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Supporting school bond

October 27, 2013

Orlin W. Backes, Minot One of the most important priorities for a proud, progressive and great community is for its citizens to provide a good education system....

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Nov-05-13 12:29 PM

Legend... what is your solution for right now? We have 475 kids in portables, which does not include the system of portables at the Auditorium. The 24 portables are throughout 8 elementary schools and Jim Hill that educate 475 students. There's a projected 1000 students coming into the district in the next 5 years. What do you propose the district should do until we "possibly" get state funding? Voting no fixes nothing and we can't afford that right now. Answer my question... what do we do? where do we put 1000 more kids if 475 are already in portables? Add 30 more portables? Redistrict every year? I want to know what your solution is. Vote no, but come up a solution to fix the problem that we have RIGHT NOW. By the way, the district will continue to pursue state funds once the legislature is back in session in 2015. The money received from the state will be used to pay down the bond, it WILL NOT be used in addition to the bond.

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Nov-03-13 9:46 AM

Yet another argument to vote yes.. Let's be proactive rather than reactive.

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Nov-02-13 8:59 PM

And about moving do we do this when we're being reactive instead of proactive all of the time? I am tired of saying something about this I said the vote of the people will tell in time....

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Nov-02-13 8:57 PM

My future of my community at stake...hmmm........I am sorry we are already going to have to pay a lot of money out of our pockets before the school bond and you now want me to pay double? Hmmmm.......oh well....the vote of the people will decide.....

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Nov-02-13 4:59 PM

Concerned... you do remember this bond issue is for Minot Public Schools, right? That's currently 7,400 students and tens of thousands more to go through the system. What are talking about saying "no to the good ole boys club"? This is the future of YOUR community at stake. Whatever laundry list people have about past decisions and past leaders needs to be aside. Let's think and move forward.

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Nov-02-13 4:29 PM

ND Girl 40...I have experienced no water, no plumbing, so there you go....not in a school situation but defending freedoms.....and Mr. Backes could have done something back in the day but he chose to look the other way just like everybody's time to say no and take our community back from these good ole boys and the next generation of them......

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Nov-02-13 10:21 AM

i'm wondering if we'll again see obamanomics on the local level. spend and build no matter what the voters say. i'll work on my own home sometime (maybe) in the future.

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Nov-01-13 10:47 PM

Matt Rothchild-- will you be able to vote on December 10th from your home in Minnesota? Thank you for imposing your two cents. Also, security is a very vaild fear. Although the probability might be small, all it takes is one time and I'm not willing to risk it. I bet the Columbine and Sandy Hook parents appreciate inappropriate and insensitive opinions like yours.

Here's what a "no" vote means... further overcrowding of schools, redistricting (possibly every year and also has potential to have kids in the same family at different schools), and telling 7000+ kids that their education isn't worth the investment.

There are currently 450 students in portables that are not plumbed. Legend, Muleskinner, and concerned-- how would you like hang out in trailers with no plumbing all day? This is 2013, not 1930.

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Nov-01-13 12:33 AM

You know Mr. Backes who I really feel sorry for are those students at Ramstad having to go to the Auditorium for 2 years outside for lunch and no structure...but we're getting a new building for them...they stuck it out...I am sorry when they put the first portable on the properties, that's when they should have blinked an eye......

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Oct-31-13 9:58 AM

If school officials and the school board had an ounce of compassion for those who have struggled the past 2 years or so due to losses from flood damages, they would just cancel the vote and forget about it.

But they are jonesin' to get that money and the easiest mark is the homeowner.

They really should be ashamed of themselves for wanting to have this kind of vote and not pursue other methods of funding.

But, go ahead, have the vote. If you win, good for you. If you lose, the people of Minot can breathe a sigh of relief.

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Oct-29-13 9:03 PM

I know the baby pack didn't cause the whole reason to the need of schools. I am just saying there was a baby pack that the schools chose to ignore. I am going to vote no for the simple reason why should we have to when like I said before there should be relief from all of these homes, commercial buildings and such should be bringing in more revenue for the community.

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Oct-28-13 3:53 PM

The baby pack is something we chose to look the other way just like prostitutes being in Minot all of these years and not one dang thing done about them we ignore the part of the problem and blame it all on the oil....nope not oil.....

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Oct-28-13 3:51 PM

NoDakBoy I think bottomline the Minot Daily News needs to interview the Ward County Tax office where they know what the prices of property taxes are going to be before the vote, and the News should do a better job of describing somebody's increase in taxes. We will be paying almost a $1,000 more a year before the bond and I am sorry I can't vote for something that isn't the whole truth nor should we have to pay both taxes when there is so much growth here in Minot especially Commercial properties where the taxes should be increased and relief for the consumers. It's not...And as for this baby I need to spell it out for you do your research...many high school girls 5 years ago had kids.....

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Oct-28-13 9:11 AM

"These firms, many of which are “too-big-to-fail” and whose executives had no problem taking our bailout money to pay themselves bonuses, don’t do this for free. In fact, they stand to make profits that would take most bond proponents many years to accumulate. Do not be deceived; there are many among us who, under the guise of any number of benefits, will sell us out in a heartbeat to the 1 percent. Is someone else’s profit and bottom line really something for which to raise your taxes and go into debt? Aren’t you taxed enough already? Send a message when voting Nov. 5."

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Oct-28-13 9:10 AM

More people who have no idea how one of these municipal bond things this that I wrote about a different school bond issue...

"Safety and security.” This is the new theme used by supporters of the proposed $10 million bond issue for Cambridge-Isanti School District #911. Building on the public’s imagination and fear over mass shooting attacks always sells well, after all, despite the probability of such an event being in the same league as being attacked by a shark or being struck by lightning. But there is also a body of evidence that shows mass shooting attackers handily defeating the security measures meant to keep them at bay. Maybe going into debt by $10 million isn’t such a great idea after all. But even more insidious than $10 million more of debt for security measures of questionable effectiveness is the fact that, this being a bond issue, Wall Street investment banks will get involved underwriting and distributing the bond."

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Oct-27-13 7:21 PM

I can barely afford to make improvements to my own home and the gov't wants to hit me again to build a new school. I am all in favor of good education for kids but this initiative needs to be paid for in some other way. It is so irritating when the possibility of some tax relief is brought up that the city has to find a way to try and take it away to line their pockets or give some tax concessions to developers and business moving in to the area. I will be voting no on the bond issue.

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Oct-27-13 3:55 PM

Legend, your vote is NOT ignored. I don't see any NEW schools in Minot that were not supported by FEMA. The current Washington Elementary was a "used" building remodeled to function as a school. It initially had numerous empty classrooms but within two years it was full and now contains 9 or 10 portable classrooms and a classroom in the building next to it. The need was there. As a long time resident in Minot, I don't see any options for more "used" buildings to "flip" into schools. New is the only option. The NEED IS THERE. I also notice that you quote different dollar amounts each time you post. I am not going to change your vote but please vote informed. Go to *********** and get the factual implications.

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Oct-27-13 2:18 PM

If the Magic Fund operated like the School Lands Trust Fund and distributed only interest monies and the total of the principal is allowed to grow and increase, the Magic Fund would have hundreds of millions of dollars in the bank and other investments.

The interest from the Magic Fund would be able to fund the school improvements or school building space needs; the logic says a school bond issue would not be necessary.

Something is wrong with the picture.

The Magic Fund has had many millions of dollars in revenue through city sales tax proceeds, the method of funding, and much of it has been spent for community development, and yet, the school lands trust fund has 2.5 billion in its accounts and only a fraction is used for funding education.

It is all in dire need for some change that will help North Dakotans, especially the children, and not somebody's bank account on Wall Street.

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Oct-27-13 1:34 PM

Holy Cow! The state legislators are giving us some tax relief (2013)and Minot wants all of it for new schools, BULL CRAP! Here is my answer to this issue. We no longer need the Magic City Fund. You know that never ending 2% sales tax that goes to relatives of Minot's elite to attract business's with jobs. Well if you haven't heard, we have more jobs than people. The fund has out lived it's propose. I suggest we change that fund to the "Minot School Improvement Fund!" That way everyone pays and property owners don't get screwed out of the little bit of tax relief we are due.

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Oct-27-13 12:50 PM

What is this 'baby pack' to which you continually refer?

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Oct-27-13 12:16 PM

One of the most important priorities for a proud, progressive and great community is for its citizens to provide a good education system. The Minot Public School system has fallen behind in its proud tradition because of lack of school facilities to handle the increased enrollment of more than 1,100 students in the past 10 years, and its inability to financially upgrade and modernize the older school buildings with today's education needs. Mr. Backes, John MacMartin was asked about this growth that was affecting other communities, and he said this wouldn't happen to Minot. Why should we have to continue to suffer at being reactive instead of being proactive? In addition, you were in a position to make these changes and didn't back in the day. So, why aren't we holding people to higher standards? In addition, besides oil and bustle, there was a baby pack 5 years ago at Minot High School and nobody addressed that isn't quality education.....

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Oct-27-13 10:06 AM

Mr. Backes has been busy protecting mineral owner's fiduciary interests, he doesn't have time to hobnob with taxpayers who don't have enough money. True or not, it is the perception.

I saw the Minot High School Marching Band and they had uniforms that were not too shabby and the musicianship was equal to the quality of the band uniforms. Way to go Minot High. I am quite sure the quality of education hasn't suffered because a few portables are being used to add more space. It was that way in 1965, why the sudden cry for something better when it has been that way for 48 years?

Seems as though there is money for those extra-curricular activities, so there has got to be some money there.

I am not arguing that the schools aren't in need of improvements, a couple of new schools, etc. They are and the time to build new schools is now.

I do argue against using a bond issue to raise the money. There is more than one way to skin a cat. Skinning the homeowner is getting old.

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Oct-27-13 9:48 AM

I think it is funny how the ad on TV touts that oil has caused the growth in the eastern part of the state(me thinks it is a ploy to tap into the state money) and yet you say those areas are growing without oil. Then this, "we need to attract good families" so we need to freely give the school district $125 million whether they need it all or not. Are you saying that all the 100's of families moving into the 100's of homes on North Hill are NOT good people? I drove around up there yesterday and was shocked at the number of homes and apts being built. Are all of those homes outside of the property tax collection? If so, why? If all those home owners are paying property tax, that alone should increase the coffers considerably. When I first heard about the tax increase, I thought oh no not again, but I thought that it was maybe needed. I made my decision to vote no when I read Vollmer's comment.

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Oct-27-13 8:58 AM

Mr.Backes has the same fear I do. We need to attract good families to our community. Good schools will do that. Not run-down schools, not overcrowded schools, not schools with trailers (a.k.a portables). Portables are unsafe given security issues and 7 months of winter which coincidently happen during the 9 months of school. Please don't let the negative regulars to this website continue to run down every progressive initiative Minot ever proposes. They are exactly the reason are schools are in the position they are in now. They have campaigned against every bond issue the past 40 years as well as other progressive bond issues. Other communities like Bismarck, Fargo, Jamestown, etc are growing too and this is not because of oil. Maybe this is the trend of ND.

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Oct-27-13 8:43 AM

But Mr. Backes, not all of us have the money you do, and where were you when you were actually in a position to do something.....

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