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Oil spill questions remain

October 18, 2013

There are many questions surrounding the oil spill near Tioga, that dumped approximately 20,600 barrels of oil onto Steve Jensen’s land....

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Oct-25-13 10:04 AM

"Angry" is the ultimate wrong these days...

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Oct-21-13 3:21 PM

I will have a perdickshun too. I will blog any of the bloggers who put out false, misleading, and hateful rhetoric. If you want to blog and make accusations in any direction, you better be able to back it up with quality references and you should also be able to show those sites. So, yep, I am predictin that.

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Oct-21-13 3:04 PM

I have a "perdickshun" too:

There isn't going to be another Republican administration.

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Oct-21-13 1:42 PM

bdgi, as I'm sure you know, there are some avid administration apologists that will never allow scrutiny of any depth to occur during or after President Obama's terms in office.

But some of these same folks are more than happy to examine any and all details concerning any Republican administration, no matter how minute or obtuse, no matter how far back in time.

I have a "perdickshun" that my next phrase will be used often against anyone here that posts anything negative about the present administration...

Diehard partisans can't be counted upon for even-handedness.

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Oct-21-13 10:09 AM

willgrr, your posts were interesting. If you were posting to somehow prove that Pres. Bush and others in his administration were negligent in their duties, and should be prosecuted for that, be careful what you wish for.

If you get your way with Pres. Bush, you'll set a precedent for all other presidents and their actions or lack thereof.

Please note that I did not say Pres. Obama. I said a precedent for "all other presidents."

Should we still "bring it on" for W?

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Oct-21-13 9:54 AM

"Just a matter of time when we find out the Koch Brothers paid 6000 people in Arkansas $4.75 an hr to overload the system...Congress received a letter from Koch Industries stating it had nothing to do with IT and paying $4.75 would surely end the cronyism in Arkansas..."

Just the facts, Veritas, or some hot air?

Dems have long said "you can't legislate morality."

If Obamacare is so "good" and "fair" for everyone, why isn't it considered a huge example of "legislating morality?"

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Oct-20-13 3:52 PM

You are such a liar, dusty. Full disclosure in Vietnam? You are crazy. Just like we did not go into Laos and Cambodia? The US hid the casualty numbers so the war machine could keep going. Is this more of your military prowess and knowledge. We already know that does not exist.

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Oct-19-13 5:43 PM

Like Darth Vader said...

"Impressive. Most impressive."

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Oct-19-13 4:14 PM

DustOff, I don't mind you connecting a few dots about "oil" and "money" and "government" and "president" and "Pakistan."

It makes an interesting picture, doesn't it?

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Oct-18-13 11:41 PM

That's a whole lotta words there, Veritas. More is better, ya?

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Oct-18-13 6:00 PM

Stuff happens. Fine away.

Clean it up. Do it better next time.


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Oct-18-13 4:04 PM

As with all of your posts, dusty, you don't have a clue as to what the subject matter is, what the facts are, or what solutions there may be. Yep, we will just hijack the pipeline and take the oil?? You bet, that will work??? I am sure the rest of the blog and the world chuckles at your feeble attempts to justify innane solutions. You are a total joke.

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Oct-18-13 3:35 PM

The basic thing to know is that asking questions will be treated as though you are antibusiness and some very powerful interests will work to make sure you aren't in any position of power or in charge of regulation. What is wanted, and what is done in this state for regulation is a little, not much, lipstick on a pig. Proper regulation would help prevent these "accidents" and actually be good for the industry. Yet industry will fight you every step of the way.

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Oct-18-13 11:27 AM

What do we have here but more miss direction and malarkey from dusty. If you are so worried about the Arabian oil, why are you not worried about exporting so much US oil to Canada. But, you support transporting dirty oil across the country so that a foreign nation and a foreign oil company can make tons of money shipping products to China. You have no balance in your outrage. The republican politicians have been bought and paid for, the right wing media is pushing for the worthless pipeline to convince people it will help, and the gullible people (you and your right wingers)*****it up. But , then you want to get away from the middle east oil. Get it together. Canada should refine its own garbage oil and we should become self sufficient with the new shale oil finds in Texas and ND. Now, that makes sense.

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Oct-18-13 10:40 AM

* correction--very commodity from which they sell for profitable gain? ---sarcasm)

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Oct-18-13 10:15 AM

Dust-off, I care about wild life, but human life concerns me more. The media has created all the noise about lack of public notification about the oil spill, for which there was no threat to the public. However, nothing has been made about the 6 week cover-up about the outbreak of Hepatitis-C in a population most vulnerable--our elderly. Why is that? (Oil companies couldn't care less about oil spills. Why would they care about the loss of the very commodity from which they sell? ---sarcasm)

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Oct-18-13 4:46 AM

The media hypes the alleged lack of public awareness about an oil spill on one man's property and people are up in arms. However, why is the media not raising caine about the cover up of the hepatitis C outbreak in Ward county? 28 confirmed cases and the first 7 have been confirmed as genetically linked. But, there is no political fury in Hep C, just a real threat to many lives who were put in a vulnerable situation where they are truly powerless. Why is no fury being raised about the true threat to public safety?

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Oct-18-13 1:29 AM

You should also read the article in the Bismarck Tribune about the spill. They go in a little detail about how the Tesoro estimates are not credible because of how they did it. Twenty thousand barrels could be really low. We trust these oil companies. By the way, this pipeline goes to the refinery located at Columbus????? Whoa, there is no refinery there but there is a way to get it to Canada.... again...Oh, Canada!!!!!

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