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Minot Public School seeks land, new schools

September 15, 2013

Minot voters will be asked to approve a $125 million bond issue on Dec. 10 to pay for new school construction and renovations. However, Supt....

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Sep-16-13 7:55 PM

Yes the valuations went up incredibly fast, but so has the growth of city. Change happens. We didn't prepare for change in Minot even when they were seeing growth in around Underwood, Stanley, and so forth from other projects because somebody won't mention names was asked point blank is Minot going to see these effects? And this person said no. So maybe they should get off their high horse and do something about it. But it's too late...Minot reacts instead of being proactive and should listen to more people when being questioned.

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Sep-16-13 5:21 PM

leftwing is a salesman's dream.

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Sep-16-13 3:15 PM

edit...graduating classes in the 70's were 600 - 700 not 1000. That is still 100 - 200 more than today in just one grade.

So yes, numbers are up for the past 3 years, but still aren't where they were 15 years ago.

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Sep-16-13 2:57 PM

leftwing, in 1996 Minot had a total enrollment of 7800 students, 400 more than this year.

Back in the 70's Minot had graduating classes of around 1000 students. Today it is roughly half that amount.

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Sep-16-13 11:26 AM

I just wrote two opinion page letters to newspapers where I live about a proposed bond issue here. Long story short: school bonds, like any municipal bonds, mean going into debt and raising your property taxes so that Wall Street can profit. What you get out of it is a rapidly depreciating asset that will be worth little more than zero when the bonds are finally retired.

Go learn how bond underwritings work, people.

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Sep-16-13 11:09 AM

So Minot has a total of 16 schools and it cannot absorb 250 more students, which equals out to about 15 more per SCHOOL? Baloney.

Not to mention, the enrollments were dropping a number of years ago, so they are probably just getting back to previous levels.

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Sep-16-13 9:53 AM

Elementary schools; Bell school Bel Air Dakota (on Minot AFB) Edison Lewis & Clark Lincoln Longfellow McKinley North Plains (on Minot AFB) Perkett Roosevelt Sunnyside Washington Middle schools; Erik Ramstad Jim Hill Memorial (on Minot AFB) High school; Minot High School Magic City Campus - (for 11th & 12th grade students) Central Campus - (for 9th & 10th grade students) Central Campus East Souris River Campus (alternative high school)

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Sep-16-13 9:46 AM

Minot Public Schools (MPS) is a system of publicly funded K-12 schools in Minot, North Dakota. There are twelve elementary schools, three middle schools, and a high school on three campuses (one campus being an alternative high school). Three schools (two elementary & one middle school) are located on Minot AFB, fifteen miles north. Minot City Transit provides busing service.

And they have those really really big yellow cars with allot of windows in them.

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Sep-16-13 7:55 AM

These school planners and school boards are the same people who think it makes sense to have 5-10 kids ride a 48 passenger bus. They say they will get less money in the budget if they buy smaller buses. I don't trust what people like that say.

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Sep-16-13 5:55 AM

sure wish i could put as much money into fixing up my house every year as i 'invest' in property taxes.

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Sep-15-13 10:16 PM

Nancy1 hit it on the head. If we would have passed the last bond issue this would have been significantly less. Same was true with the court house. The problem doesn't go away with a no vote, but it does get more expensive to fix. Pass it now or wait and watch the costs rise. The plans for this bond issue isn't a wish list of wants, but is a list of well documented needs. Taxes in Minot aren't the highest in the state, so quit spreading misinformation.

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Sep-15-13 12:17 PM

Bismarck passed their last bond issue - about a year ago - with 80 plus % approval. Maybe we could bus Minot kids there?? This is so important and if the last bond issue would have been passed - 54% voted yes in Minot but they need 60% yes to pass a bond issue - there would not be the crowding in SE Minot. I know so many comment on how wonderful Bismarck is regarding taxes, but in fact they pass bond issues there which is something Minot has not done since 1969.

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Sep-15-13 11:56 AM

Call your local school and schedule a tour. Classes are packed, many students have special needs and teacher's need classroom aides. Children in the portables must go into the school to use bathroom facilities, sinks, attend individual tutoring lessons... which causes safety issues of unaccompanied students walking into buildings by themselves. Minot has expanded but the school facilities cannot keep up. The longer we wait, the more it will cost. As a parent and tax payer, I don't have a solution, if you do - offer it, but think about the dedicated staff and the students who are working under less than ideal circumstances.

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Sep-15-13 11:00 AM

I was willing to vote yes on a reasonable raise in mills but just adding on to the MCC to make it a 9-12 don't make me excited. Minot needs another 9-12 high school to create more opportunities for kids to play sports and such. wouldn't it be awesome to have a cross town rival. lets do it for the kids!

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Sep-15-13 9:33 AM

"Reading, Writing and Rip-Off!"

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Sep-15-13 9:16 AM

The tax relief provided by the legislature is very short term, and tax increases due to a $125 school bond issue are for 20 years. If more permanent tax relief is not provided, taxpayers could find themselves in a bad situation.

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Sep-15-13 8:28 AM

If the kids have all found a place in school this year what is the rush? There will be empty buildings to pick from in Minot as the towns in the oil fields in the western part of the state gradually get their money spent on new schools and many large housing projects.

Grade schools don't need big parking lots because they don't start driving themselves to school until they are ninth graders.

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Sep-15-13 7:37 AM

Yes the valuations went up incredibly fast, but so has the growth of city. Change happens.

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Sep-15-13 7:35 AM

I don't understand all the cries of "highest taxed city in ND", from two or three regulars on here. Almost any quick check finds Minot at the bottom of all the lists.

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Sep-15-13 7:20 AM

Oh so commercial property gets taxed less even though some of these commercial properties are the reason for some people's outrageous increase in housing valuations? So in addition to these increased valuations, and if the bond passes, some people will be paying more than $1,000 more a year. I just don't understand this at all. Now how fair is this?

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Sep-15-13 7:13 AM

i would guess 125,000,000 would be the bottom line if it's a typical govt contract. we need to pass it if we are going to maintain our place as the highest taxed city in ND.

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