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Obamacare web site: Fix it now

October 26, 2013

It’s apparently no one’s fault that the website built to register applicants for the Obama administration’s new health insurance plan has thus far been an enormous failure....

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Oct-26-13 8:59 AM

smartest man in the world and he knows nothing about anything going on.

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Oct-26-13 10:49 AM

Obama is out campaigning, which is what he knows best. No one's fault---except the one responsible for implementing obamacare. And that would be Sebelius. The good thing about Obamacare is that no one will have to pay the penalty for not having the proper insurance. Everyone needs to change their withholding so they will break even or pay just a bit. The gummit can't collect if there is no tax refund!!!!! Now if we could just get the insurance companies to reissue the policies they have pulled from citizens, we would be going in the right direction.

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Oct-26-13 12:18 PM

I just heard Sebelius say, "it was the Republicans Fault" this website didn't work. What is with these people, all they can do is lie and blame someone else for their woes. What a bunch of pitiful people.

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Oct-26-13 1:50 PM

The company from Canada who was hired to build the web site is not that great. Canada walked away from them after they could not make a web site for the Canadian health plan; Hawaii hired them to do a tax site and it didn't work. The question that needs to be asked is this: Who or which agency reviewed the bids and made the final decision to hire CGI our of Montreal, Canada and not hire an American company?

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Oct-26-13 4:59 PM

From The Globe and Mail 10-2-13

"Obamacare vs. Canada: Five Key Differences" (excerpts)

1) Not single-payer: Canadian critics tend to rail against “two-tiered” medicine, but in fact, the U.S. has a multi-tiered system. And despite the hype on both sides of the Congressional aisles, Obamacare keeps the same complex structure in place, while adding another layer through the introduction of health care “exchanges” for uninsured Americans."

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Oct-26-13 5:01 PM

2) "Not universal coverage: Health care in Canada is based on a simple proposition: every legal resident is covered through a publicly-financed provincial or territorial plan. The individual mandate, derived from a Republican precedent in Massachusetts, stands in stark contrast to Canada’s universality principle. Even though Obamacare broadens coverage, the individual mandate relies on a fundamental insurance principle – care depends on type of coverage – and compels Americans to purchase insurance to access care....despite the crush of online traffic as enrol(l)ment began Tuesday, only half of the estimated 40-plus million uninsured will be affected by Obamacare."

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Oct-26-13 5:02 PM

3) "Not “national” health insurance: One of the hallmarks of health care in Canada is that, although each province and territory administers a health plan, everyone can expect to be covered for a comprehensive range of services, no matter where they live. And the federal government is expected to chip in to provincial coffers to make this happen....The implementation of Obamacare will further exacerbate regional and state differences, mainly as a result of the Supreme Court decision to curtail the federal government’s obligation for states to expand their Medicaid coverage. As a result, only about half of the states have chosen to sign on to the new Medicaid program."

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Oct-26-13 5:03 PM

4) "Not equal access: There’s been some controversy in Canada lately over wait times and access to timely care, but this pales in comparison to the wide gulf that exists in access to care in the United States. Obamacare tries to address this in its provisions for insurance reform, such as lifting pre-existing conditions and limits on co-payment. But for all of the emphasis on affordable care, the new law reinforces the notion that access depends on how much you can afford, not how much you need. In the health insurance exchanges, the price of premiums will depend on your age, health, income, and on whether you opt for a bronze, silver, gold or platinum coverage."

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Oct-26-13 5:04 PM

5) "Not cost containment: The sharpest critics of Obamacare argue it does little to address the fundamental challenge of cost doesn’t grapple in a systematic fashion with the overall inefficiencies in health care delivery and financing, the administrative burden of multiple payers, providers and plans, and the cost pressures of defensive medicine. Governments in Canada know that health care is a searing financial responsibility, but they have at their disposal cost containment measures – monopoly fee negotiations with providers, global budgets for hospitals – that remain unfathomable in the American context."

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Oct-26-13 5:06 PM

Canadians don't think Obamacare is that much either, compared to their system (one-payer).

Interesting take in this article, written by a Montreal professor.

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Oct-26-13 8:45 PM

First of all, my name is not Misty. Second. I have paid my insurance and my employees and gave them extra to buy the insurance they wanted. They kept the money, and didn't do it. Obama Care made me decide, I don't want any employees. Now, Obama and the IRS are going to take care of us. Problem solved. I have my insurance and you have "Yours". Why are you whining Legend?

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Oct-27-13 11:24 AM

There is one saying that both sides of the issue on this blog have agreed with many times in the past---- Follow the money!!!! So, where does the money come from and go for the health care issue? Why would the Republicans spend so much money, so much time, and burn so many political bridges to defeat the ACA? There has to be a reason and we know for a fact that helping the country is not the Republican agenda. They have proved for five years that obstruction at all costs is their political direction. There is money flowing and the Republicans are collecting IOU's from pharmaceuticals, health industry, medical professions, and insurance industry lobbies. Oh, and don't forget the thank you$$$$$ from the Koch brothers and the far right wing. Yep, there is a payoff and it does not help the country. Oh, and Loco, the US ranks 37th in the world in longevity of their people while Canada-15, UK-27, Sweden-13, Japan- 1, Germany 26, Spain 9 .

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Oct-27-13 11:40 AM

So, where is the article in the MDN on the oil spills the past two years? The Billings Gazette is running the article as is the Bismarck tribune. It seems that the public has not been told about the 300 or so pipeline spills in ND the past 2 years or so. Why is the MDN not running that story? "BISMARCK, N.D. — North Dakota, the nation's No. 2 oil producer behind Texas, recorded nearly 300 oil pipeline spills in less than two years, state documents show. None was reported to the public, officials said.

According to records obtained by The Associated Press, the pipeline spills, many of them small, are among some 750 "oil field incidents" that have occurred since January 2012 without public notification." Now, you notice how they use Barrels of oil instead of gallons. The Stanley spill was around a million gallons. The incidental spills in ND the past two years are at 2,200 barrels??? Oh, you mean a 100,000 gallons?

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Oct-27-13 9:29 PM

Presidentless Obama's signature moment was Benghazi. No one left behind. But according to our Secretary of State "WHAT DOES IT MATTER!" We can't forget this for all of the people that have ever served this country!

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Oct-27-13 9:49 PM


I'm not sure if your last post was directed at me but I will respond. Nothing I type is ever copied. That said I would like to tell you that service is sacrifice and some sacrifice all. Anyone that has served knows where I coming from. For you to support our lack of response in Benghazi is sickening. I don't advocate war but will defend my country and our citizens without question.

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Oct-27-13 9:57 PM

"...the wealthy are threatened by this and react (t party)."

Legend, I know some ND tea party folks and they are not wealthy. I can't follow your train of thought on this.

Besides, there are plenty of wealthy Democrats, aren't there? What have they been gaining through the present administration? (You don't really think they gave money to Dem coffers for nothing, do you?)

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Oct-27-13 9:58 PM

Some want sling insults on this blog. I would ask all conservative bloggers to stay on point:


These are the topics that liberals want to sweep under the rug.

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Oct-27-13 10:03 PM

"...the aca was stupified so the reds would accept it..."

Legend, I'm sorry, but when I read this sentence by itself, I get the giggles.

So at first, it was smart, then it got stupified? Or was it smacked upside the head to get stupified, so reds could accept it?

I don't know - I just had fun with the phrase. Thanks for the giggles.

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Oct-27-13 10:16 PM

"There is money flowing and the Republicans are collecting IOU's from pharmaceuticals, health industry, medical professions, and insurance industry lobbies."

CA Healthline 11-2-11

"If anything, health insurance companies, device manufacturers, and many provider associations have strong financial motives to keep PPACA in place -- and the sector continues to put its lobbying dollars where its pocketbook is.

"The Center for Responsive Politics on Monday reported that the health industry remains atop its lobbying charts. The sector collectively has spent more than $373 million toward lobbying efforts in 2011, led by the pharmaceutical industry's $181.5 million.

"But while the industry in 2010 shifted toward favoring the GOP in some of its donations, ahead of midterm elections that juggled congressional majorities, it remains a staunch supporter of the White House's current occupant."

That "current occupant" was re-elected and, uh, he's a Democr

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Oct-27-13 10:16 PM

That "current occupant" was re-elected and, uh, he's a Democrat, centerish.

And now you've got your Paul Harvey.

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Oct-27-13 10:18 PM


Like I said in my post we can't be distracted by anyone including you when communicating our message. Not sure your with me but I won't be deterred by you superfluous bs.

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Oct-27-13 10:29 PM


My bad I will tone down the vocabulary for you.

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Oct-27-13 10:31 PM

"Republicans are upset that millions of Americans will receive healthcare. They offer no alternative."

willgrr, this is wrong. What about Health Savings Accounts for people who guard their health with the good lifestyle choices they make? That's one alternative.

I'm sure those more familiar with insurance/healthcare have further alternatives to Obamacare and its individual mandate.

But some partisans will NEVER EVER consider anything that a Republican (now a dirty word) would ever offer.

Such is modern-day bipartisanship, eh?

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Oct-27-13 10:34 PM

"...bengazhi as told by a man who was there.."

I watched this CBS report tonight too. Compelling...

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Oct-27-13 10:36 PM

We will learn the truth concerning Benghazi during this presidency.

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