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Supporting bond issue

November 17, 2013

Lacey Stevick, Minot On Dec. 10, I will be voting ‘yes.’ My decision is simple: It’s the best choice for public education and it’s the best choice for the community of Minot....

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Nov-27-13 11:32 PM

ceci***eli, WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES. Your not fooling anybody, We all know the vote is Dec. 10th and we going to vote a big NO. Now go stick your head in the sand bank with the rest of the school board!!!

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Nov-26-13 4:51 PM

@Ovom Do you have proof of drug peddling in our elementary schools? Have you reported this information? The fact is that educational time is lost when a kid has to use the bathroom or transition from a portable into a building for something silly like lunch or another class.

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Nov-19-13 8:57 PM

Head Start doesn't have more people in Jefferson than what it was built to hold. They only accept what they have room for in the building, a luxury that schools do not have. Head Start has a waiting list. That is the only difference.

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Nov-19-13 8:19 AM

Again, city government and public schools are two separate entities. Yes, the state has money, but it's not able to be accessed, if at all, until next session. If you've spoken with your local legislators, they'll tell you it will be a battle. This is not the first bond issue in the state and we're not the first people to realize the state has money. If it was so easy to attain everyone would be after it and building schools.

Young people also don't want their kids in portables, fall out shelters, gross locker rooms, and storage closets. Young people want their kids in real schools. They definitely don't want their kids in a different school each year or in separate schools, which is what will happen if this fails.

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Nov-18-13 12:30 AM

Jefferson was not sold - it is used for Head Start which needed more space as they service children/families of low income. That school is the same size as McKinley and can hold around 140 students. The thing that people need to remember is there are physical limits for buildings and once they go past those the fire marshall warns that they are a fire hazard. I agree that the eastern part of ND is at the forefront of benefits too much but what has that got to do with Minot trying to have safe and secure buildings???

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Nov-17-13 5:26 PM

Legend.. I completely understand the billions of dollars our state has and I also understand that the legislature has said no to our school officials so I am asking you, because you seem to know what to do...what are you going to do about this? Do you take an active part or role in our community? Are you going to continue to sit behind a computer screen and spew venom and negativity or are you going to take action? Because our city needs help, not your negative words.

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Nov-17-13 2:40 PM

Muleskinner... It's really not about the bathrooms, although it is ridiculous to expect kids and teachers to work in an environment with no plumbing. What it IS about is overcrowding and needing a solution to a problem that isn't going away. We are educating hundreds of kids outside of regular classrooms. We're bursting at the seams and there's not an end in sight. The school district is wanting to put all kids inside of a school. I really don't think this is too much to ask. By the way, Washington was rebuilt at a different location and Jefferson is used for other school programs.

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Nov-17-13 12:44 PM

Washington Elementary was demolished. Jefferson Elementary was sold.

Wise move, grasshoppers.

These letters to the editor in support of the bond itshu are becoming comical.

It is like they are all college students writing home to their moms and dads for more money because they have spent too much.

The school district needs to grow up before they can really see the forest for the trees. They are acting like spoiled brats who throw a temper tantrum until they get what they want.

Next thing you know, they'll be demanding a bathroom in every classroom so the students don't have to leave the room and walk down the hall to visit the lavatory.

Get a clue.

The best thing the school board can do is cancel the vote and go back to the drawing board.

The only vote to cast is a 'no' vote.

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Nov-17-13 11:12 AM

Legend...I think you should run for office since you seem to think that money is so attainable. Why don't you get out and help our community if the solution is so clear to you??

ovomitlied...I have employees that complain when they have to walk across a driveway to throw trash away, and I'm guessing that if you do work, you wouldn't appreciate having to leave your warm office or wherever to run outside to the bathroom. And regarding drug peddlers in hallways (???), clearly you aren't concerned that these children cross over from the portables UNSUPERVISED!! I think the concern should be about child predators, not peddlers that cannot even access the school building.

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Nov-17-13 7:29 AM

My God the Horror of having to walk clear across the parking lot to go to the bathroom..

This will leave a negative impact on these children for life..

Don't have any problem getting in the chow line or making it to the gym for sports, or to the football field for games tho do they?

Just the fact the kids are in portables takes away the advantgae to drug peddlers.. hard to peddle drugs in a portable but in the school hallways and dark corners its very easy..

be careful what you wish for..

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