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Derailing Obama's choice

September 23, 2013

President Barack Obama is always looking for reinforcements in his war on reasonably priced electricity....

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Sep-23-13 6:33 AM

A war on idiocy is exactly what's needed.

Besides, the Union Pacific and the Burlington Northern Railroads will derail Obama's idiocy.

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Sep-23-13 11:14 AM

Coal is an abundant resource that we should continue to exploit until a marketable, cheap replacement becomes available. Reasonable regulations on what can be emitted into the environment makes sense. As for Mark's comment on mileage, he makes a good point. A 2010 Honda Civic has a combined fuel economy of 29 MPG while the 1992 Honda Civic had a combined 38. Market has driven this. "Make it just a little bigger" "This car would be great with just a bit more HP". We need a cheap, reliable car that will get 40+ on the highway again. Other car's have been regulated out of existence. A 1984 Volkswagen Rabbit diesel would get 40 MPG on the highway all day for many years. If I had to guess, emissions regulations would make it impossible to produce this car today.

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Sep-23-13 11:55 AM

Great post, BeaverFan.

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Sep-23-13 2:15 PM

"Coal remains by far the most economical way of generating power."

Natural gas is much cheaper. That should sum up the article's validity for discerning readers.

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Sep-23-13 2:21 PM

"or still manufacturing incandescent light bulbs.etc...but old lobbies die hard"

A lobby is what brought about this prohibition. Or are some lobbies good and others not, as I suspect?

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Sep-23-13 4:50 PM

Whistler, as your name implies, You Blow!

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Sep-23-13 5:45 PM

Said correctly it is the Obama war on pollution. He is a leader in promoting research which is likely to give us cleaner and lower priced energy. Reds in general criticize Govt. research and probably because new findings threaten existing profits. MDN won't pass up a chance to do their civic thing and badmouth our president--out of context. They and Bill Orielly are the only truth. Having said that; Confession for me saturday night.

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Sep-23-13 5:59 PM

A long time concern is so much gas mileage loss in cool/cold weather. I have owned a Mazda and a Chev that did 30 and 20mpg respectively at 100 above and 20 below. If one or two can do it--all can and the loss in cold weather can't be from fed regs. Oil chose to burn nat. gas at the wells until the state and public spoke up. nat. gas is a direct competitor to gasoline--their low hanging sugar daddy fruit. Coal is good guys and Pres. is bad guy-oops back to confession.

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Sep-24-13 11:32 AM

Oblamer's war on coal is the first step. Next will be a war on fracking for natural gas. I find it simply amazing how the "progressives" are now promoting natural gas which is recovered by fracking which will be the next war. The "progressives" are already on record as against "fracking". As for the moron who made the comment about "sunlight being free", ya shure ya betcha sunshine, let's see you get warmed up by it when it's 20 below.

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Sep-24-13 10:38 PM

Our ND leaders allowed oil to flare nat gas at wells--wasting it. Waste and pollute without any energy benefit. Nat gas is not just from fracking. Flaring is not allowed in Texas. If you want 40+mpg, there are many hybrid/electric cars that do it and you will save $1,800 in total costs over the life of a gas car. Remember the years 68 to 79 or so when our big three blamed the low power/performance of their makes on pollution standards--and the foreign makes met the standards and kept the horsepower? 60's bugs did 20 on a 40 to 52 horse. It has been my experience that gas mileage is more an attitude of the manufacturer than it was reduced by emission standards.

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