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Trying to sell Obamacare

November 18, 2013

How do you sell a health insurance program many Americans don’t seem to want? Appeal to heavy drinkers and promiscuous wome....

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Nov-18-13 7:49 AM

The only reason the ACA is struggling is because the right has obstructed it since the first talk of it. Healthcare reform was popular with both the public and congress until the right started a campain against it with statements like "death panels" and "jail time". The ACA survives because it does so much good for so many people.

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Nov-18-13 7:55 AM

It is T Party agenda to stop Social Security, Medicare and the Affordable Care Act. Some in the T party seem to want no Government at all. The demand for healthcare reform will not go away until the problems in the industry are solved.

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Nov-18-13 8:20 AM

whoa boys...back to the fifties! Were you comfortable there, or even born? Grow up please.

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Nov-18-13 8:35 AM


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Nov-18-13 8:39 AM

Legand Where are all those who voted for Obama? Why are they not out there supporting HIS ideas and the Democrats Law?

Got an answer Legand.. Hes great hes wonderful and I love his new healthcare law that takes money from my wallet..

Come on Democrats/liberals get your behinds down there and sign up.

You wanted it you got it.. Now don't turn chicken now.. support your lord in charge..

If everyone who voted for him did their duty the law would stand up..

You guys gonna let Ovomit fail?

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Nov-18-13 8:44 AM

yea we see how much the people wanted obamacare. they're signing up by the millions hahaha

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Nov-18-13 10:13 AM

Veritas, when I posted about these particular ads before, I asked if progressives wanted to portray themselves this way.

You were characteristically flippant in your reponse to my question, but I'll try again, just in case anything has changed (doubt it).

In regards to these "selling Obamacare" ads, is this the way progressives want to be viewed? That the healthcare law means to provide all "hot to trots" with free birth control, thus no holds barred with their "getting physical?"

The ironic thing is that the ad seems to be rather clear about how Democrat progressives want to be known...

"Voting Democrat may cause immorality, but don't let this stop you"

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Nov-18-13 10:26 AM

problem with Obamacare is all his loyal supporters are not loyal anymore..

When it takes money from their pocket all the love disappears..

Be careful what/who you vote for..

Seems the dems are "to late smart"

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Nov-18-13 10:27 AM

Wonder how all those college kids that were 20 years old in 2008 feel about Obamacare now that they are going to be 26 and be kicked off their parents health insurance..

Must be feeling really warm and fuzzy with their love for Obama now..

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Nov-18-13 3:28 PM

republicans still do not understand why romney lost. they take their marching orders and stumble around like bevis and mutthead, lieing about the ACA. they obviously did not read to bill to understand some low quality plans would be cancelled. They sanded bengazi to a toothpick in manufoxtured news and then were handed the ACA rollout problems. They are loving the ACA current problems while they fail to admit the majority of Americans want it because the majority of Americans will benefit from it--to many it is a promise of life without bankruptcy. like so many with an addiction--they are in denial about the desires of the majority. it is comforting to know that in spite of all of their misinformation and big money attempts to buy their way to aristocracy or fascism; the voting public is smarter than will admit. It is sleep time in the Chinese factory/home 4 many.

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Nov-18-13 3:50 PM

Do ya think those ads in Colorado were trying to get young people talking about the AHCA or was it about the 250,000 Colorado policy holders who lost their insurance. Which do you really believe, loco?

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Nov-18-13 3:55 PM

How are you all feeling now about buying insurance???

Seems the teeny boopers that voted Obama in are not in favor of it.. hence the beer and birth control.. But any teeny bopper now in her right mind knows Planned parenthood is free AND supplies birth control..

So now why would you sign up to pay when free is free????

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Nov-18-13 5:04 PM

ovo: the comment about a 26 year old lacks.......well......anything. is that fox talk or fox brainwash?

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Nov-18-13 5:09 PM

legand Go goole college health insurance Obamacare and see what you get..

SWeems most colleges are dropping their health covergae for students becasue it was a bare bones policy and now the students cannot afford Obamacare..

Seems the college kids just forced themsleves to come up with at least another $2000 a year just to keep from being fined..

Seems Obamacare is going to be the death of the country...or the death of Obamacare..

We will see which one crumbles first..

6 years ago Obama was their bright and shining star.. Not today legand.. At age 26 they are all hating on him..

if they were so correct how come they have not bough insurance yet..

Wanna hold an Obama elction this month? I suspect you think he would get elected if elections were today..

Any dog could beat him now.. Face it he just shot himself in BOTH feet ...

And now the pain has just begun..

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Nov-18-13 5:10 PM

“Forget their ideology,” Scarborough said. “They’re political amateurs.”

Found on a bumper sticker...

Professionals built the Titanic

Amateurs built the Ark

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Nov-18-13 5:11 PM

"...they obviously did not read to bill to understand some low quality plans would be cancelled."

Neither did the President, obviously.

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Nov-18-13 5:13 PM

Legand the 26 year old comment is a fact.

As usual you cannot catch on..

66% of those under age 30 voted for Barack Obama making the disparity between young voters and other age groups larger than in any presidential election since exit polling began in 1972.

Seems they are now going to have to PAY with real money for their descisions..

Good On them!!!!!!!!!! So Happy Happy Happy these clowns are getting the shaft.. Makes me giddy with this obamacare and them having to pay for health insurance..

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Nov-18-13 5:13 PM

So these particular ads have great appeal to the 250,000 who lost their policies, centerish?

Really? Is this what you believe?

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Nov-18-13 5:15 PM

Personally I think Obamacare and its intrusion on the lives of every American (even the Democrats) has become the most outstanding payback for those who thought they were saving the world by voting for Obama..

Tickles my funny bone.. Shows how really ignorant these "kids" were not once but twice.. He fooled them into thinking he was on their side when all he wanted is their money..

Come on Dems got to pay to play now..

LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nov-18-13 5:51 PM

I am sorry, loco, were you asking me a question? I thought you were still in church? No!!!

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Nov-18-13 6:24 PM

Lets see 313 MILLION people live in America and 975,407 have filed applications.

Wow Outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the way I see it there are about 4 six week periods in the sign up process.

The 1st 6 weeks have brought us 976 Thousand rounding up

That means by Dec 31st we should have 1,952,000

By Feb 15th we should have 2,928,000 and by the dead line of March 31st we should have a whopping 3,900,000 people signed up

Take that away from 313 million and we will see the crumble of Obamacare..

leftwing Glad to see you very happy about these numbers..

Now if you can get North Dakota to finsih signing up ..Lets see 42 x 4 6 week periods..

Well by golly that means 168 people will be all signed up by the March 31st deadline..

Does the word Failure mean anything to you Obamabots???

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Nov-18-13 6:26 PM

So I suspect the Democrats need to bring out their Poster Child

Alex Baldwin.. hes headline news today.. I bet he could make all those pesky conservatives sign up.. Just by spppppittting in their face like he did the reporter..

He has all the Liberal Democratic filth already in his vocabulary so it wouldn't be a learning process..

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Nov-18-13 8:01 PM

scouring the news today it appears these college kids that were duped by the messiah are a little angry over this obamacare debacle.

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Nov-18-13 8:17 PM

centerish, you seem unhappy again. I would have thought the Obamacare rollout, numbers, and coverage would have made you estactic by now. Aww...

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Nov-18-13 8:22 PM

The democrats all voted for it, let them flounder around in a panic, they bought it, let them own it Obama was so smart, he didn't need any Republican help passing it BILL MAHER: This week we found out how many people have signed up for ObamaCare on the federal website, and they can all fit into the studio here tonight. So welcome ObamaCare enrollees, make some noise. [Applause] No, we, [laughs], out of 50 million uninsured they signed up 26,794. To give you an idea, Wilt Chamberlain had sex with more people than that. Just by a little but he did.

Read more: *******newsbusters****/blogs/noel-sheppard/2013/11/16/maher-wilt-chamberlain-had-sex-more-people-signed-obamacare#ixzz2l39p2whM

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