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Feds abusing authority

September 29, 2013

Thomas Beck, Carrington Why are we allowing the federal government make the American people into their slaves? Consider the founders of this nation, deeply mistrusted the federal governmen....

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Oct-02-13 8:17 PM

short answer: because we are slaves to oil, medical care, monopolies and rich reds who pay to remove our collective bargaining and have us at low pay--that is why.

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Oct-02-13 8:10 PM

Is a monoply ok with you? street people call a cardboard box or a car their home. Everything you list from FDR involves a job and work or study. are all the unemployed demanding a job? If we had retirement investment protection b4 2008; we would have seen timely retirements, attrition and possibly low unemployment today. It is ok to listen to fox talk but be careful when you repeat it. Your thoughts are troubling to me.

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Oct-02-13 7:41 PM

tea party member to shrink: "the fed can't do anything right" "there will be no cuts to defense (a huge part of the fed). "after shutting down the fed because we disagree with a popular pres. and ACA which we approved by vote--we will reopen the WWII memorial then the cdc then headstart". shrink: "you are part of the Fed and just said you can't do anything right but want defense, WWII memorial, cdc, headstart and more as you go along". "you just made two insane statements; shall we continue?"

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Sep-30-13 7:33 PM

Compare the U.S. today to where our ancestors came from. Many of the issues you list were wanted by them and many basic rights were denied to them. If you follow the money, only low paid workers have a valid complaint. For our first hundred years, rights came from the barrel of a gun. If someone crossed you bad enough--you shot them. Now we are said to be more civilized and some of the rich and powerful step on us at will. If you can't pay a decent wage to someone who earns you a living--get a job.

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Sep-29-13 11:41 PM

Anyone else notice MDN picked anti-ACA and Obama letters this week. Their owners must have the eebee jeebees over the ACA. Healthcare reform was the will of the people until bengazi talk started telling lies about it. We have 100,000 deaths annually from the wrong medication, 45,000 because the AMA puts money b4 medical care and bengazi talk wants to sit on 4 from bengazi while ignoring iraq. Now privacy? Doctors, hospitals and ins. cos. have our private info now--but no complaints from bengazi talk. Sarah Palin is a leader in opposing ACA but when interviewed this week she dodged the questions about it. Thanks Sara, your non answers are very revealing.

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Sep-29-13 11:27 PM

Restrictions to freedom in my life have been from the city, county, state, and some goods and services--but not from the Fed. When prices are out of control such as oil and medicine--the Fed. is the only institution with the will and the means to correct it. Renewable energy research, wind power, electric power and ethanol are answers to the grip oil has on us. The ACA is to correct runaway costs in medicine. My Fed. taxes are reasonable for my income. My real estate taxes are nuts.

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Sep-29-13 5:47 PM

Lets take a vote on that from the people of minot and lets get rid of FEMA. Or maybe Colorado to get rid of federal disaster help. Now, lets get rid of money for Highways and such. You want the government money but cry and moan about control. Hypocrite.

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Sep-29-13 3:33 PM

It is a balancing act when it comes to control and power. The Constitution was written as an attempt to center the power between government officials and individuals. It is a give and take much like tug of war. If there is a question about who should have the power or be given the power, I support individual power over government power every day, hour,and minute.

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Sep-29-13 12:29 PM

Without Fed. action we would have an aristocracy. Some of our founders also mistrusted the evils of capitalism. Our economy collapsed and FDR brought it back. We are much better off today than in his day. Is gas the same price from major brands in the same city because we have true competition? This major expense in our lives exhibits price controls. Would you prefer child car seats, pet food, cribs etc. that can kill? Would you prefer vehicles w/o seat belts, gas mileage standards, crash tests etc.? The technology of today cannot be compared to 75 years ago. It is unjustified war that has set our morals and economy back. The Fed. has been wrong on some war like Iraq but not for improving our standard of living and making us safer. Our fear is that we are moving toward fascism and aristocracy where some east coast nut or The Koch brothers would run the country.

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