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Man assaulted outside of Minot bar

October 6, 2013

A 24-year-old Minot man was injured in an aggravated assault outside of Minot bar Friday night, according to the Minot Police Departmen....

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Oct-08-13 12:06 AM

This one statement sums up exactly how we arrived at what we have become today:

"... something needs to be done."

By God, I don't know what, but... something needs to be done.

What? - I don't know, but something. For sure, something.

By whom? - Well, somebody needs to make sure this never happens again.

How? - It doesn't matter, just as long as something is done.

But we have laws on the books. Assault is against the law. If the perpetrators are caught, they will be prosecuted. - Not good enough. We need to do more!

Welcome to soft tyranny, folks.

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Oct-07-13 8:21 PM

I think the bar owners should provide surveillance on the interior and exterior of the bar with prosecution based on the surveillance tape.

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Oct-07-13 7:58 PM

again, disagreeable, there are about 12 separate ideas in my post. So you can just list the number of the item with which you disagree.

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Oct-07-13 5:44 PM

So they stop serving after one drink, two drinks, after the first curse word, first pass at another person, after the first swing, second swing, when? And once they stop serving them, and the idiots go outside, are the bar owners then to move outside and monitor behavior? Is this a school ground? People should be responsible for their own actions. That law, btw, is ridiculous, unless one is subjected to a breathalyzer test before each drink.

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Oct-07-13 5:35 PM

disgusted, the bars also have a duty to stop serving those that are drunk, and disorderly. Like I said before if this keeps up a weapon is going to be used and yes disgusted it could be one of our Police Officers who gets shot because of people like you who feels so sad about the poor bar owner.

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Oct-07-13 5:14 PM

I believe rick was simply saying that it shouldn't get to the point where the police department has to investigate. Sgr2012, you have made it clear you are a fan of the Tap, which makes you at least a bit biased. I've been in the Tap a number of times and have never been impressed. Most weekends it is packed wall to wall and the majority of their clientele is under 30. The bar is so busy the bartenders barely have time to serve drinks, let alone pay close attention to whom they are being served. There are laws against serving alcohol to people who are obviously intoxicated. And, yes, we can hold the bars responsible for the actions of their patrons. Read section 5-01-06.1 of the ND Century Code.

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Oct-07-13 4:58 PM

rick, what are you saying? The police should do nothing? Or should the bars take the law into their own hands?

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Oct-07-13 4:28 PM

sgr2012, name another bar in Minot in the last 3 weeks that has had 3 serious cases of assaults? and as a tax payer in Minot are Police Dept has a lot better things to do than go investigate Assaults by a bunch of drunks, that takes at least 2 to 3 hours of there time, when they could be Patrolling neighborhoods.

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Oct-07-13 3:13 PM

I know of many bars where people get in with fake I.d.'s. So investigate a majority of them then.

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Oct-07-13 2:50 PM

This bar is a known hangout for young people,they can drink as much as they want,and get in the bar with phony Id's Just ask the college kids,the owners do not CARE, as long as they make money..there is a lot that happens at this bar that you will never know about..I think the place should be investigated!! because I do know about under age Ids!!

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Oct-07-13 2:16 PM

My family, friends, and co-workers have been coming to Sports on tap for years. Just simply saying, as far as I can see the staff has always done a great job about controlling and maintaining the crowds. 90% of these fights I hear happen across the streets in other parking lots, sometimes 30-60 minutes AFTER the bar is closed. I am sure the law enforcement, employees, etc are all concerned and trying to figure out how to control these situations. It's definitely something no one wants. So again, saying a place should be closed down etc? Very naive for only reading a string of articles and judging a place you know nothing about. I also know for a fact that worse fights happen at after parties/other bars where law enforcement officials have to be called...yet Minot daily news does not report every single one of those. But lately they report every slap on the wrist that happens within 3 blocks of Sports on Tap. Again, just some thoughts and opinions.

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Oct-07-13 2:02 PM

I am a regular customer at sports on tap. I very rarely witness fights or altercations inside the establishment. It has a great atmosphere and is definitely the place to be on weekends. So when I see articles like this I am shocked.

Here are some thoughts, statistically Sports on tap is one of the largest/busiest/highest occupancy bars in Minot, therefore versus other bars you have a few hundred+ patrons ages 21+ exiting the bar under the at times altercations are bound to happen outside. It for sure goes back to the attitude and mannerisms of idiots NOT the establishment.

Closing the bar at 12 would do nothing. Everyone would just start an hour earlier and be just as wasted. But judging a bar of which I know for a fact is a respectable hang out for many of Minots business men, college students/athletes, Air Force men, teachers, para professionals, date nights for couples, sports fans, a bit naive.

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Oct-07-13 12:17 PM

disagreeable, which statement causes you to hit the disagree button? Too difficult to communicate? I will try to help you: 1) that I don't go to bars? 2)that I was 'shooting' 3)discussing the mentality of those involved? 4) referring to the young men as gangsters? 5)That the Even-Steven mentality should go towards good things? 6) or blaming and punishing the bar will only shift the altercations to a new location? Now all you have to do is post the number(s) that correlate to your disagreement. ;-)

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Oct-07-13 10:30 AM

I don't go to bars, so I am 'shooting' in the dark, but is it the bar that is at fault or the mentality of those fighting? Do they have a gang-war mentality? Are these guys going to the bar 'looking' for trouble or to 'get even' after a previous altercation? Some knuckleheads like the wild wild wild west mentality. I also ask those who like to get even, if they 'get even' for every good act that comes their way. But, blaming the bar, unless they are instigating fights, is not actually going to solve the problem, only move it to another location.

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Oct-07-13 10:00 AM

This has had 3 serious fights in 3 weeks that have resulted in serious injury. If this keeps up the next may result in gunfire and a murder, and worst yet a stray bullet killing someone innocent. I think it is fair to say this bar is having a problem and something needs to be done.

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Oct-07-13 9:51 AM

ChaseinND, I believe you were meaning 11pm, 10pm, etc, but not sure. What if a fight breaks out at 3 in the afternoon? What about bars where there has never been a fight?

Each person is the only one who can be responsible for his/her behavior and therefore should be the only one to answer for their lack of judgement.

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Oct-07-13 8:16 AM

Really Chase? You are going to punish all bars that are responsible for what happens at another bar? Plus, if you really think that would stop the violence you are only kidding yourself. People would move to house parties and the fights would be happening in your front yard instead of at a bar.

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Oct-06-13 11:38 AM

seems to be a repeating weekly article.

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Oct-06-13 11:21 AM

What really needs to be done to get this under control is, the closing hour needs to be moved to 12:00 am. for al bars. If 3 fights in a week, it goes to 11:00am.for all bars. and finally 10:00am if another 3 fights. After 6 months and no fights then they can stay open 30 mins. longer. no fights in another 6 months another 30 mins. It's time the owners of the bars accept some of the responsible, they serve the booze, they can also accept some responsibility as well as the money.

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Oct-06-13 9:47 AM

Pull their license? Was the owner involved in the assault? Do we know these two had been inside the bar? Jumping to conclusions again. And why should an establishment be delicensed when the patrons misbehave?

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