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Feds should enforce all the laws

September 9, 2013

Marijuana is illegal under federal law. Yet Attorney General Eric Holder has decided not to interfere in any way with two states where recreational use of the drug has become permissible....

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Sep-11-13 2:15 PM

I 100% agree with Legend

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Sep-10-13 12:29 PM

If the Fed must uphold all of the Fed laws, like Roe V Wade, and the Health Care Act; then all of the states must abide by those Federal laws! So ND is in violation of the Federal Law and the Gov. and the State Legislature should be jailed in a Federal Pen. for their illegal anti-abortion legislation then. Correct?

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Sep-10-13 8:53 AM

Federal rules make marijuana the same classification as ******. Why it cannot be changed yet is strange.

Regarding prosecuting federal law in States Like Colorado or CA is that if the person pleads not guilty then it has to go to a jury trial, and the Feds have tried that and never once won a case when going before a jury so they know it is fruitless to waste time and money on it.

The inconvenient truth for the Obama haters is they want and tout State rights and despise federal intervention but only when it is convenient to their own beliefs. Very transparent that.

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Sep-09-13 7:36 PM

The prohibition of alcohol by the fed gov proved to be an exercise in futility.

Al Capone was the first US businessman to 'earn' over 100 million dollars in a year.

Crime pays when you prohibit substances, doesn't matter if it is tobacco, alcohol, pot or any of the other products that are consumed by humans.

Besides, the pharmaceutical companies distribute many drugs that cause much harm to the lives of people and billions are spent on drugs for people to feel better. Plenty of aches and pains a body goes through, so people use substances to alleviate pain. Didn't Vioxx by Merck cause many deaths? How about Prozac? Doesn't have a negative influence on a person's psyche?

Eric Holder is doing the right thing, the fed gov doesn't.

Obomba wants to bomb Syria, which is illegal, a potential war crime, but it doesn't matter, the fed gov thinks it's ok, so it's more war.

Better to ignore those laws, it pays bucco bucks.

What a bunch of hypocrites in gov.

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Sep-09-13 12:44 PM

No matter how anyone spins it, the principle remains.

The executive branch of the government, including the office of Attorney General, is to uphold existing law.

It doesn't seem that hard, no matter how excusing or pragmatic everyone wants to be, especially in the marijuana circumstance.

MDN could've also said the same thing about upholding current immigration law. Same principle applies.

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Sep-09-13 12:29 PM

I am surprised the MDN would support a Federal stand against State's Rights? That used to be a GOP platform. I guess that plank must have rotted away with all those "old white folks".

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Sep-09-13 11:36 AM

Living in one of the "enlightened" marijuana states will show that it has nothing to do with "compassion" but everything to do with money and getting young kids on drugs. There was supposed to be an age limit of 21, yet it's not enforced. Anybody can go to a "clinic" and for $150 get a "medical" card. Several months ago a group of users went to the state capital to protest that they didn't know their "dope" would be taxed and it was "unfair" Typical Low information Obama voters Nothing but a charade and scam to legalize drugs

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Sep-09-13 10:58 AM

Boy I hate that when you type one thing and the computer autocorrects it to the incorrect word. Of course you write, you don't right.

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Sep-09-13 10:57 AM

Inherent in the entire legal system is law enforcement picking and choosing. Let's say law enforcement decides to ticket every car in Minot going even 1 mile over the limit, doesn't work. Remember when the Minot council wanted to ban the electric cars in town because they couldn't go over the limit? They expect you to speed.

Same thing works with other laws. It's unfortunate in some ways but also necessary. You can't right a perfect law and there needs to be flex. Even things like mandatories don't work. Let's say you pass a DUI law where first time offenders would get a 20 year jail sentence. What would happen? Convictions would go way, way down, even if no less drinking and driving.

How many laws with the editorial board of the MDN break today? How would they feel if they were enforced.

Just another case where the board can't get past their hatred of Obama and wants to never miss a day of criticism.

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Sep-09-13 9:46 AM

Some states have a larger number of compassionate people than other states is what medical use under compassion laws shows us.

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