALL white supremacists are right wingers"

Someone has apparently never heard of Woodrow Wilson...

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Nov-21-13 12:01 AM

Now wait a minute! You tricked me! I got so caught up in my favorite new game, that I almost forgot why I decided to comment.

Your continued reference to a single-axis left-right paradigm is outdated, and way too simplistic. Then it occurred to me that may be all you are able to comprehend, so let's get back to the game, shall we?

All vegetables are organic, but everything organic is not a vegetable.

All school buses are buses, but not all buses are school buses.

Wait... Waiit... I got it...

All pipe dreams are dreams, but not all dreams are pipe dreams... or pipes, for that matter.

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Nov-20-13 11:30 PM

"Let me put it this way: not all right wingers are white supremacists, but ALL white supremacists are right wingers.

That certainly was profound. Can I play?

Here goes.

Not all mammals are whales, but all whales are mammals.

Not all coins are dimes, but all dimes are coins.

I think I'm getting the hang of it.

Not all people are smokers, but all smokers are people (except that chimp I saw smoking in old movie, but I'm pretty sure it didn't inhale).

That one gave me an idea. Not all primates are chimps, but all chimps are primates.

This is fun! Your turn...

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Nov-20-13 3:52 PM

Yes, there were enough terror claims/labels against republicans during shutdown. Let's keep that label for those who truly deserve it.

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Nov-20-13 3:47 PM

For some of the lefties on here to equate these white supremacists to all righties is disgusting and out of whack.

Let's leave the "terrorizing" label for those who truly are doing so.

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Nov-20-13 3:45 PM

Good points, Matt. Part of this white supremacist profile seems to thrive on being confrontational or "in-your-face." His stated goal of "taking over" the local government in order to have his philosophies empowered and possibly enacted is an ambitious one, but one that is NOT welcome in North Dakota. The people of Leith have a battle on their hands. I'm glad these two were charged with terrorizing, because that is what they were doing.

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Nov-20-13 1:25 PM

You know, the whole armed patrols thing probably wouldn't have been a problem at all if the locals didn't think Cobb & company were a hostile invading force. And Cobb hasn't been doing himself any favors in dispelling that idea, but instead favors escalating the situation.

No, I don't think this will end well at all. Should be beat the rap, we should expect to hear more stories like this as he attempts to goad the locals into any number of fights, perhaps even pitched battles.

He's having trouble getting the locals to leave on their own, so my theory is that he wants to draw them into a violent confrontation--by hook for by crook--for the express purpose of eliminating them.

Should such an event occur and the locals prevail, is there any jury in the world that would convict them?

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Nov-20-13 11:01 AM


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Nov-20-13 8:32 AM

Cobb is just ahead of his time, with a the hate filled talk shows and "news" shows and such that people are filling their heads with. With all the segregation that is happening as people surround themselves with only people and media and everything that agrees with what they think. With all that, there will be lots of segregated stay away if you are different communities, just like there was after WWII when people moved to the suburbs but the wrong people weren't welcome. And even today, it's actually pretty common in many areas. When my sister bought a home near a metropolitan area the real estate agents because of her job and who her associates would be would just tell her she didn't want a house here or there because the white supremists that controlled the community would make her life*****until she moved because sooner or later some person who wasn't European would come to her house.

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Nov-20-13 6:40 AM

It takes two to tango.

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Nov-20-13 1:16 AM

I Cobb and Dutton get to spend a good deal of time in Bismarck up the river at the big house.

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