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Oil boom impacting the world

October 11, 2013

North Dakota has quickly ascended through the ranks of oil-producing states, passing every state along the way except Texas....

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Oct-12-13 3:59 PM

Boy, for a group of screaming right wingers who want public exposure for everything, you have your favorite Republican exemptions, bdgi. So, some of your republican cronies in the government are hiding things to protect the big oil boys. You have been screaming about lack of disclosure for years. Sounds like a hypocrite to me...

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Oct-12-13 11:55 AM

namexxx' fondest dream:

self-immolation of those who might disagree with him

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Oct-12-13 9:50 AM

The Tea Partisans are in rare form this week!

This public display of self immolation is unprecedented.

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Oct-11-13 11:06 PM

You are all missing the point.

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Oct-11-13 10:27 PM

Leftwing, I don't care where the oil companies go. What you don't understand, the good ole boy's that run our towns, our taxes, counties are all about themselves. Government, they really don't care about you, Democrat nor us Republican. Guess what, I am ready to let Oil Money support me in a very nice home, in another state. So in 50 years, I'll be dead anyway. Go cry in your water, beer, or drugs.

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Oct-11-13 9:45 PM

It is as if we need to have Whistler tell us what the MDN was doing. Veritas was not off the system but again, the right spouted off. Just as you are now doing. You know so much about the oil business, why are we selling hundreds of thousands of barrels of Bakken crude per day to Canada? The US wants to be self sufficient for oil but we sell off crude? And then you want to transport dirty crude to a seaport refinery in Texas(as a favor to Canada,,,, oh and the Koch Brothers) so that it can be sold overseas. You are a great planner, whistler, but for Dutch Shell, Canada, and China. Lots of thought put into your statements, NOT.

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Oct-11-13 7:55 PM

That's a very strange use of the word, sanguine. The sentence makes absolutely no sense.

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Oct-11-13 4:55 PM

September 27th Republicans to use Keystone Xl as leverage for government shutdown.

September 29th Oil spill reported by farmer harvesting that particular area.

Oct.2nd Keystone XL dropped from shutdown criteria in lieu of ACA.

Oct.10th Govenor Dalrymple first made aware of spill publicly. However mentioned at first was thought to be small in size. New meaning for at first.

ND code requires director to notify whom in 24 hours? Reportably vague by description.

Did information pass along to Senators & Congressman and was there a request to withhold this information?

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Oct-11-13 4:30 PM

I am tired of hearing political talking points that come from an all too often after diner conversation and when I hear we are doing the will of the American people it reminds me of a cliche from a bad horror movie.

I would like to see and hear all three Representives and the Govenor answer a myriad of questions on a regular basis by everyday people. By everyday tax paying people who vote in the hope that what they hear is not only the truth but that this person works for me.

Who do politicians work for?

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Oct-11-13 4:11 PM

I like many Americans are very happy we are mining more oil & natural gas than ever. I am thankful for the jobs and the economic impact this creates in many areas across America.

I am equally disgusted at the political climate we have in America today and have many questions.

Who knew about the 800,000+ gallon oil leak on sept.29th? According to 43-02-03-30 of ND code the director was to be notified within 24 hours. did this happen and where to from there?

Did Senators Heitkamp,Hoeven and Congressman Cramer know about it prior to press time oct.10th after Keystone XL no longer became bargaining chip for govt. shutdown?

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Oct-11-13 12:57 PM

I think it's funny that Cost of Living is coming way down in Alaska and people get oil checks...cost of living in North Dakota keeps going up along with taxes...nothing to brag about...

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Oct-11-13 11:21 AM

Oil boom impacting Minot with Higher Taxes! Not all are being impacted in a positive way!

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Oct-11-13 11:13 AM

The price of oil has been dropping lately, another $10 or $15 and drillers will be losing money in ND, and it will all come to an end.

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Oct-11-13 10:58 AM

I think they're just upset because the oil boom passed them by. They aren't benefiting from it nearly as much as some of their neighbors and cannot stand it. Thus, the effort to talk it down daily.

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Oct-11-13 10:30 AM

Keep wishing and hoping, leftwing and legend.

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Oct-11-13 7:42 AM

Yeah, it's impacting the safety of the kids in Tioga's public schools.

Have gun. Will teach.

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