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Stimulus spending effects

September 16, 2013

President Barack Obama likes to boast that trillions of dollars in “stimulus” spending of various types has put more Americans back to work. It has not....

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Sep-18-13 11:03 AM

To say the stimulus did not create jobs is to defy all economic logic. It is to suggest we should let our economy and country collapse. is that what republicans wanted?

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Sep-17-13 10:37 PM

Our ruling

A variety of blogs reprinted an item indicating that Warren Buffett recently said "Scrap Obamacare and Start All Over." However, the comments came from an interview in 2010, when the health care bill was still being debated, and are not based on the subsequent three and a half years of seeing the law implemented. If anything, comments by Buffett in 2012 suggest that he’s pleased to see the law being put into effect, despite the shortcomings he sees. The notion that Buffett had recently turned on a president he supported by souring on his signature health care law could have been easily debunked using Google searches. We rate the claim Pants on Fire. Politifacts

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Sep-17-13 7:02 PM

If it were fools who voted for Obama--what were those who voted for Bush II? Sycophants? Duped? It is much harder to fix an economy than destroy one. MDN supported Bush II. Now they criticise the one left with the mess. The lesson here is if you despise a poor economy; don't vote for another rich or silver spoon republican. Nixon, Reagan and Bush II all showed us their expertise at economic destruction.

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Sep-17-13 9:07 AM

If you do not think stimulous creates jobs then businesses should stop ringing the cash registers. While the Pres. tries to get more jobs here; The Romneyesqus's are thying to get more moved overseas. How can we afford $3.74 gas if the econ is so bad. unemployment is high but rather than criticise those who favor overseas business, you slam the guy who is trying to help us. Our economy would be in the if sewer if romney had won.

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Sep-17-13 8:39 AM

Pretty in black-n-white, eh, RR?

Nothing wrong whatsoever in what any Democrat does at any time?

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Sep-16-13 10:55 PM

If I remember correctly he was busy with stimulous and resistance to it. But i will give you those 2 years if you give me what the reds have done about unemployment since 2008. I saw your first answer on bengazi talk news.

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Sep-16-13 9:40 PM

You must be suggesting the Bush economy was better. Instead of Obama bashing how about asking what the republicans are doing about it--the "job creators". Instead of doing something they fight every idea of improvement. Their guys are stuffing their bank accounts--why would they want change? It is more important to watch what people do than to listen to what they (republicans) say. Our bunch in ND is too stagnant to spend the billions of oil and sales tax revenue.

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Sep-16-13 6:19 PM

The biggest laugh of all is that oblamer has spent 17 trillion dollars to grow the economy by 1 trillion dollars in 5 years. Larry Summers who was going be the next federal reserve chairman wanted to stop spending the 85 billion a month buying bonds and propping up the stock market. The jobs being created are part time thanks to obamacare. Now the unions don't want it, Congress and oblamer exempted themselves and their staff from it. Progressives whined and complained endlessly about "trickle down" economics till oblamer started doing it. There really is no other way to explain giving bankers and the 1 per cent that oblamer whined about during his 2012 campaign the bulk of the 17 trillion dollars. I'm so glad the "progressives" got what they wanted with oblamer and obamacare. How's that free obamaphone working for you?

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Sep-16-13 6:13 PM

Perhaps the editorial staff of the MDN should apply for a career in telemarketing or something quite similar that reflects their talent. The MDN is nothing more than a 3rd rate tabloid.

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Sep-16-13 9:47 AM

Maybe the MDN could report what austerity instead of stimulus has done to the economy in Greece?

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Sep-16-13 9:43 AM

MDN is just using Mad Libs for Obama editorials at this point. This is high comedy.

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Sep-16-13 9:35 AM

John Boehnor has a jobs bill. It has been in his desk for two years after it passed the Senate. But, why not obstruct. That is what the Republicans do best.

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Sep-16-13 6:12 AM

To bad the Minot Daily doesn't bother to check facts. The stimulus gave the economic bump it was projected to give, but we were further down that we had thought. Where we are isn't that great, unless you figure that we were projected to be at about 40% unemployment and plunged into a world wide depression. Where we are is pretty great compared to that. Good thing that Bush got the first round of stimulus going. It seems the real complaint of the MDN is the White House doesn't talk gloom and doom everyday like the people the MDN listens to. Well, you do not want to scare people and make the economy worse like the Republicans are doing daily. A lot of getting the economy really going is people having the confidence to do the things that move the economy forward. So we see things like record automobile sales and of course the administration talks of how good this is. The MDN can't stand to really report good things like this and so complains when their depression is not fed.

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