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A lack of common sense

October 5, 2013

Part of the reason so many Americans are fed up with government in general is that too often, bureaucrats display a complete lack of common sense. During World War II, Joe McGrain of Rochester, N.Y....

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Oct-08-13 10:05 AM

DustOff, being a woman capable of understanding common sense AND rules, I'd say those rules to which you were referring have no common sense, so they need not apply to us women of common sense. Just sayin' RR...

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Oct-07-13 7:28 PM

The Pea Tardies can't decide if they want to take credit for shutting down the government -- or lay the blame on Obama . . . so they're trying to do both!

Nobody does the old "circular firing squad" act like these assault rifle loving Republicans.

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Oct-07-13 3:45 PM

Don't you think 4 posts in a row makes you look like a loser with nothing better to do?

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Oct-07-13 12:19 AM

"...austerity is proven to fail."

Not with my household budget!

Or said this way: don't spend it if you don't have it

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Oct-07-13 12:10 AM

" don't see the same behavior in rich blues--they promote opportunity for all and support for the least of his people."

I've seen that you've said this before, Legend, but saying it again still doesn't make it 100% correct.

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Oct-07-13 12:08 AM

"They are protecting their contributors from the health care/pharmaceutical industries by overturning the Affordable Health care "Law"."

BC/BS customers received letters about their rates going up in Jan. 2014, some more than double, even in spite of high deductibles.

Yep, those insurance companies are going to make out like bandits under obamacare, especially with the youngsters being forced (mandated) to buy insurance, for years and years.

Looks like the insurance companies will benefit with Democrat help now...

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Oct-07-13 12:01 AM

"NOW they want those opened back up and blame the Pres. Obama does not decide what is closed--the individual agency heads do."

Sorry, but I can't believe this at all.

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Oct-06-13 3:07 PM

Lack of "common sense" goes right to Harry Reid and Barack Hussein Obama. It is their directives to the bureaucrats to make it "as painful as possible onthe little people" Trying to close the ocean in Florida or the forest in Washington state or the sand dunes in Oregon as well as parking lots, and walk through memorials shows the complete lack of any common sense. Their only response is to keep repeating "We are not going to negotiate, we are not going to negotiate, we are not going to negotiate. The only way to deal with Obama or Reid is to do what Putin did and put an imprint of his size 13 on Obama's rear end.

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Oct-06-13 1:46 PM

I for one am sick and tired of all this being blamed on President Bush. He was a big spender yes and I disagreed with that but he's not been president for quite some time. The health care law is a mess as well. Pelosi herself said we had to read it to find out what was in it.. Republicans and Democrats alike are at fault and it's high time our elected officials, who happen to work for "we the people", start to lead, follow or move. That goes for the president as well. Yesterday I read that they kicked some Vietnam vets out of the Vietnam Memorial...This is getting beyond ridiculous.

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Oct-06-13 12:35 PM

It's kind of interesting isn't it how the same people will scream we must balance the budget and then scream about the taxes in Obamacare that were put there because we are back to pay-go which balanced the budget before the Republicans took over.

The stimulus is needed at this time, but it's temporary. Pay-go worked once as a part of the road to a balanced budget, then the Dems passed taxes during a time of a hot economy that the other choice was let the Fed send interest through the roof, and then the public voted to throw them out for balancing the budget.

Have times changed?

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Oct-05-13 1:54 PM

We need to get rid of ALL of the staffers who ingrain the process of DC into each NEW elected senator or representative. Get all new people and let the members of congress find their own way.

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Oct-05-13 1:14 PM

According to Republicans, any group or organization that will sway public opinion away from their party will be considered essential to them. Oh, and missy, can you bring some facts to the table? You know, even a little tidbit. I know, I know, you don't have any facts. Get a life, Jackaaa, everyone knows the Republicans wanted the shut down the affordable care "LAW". There are tapes everywhere as far back as two years ago where Republicans publically proclaimed their intent to shut the government down. They are protecting their contributors from the health care/pharmaceutical industries by overturning the Affordable Health care "Law". Go back to being the good Republican that you were before.

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Oct-05-13 11:28 AM

Maybe it is time that all Americans get together and petition to our State Governors to have all our Federal Senators and Legeslators to be removed from office and have a special election be held to elect new officials that will represent all of the interest of the American people! We need to clean out DC!

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Oct-05-13 10:24 AM

Oh Boo Hoo namexxx. They can keep the government shut down. You cry like Obama does.

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Oct-05-13 9:57 AM

The people most "fed up with government" -- ironically -- are the people most dependent on it.

If you're so fed up -- stop feeding off of the hard work of others.

ND is, by definition, a welfare state -- taking out twice what they put in.

You can call your welfare checks "subsidies" and "tax incentives" all you want. They're still WELFARE CHECKS.

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Oct-05-13 9:53 AM

So is the point that museums and park should be considered essential government services?

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