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Keeping coal, at what cost?

September 21, 2013

President Barack Obama and his minions clearly are hoping the public misses the point about the war on coal and affordable energy....

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Sep-21-13 10:02 AM

Lets just believe what the coal companies tell us and then they can continue to pollute the world but make more money. The vast majority of coal fired generating plants in the East have never been updated because the coal companies refused to upgrade their facilities. ND coal plants will find few problems complying with regulations because they have kept up with the times. A prime example of this is the coal fired plant in Billings, Mt. The Heskin plant has never had an upgrade of its facilities ever. It has continued to spew out sulfer and gases and has always gotten an extension to the rules. Well, the extensions have finally run out after 20 years and (boo-hoo) now they blame the rules that they failed to follow for years and years. It is the lack of action on the part of the coal companies to comply with any rules for years. A little research on what is going on outside ND would certainly would help.

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Sep-21-13 4:06 PM

It always amazes me that you can post and quote another post without either of them showing any facts. Just your biased opinions during which time you also make suppositions on the other posters. I would guess that your two are double or triple dippers as is Dusty. Let me see- medicare, SS, and probably a state or federal pension. You also make your spouses do all the work and all you do is pretend to know everything, which you so obviously don't. So, anyone can make assumptions without facts.

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Sep-21-13 5:33 PM

Gosh, ANOTHER blog full of facts from whistler...NOT>

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Sep-21-13 7:21 PM

Is that the best you got, dusty. You keep repeating it and repeating it. But, looking at the rest of your posts, it is the best you have. How sad. Oh, by the way, fly any jets lately or been involved in any war games? You are the expert with experience in all fields. I would guess that not much has changed in the head start program in the twenty five years since you "allegedly" were in the program. You were certified in early elementary education, right. Ha!

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Sep-21-13 9:40 PM

"Coal will always have a place as long as reds(plus a few fat blues) give it out for Christmas--one piece at a time."

LOL Legend! I liked this one.

If coal is currently supplying 40% of our electricity needs, and if the EPA's new guidelines are too expensive for coal companies to implement (the preferred technology is experimental as well), get ready for MAJOR increases in the utility bills.

Hey, it's only money. The gov't can always print some more.

Oh, yeah. I forgot. Print more...for them.

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Sep-22-13 2:45 PM

You are so, so lost, whistler. We used chunk coal long before a drawz stoker. Get a life, whister, not everyone is as super intelligent as you are and we certainly don't live high on the status pole as you do. Maybe if you realized that the republican party is as out of date as you are, you might look at things a little differently. Oh, that is right, you are a winger and after all, wingers know everything better than anyone else, worked harder than anyone else, are more Christian than anyone else, and certainly know how to judge people better than anyone.

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Sep-22-13 3:39 PM

Great to read all the "progressives" helping ol George Soros spend his money with their lunatic ranting and raving that he sends them a check for. I have a question, now that ol George got married again, did that put him in a good mood so that he gave you loons a raise from the $10 he used to pay? It is amazing to see how desperate the "progressives" are becoming as they see their vision of "utopia" slipping away and their "messiah" becomes less relevant each day. Other countries such as Norway, Australia, Iceland and Germany are scrapping the "progressive" agenda as unsustainable yet the "progressives" in the USA have blindly followed failed policy for 5 years. Four pinocchios for all the "progressive" misinformation posted.

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Sep-22-13 7:05 PM

Well, Rush errr russ, you just opened you big mouth. Now, back it up. Present all that progressive miss information that you quote. Come now, big boy, spit it out. Oh and make it factual.

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Sep-23-13 8:00 AM

How old are you people? You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Grow up and stop acting like 7 year olds. It's people like you guys and ladies acting like this is the reason why no one comes here to post.

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