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Pet pony dragged to death

October 18, 2013

BOTTINEAU – "Bad Boy," a miniature Shetland pony, was beloved by both his owner, Dave Boppre, and many grandchildren. But the beloved pet was taken from them and killed Sept....

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Oct-20-13 8:26 AM

I agree with comments that video games and numbness this society has towards pain. "we" continue to buy violence and cruelty allow it to penetrate our souls and hearts... This poor pony... isn't there something about trespassing onto this farm, theft of property? Only bullies do such hideous acts to vulnerable... I hope this bully is found and is chased by a vehicle, hit and then drug until their evil hide is worn down to bone! How is fund raising for finding the lowlife coming along?

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Oct-18-13 11:44 PM

Just a few edits, willgr, because it's Friday...

"It doesn't matter if you are a Republican or Democrat. Animal cruelty has to be punished. I would help anyone to find the culprit[s]."

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Oct-18-13 10:16 PM

If your talking to me, Will Garr, what did you win? What did I lose?

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Oct-18-13 6:51 PM

People that do this kind of thing to animals need to be removed from society. If someone is sick enough to do something like this they are a danger to other people as well. If I saw someone doing this to an animal I would be happy to provide them with an accident.

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Oct-18-13 6:07 PM

That person should be scared and hide. This is the sickest thing I have ever heard. That is why I have camera's on my land, my horses come when I whistle, anyone hurts one of my animals, I will spend every penny I have, and take them down. Legally of course.

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Oct-18-13 4:17 PM

Billdoesntgetit- no kidding it doesn't prevent it. No law prevents a crime from happening, but when they catch the perp who did this at least they can have a harsh penalty.

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Oct-18-13 4:13 PM

Thanks, henrycat, for that link to black-n-right. It was detailed, interesting history concerning Dems & Reps and their takes on civil rights.

Read it and you'll see...

The (Democrat) Emperor Has No Clothes

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Oct-18-13 12:54 PM

PJ14 Couldn't post link, One more time..... ***********black-and-right****/the-democrat-race-lie/

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Oct-18-13 12:40 PM


This was a despicable act and hopefully whoever did this will be caught and punished.

However......, injecting politics into this act is asinine..... Maybe if you studied this link, and the contents are an easy read...., you might not be so quick to judge.... Relax, read the article and receive a History lesson....


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Oct-18-13 8:51 AM

Yes, maybe a little public humiliation would make it seem less fun.

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Oct-18-13 8:50 AM

This is a sick sad story, but your using it to take a shot at Republicans? What does politics have to do with it? That's how this country is now, take a political shot over anything.

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Oct-18-13 8:48 AM

It is beyond the pale. An eye for an eye is too cruel. It does not help anybody to be vindictive. It is not sweet revenge.

It would be better to have a dunking pole and a pool of water in front of the grandstand at the Bottineau County Fairgrounds and let people have their turn at dunking the culprits one after another until they beg for mercy.

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Oct-18-13 8:42 AM

It is very sad that someone considers this to be fun. It seems that peoples "bottom of the barrel" is not so deep anymore, and I believe that is due to the erosion of the moral fiber we get from our parents and grandparents. One thing that I believe contributes to the numbing of ones conscience is the violent video games kids are allowed to play. These kids sit in front of a television and rape, murder, and destroy with no consequences. If they are killed in the game they get a do-over. Not saying this was done by kids but I do think these games play a big part in the decay of our morality.

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Oct-18-13 8:24 AM

So sad. These people need to be brought to justice. I would drag them from the back of my Silverado if I found them.

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Oct-18-13 8:06 AM

To harm defenseless animals and people is the lowest a human can crawl. The mind of whoever did this is so twisted I almost feel sorry for them. I hope they are found and dragged behind the pickup down main street Bottineau with a halter around their neck.

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Oct-18-13 1:54 AM

hang the son of a B#)($ who did it. And of course republicans denied a tough Animal Cruelty law.... typical

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