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Defund Obamacare

September 29, 2013

Steven Moen, Minot A prophetic quote from Nikita Khrushchev, former leader of the Soviet Union, dated Sept. 29 1959: “Your children’s children will live under communism. You Americans are so gullible....

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Sep-29-13 12:10 PM

Nikita said those words 64 years ago. He is gone and his empire dwindled. We are much better. Would you prefer we suffer energy black outs instead of trying to avoid those? (light bulbs). Would you prefer gas mileage was left up to manufacturers who whined all the way to better mileage? Abortion is not prohibited by all religions and we (unfortunately) must accommodate all--and no one is forced to get one or practice any other vice for tha matter. Should we have to accept child car seats, cribs, pet food-and on and on, that kill? Only the Fed. has the will and the means to try to correct the ills of industry. Our declining church attendance is a result of our cutthroat society and not from Fed. policies. Nikita threatened John Kennedy and lost. Why do you quote a loser as if he were a winner; hmm.?

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Sep-29-13 1:43 PM

Why not take it another step and propose defunding Medicare, see are far that gets you. That'll solve our deficit problem, but I'm afraid the doctors who make a very healthy living over billing Medicare may protest, to say nothing of the Seniors. In this letter writer's fantasy world the seniors will do just fine.

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Sep-29-13 5:55 PM

Let me see. we should tell Canada, Great Brittan, France and all the other free world countries with government sponsored medical care that they are going to be communist soon. Another letter from and uniformed winger.

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Sep-29-13 8:05 PM

so you don't mind loosing your full time job with benifits so your employeer can get under the limit of employees to not get penalized and you don't mind the IRS having real time access to your banking accounts? Didn't think so.

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Sep-29-13 9:31 PM

Wow, that some scarey stuff. Got any more wild conspiracy theories from Rush and the boys. How about Death panels, you forgot those. More scare tactics and you were too naïve to investigate them. Typical koolaide drinker from the right.

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Sep-30-13 8:40 AM

if Canada has such great health care why do those who can afford it come here for treatment? Answer.. they're on a waiting list for treatment on which they can die before their turn comes up. Check out the death panel portion of Obamacare..

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Sep-30-13 8:43 AM

maybe those with no jobs and no bank accounts who don't contribute should be concerned about the "death panels' because they make the call if they get treated or not. Since they're a drain on the system they would be the first ones denied. Hitler proved that already

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Sep-30-13 11:00 AM

Its the REpublicans, as people know "blackmail" when they see it. Cry babies who want everything for their party(wingers) and will do anything to get it. they already proved it with the downgrade of our credit rating a few years ago.

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Sep-30-13 8:58 PM

The subject's defunding Obamacare and I am in favor of that, for all the exemptions, delays of mandates, special favors, etc. that the administration has imposed on this "wonderful" law (tax).

If it is so wonderful, why is the administration running away from full implementation? Why pick and choose which portions of the wonderful law to implement? Why are fed employees, Congress, President all exempt from the wonderful provisions of Obamacare?

Something stinks - this law (tax) should be repealed or defunded.

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Sep-30-13 8:59 PM

investors . com 9-18-13

Telemundo, the only news outlet that appears willing to ask Obama a tough question, pressed him this week about polls showing most Americans oppose ObamaCare. "Is everybody wrong?" the host asked.

"Yes, they are," Obama responded. The problem, he said, isn't his law. It's those evil Republicans who've spent "billions of dollars ... misinforming people."

Let's leave aside the fact that the Obama administration has spent a king's ransom promoting ObamaCare, and that Democrats and the liberal press have devoted three years to extolling its alleged virtues, and the fact that the public never supported this law to begin with.

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Sep-30-13 9:12 PM

realclearpolitics . com/epolls/other/obama_and_democrats_health_care_plan-1130

This site still shows an average 52.0% AGAINST Obamacare and an average 38.6% FOR Obamacare, with 7 different polls used for figuring the averages.

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Sep-30-13 10:17 PM

As if Obama cares. When will that happen?

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Oct-01-13 7:37 AM

"the state tells us how we must act, how we must live, what type of car seats we must have for our children, what kind of mileage our cars must make, what kind of light bulbs we must use, what kind of unbiblical behaviors we must accept and the list goes on and on."

Steven Moen - Thanks for your transparency. You have relegated Christianity with your pontification, to a quote from Nikita Khrushchev and light Bulbs right up there with the bible and biblical "unbiblical" quotes. WWJD

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Oct-01-13 7:46 AM

"Steven Moen, Minot A prophetic quote from Nikita Khrushchev, "

Steven Moen - Do you know anything about prophecy? Are you really a Christian?

MDN - What the heck are you doing!!!!!!

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Oct-01-13 1:16 PM

BDGI's blogs show how truly out of touch the right really is on the issues. This disagreement is between the members of congress and does not include the President. The bills come from the congress and are signed by the President. Two "separate" parts of our government setup. But, the hatred and resentment towards the President certainly come rolling out from the right. The far right wingers have taken over the Republican party and are in the process of destroying it. The Republican attempts to destroy meals on wheels, the snap program, food stamps, and other programs that help the needy show their complete disregard for the welfare of our country. Their fake reasoning to attempt to overturn a "law" by adding measures to the C.R. on government funding is disgusting and again shows their complete disregard for the many people who are furloughed by their actions. This is the Republican albatross and they will wear it.

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Oct-01-13 1:17 PM

Rush Limbaugh and Ted Cruz, the leaders of the right wing party. After all, there is no Republican party anymore. Just hateful right wingers.

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Oct-02-13 2:00 PM

What I've been seeing via mainstream media sources is plenty of "the Republicans will be getting the blame for the shutdown" plus numerous video shots of Pres. Obama's sound bytes for the masses.

Why isn't there much, if any, coverage of what the Republicans are proposing? If journalism means both sides, why isn't the public getting this side? We've received plenty of Democrat "propaganda" even including shots of the "stately" Sen. Harry Reid saying "whacko" about House bills or proposals. I'm just sick of the whole thing.

You betcha. This president was going to get rid of the gridlock in DC. He continues it today with a veto threat of ANY House proposal to fund certain areas of gov't. REAL bipartisanship that. I'm just sick of the whole thing.

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Oct-02-13 2:02 PM

I think willgrr's phrase will go nicely right about here, with just a bit of an edit...

"The Democrats, a cancerous malignancy of adults acting childishly, like spoiled brats stamping their feet and screaming for their mama's because they can't have their own way."

Adults try to work things out. Children don't. "We won--get over it."

Look in the mirror, Democrats, before throwing out the charge of childishness in others.

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Oct-02-13 4:42 PM

"Founded on Christian Principles and Freedom".....sort of an oxymoron isn't it. George Washington specifically stated in the Treaty of Tripoli that these United States were not a Christian nation, but a national for all religions.... and "unbiblical behavior we have to tolerate" WTF is that supposed to mean? Considering everyone interprets the bible differently it could mean anything. The bible considers mixing man-made and natural fabrics and abomination, so most folks out there have sinned on that one. I love how conservatives insist on talking about freedom "so long as its Christian (my Christianity and not yours) and is biblically correct". And people have the nerve to speak ill of nations which follow laws based on the Quran (Islamic law). What makes insisiting Christian law is the right law, if we are supposed to be "free". give me a break

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Oct-02-13 6:37 PM

"It might even explain why so many poor white people from W Virginia to Alabama to Northern Idaho have never met their father..."

Veritas, if I were paying attention, I'd probably call this a "reverse discrimination" type of post.

But since it's (obviously) your opinion, I've now chosen to ignore it.

willgrr!! Cleanup on aisle 53!!

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Oct-02-13 9:59 PM

latest poll: vast maj. of voters to not agree with red position or gov. shut down--Pres is representing the people. The people who asked for the ACA. the people who voted for him twice. if you think the world liked B2 better than our Pres. you are believing way too much bengazi talk. Yes he will talk with iran or other countries--there is hope 4 agreement. The t party is r way or the hwy--that is not good faith in negotiations--a basic requirement to make a deal. they were bought and agreed to a fixed agenda--everything cut but defense--destroy ACA--no abortion. they are under threat of the next primary if they bend (negotiate). i forgot--many of them hate the Pres--good thing they are a minority.

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Oct-02-13 10:41 PM

the budget being discussed is way down from where the dems started, The pres. has already given billions in negotiations--to say he will not negotiate now because they also want to cut or gut ACA is bengazi talk--not true.

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Oct-02-13 11:54 PM

so, loco, what do you watch to get your news information? Almost every channel I have gone to including Fox have gone over what Boehnor has proposed. What they don't cover is the 14 times that Senate Dems have requested the budget proposals go to committee since April of 2013. Each time, Boehnor has refused to set up a compromise committee--14 times. But, we also know that the main focus of the Republicans is to stop millions of people from getting health insurance. But, they want to fund little items that might make them look good. They will not fund the entire government without adding defunding proposals. Now, you worry about cancer funding but not about the 30 million people without health insurance? Well, that certainly makes sense. Now, just one little question for you-- Why has Boehnor not let a clean CR proposal come before the house for discussion and an up or down vote? Got any answers?

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Oct-03-13 9:04 AM

Veritas, I did read it, then ignored it. This time I told you what I did. There have been countless times I didn't tell you.

As far as a heightened sense of righteousness, perhaps Democrats ought to look in the mirror more rather than less.

"We won--get over it."

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Oct-03-13 9:12 AM

"Nearly three-quarters of voters – 72 percent – oppose shutting down the government in order to block or weaken the Affordable Care Act, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday.

"While the poll shows the public is split on how they feel about Obamacare – 45 percent support, 47 percent opposed – nearly 6 in 10 voters say Congress should not cut off funding to prevent implementation.

"Americans are certainly not in love with Obamacare, but they reject decisively the claim by Congressional Republicans that it is so bad that it's worth closing down the government to stop it," said Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, in a memo accompanying the survey results."

This must be the poll Legend's referring to.

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