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MSU responds to player arrests

September 4, 2013

Minot State University linebacker Jesse ....

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Sep-20-13 3:35 PM

your playing right into the hands of social paranoia with your all or nothing attitude. Obviously the Minot PD share your same sentiments and when the facts come out im sure none of your hang first ask questions later attitude will of changed. Did police see the violation and" seized" or did they receive a phone call of "suspected" drug use and rode roughshod attempting to force commendations out of what would be a routine citation. The coaches stance on the situation offers some light on his view. As for the articles, even they are irresponsible in this day and age. Good luck Minot, you obviously had a black eye way before this incident and im willing to bet the farm once the backrounds of these officers are scrutinized publicly that michael jackson will be proud of their moonwalk. If you have time and im talking to the writers of this paper you would notice that the MinotPD is distancing themselves from the murder charge in saying "after speaking with Pro

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Sep-06-13 11:06 AM

So is it possible for the players to not play football and go to college anyway?

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Sep-06-13 3:32 AM

@ ChasinND, Since when does kicking kids out of school put education first? Ili is in hot water, and rightfully so. However, lets not forget that kicking the other guys off the team and out of school is just going to create jobless pot smokers. Yes punish them, (drug tests, community work, suspension from games but required to attend practice, etc.) but give them the opportunity to turn things around.

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Sep-05-13 2:33 PM

WA Post cont...

"As you can see, a huge chunk of this money –almost 70 percent—went to support students and colleges. (To his credit, [Lamar] Alexander, a former Education Secretary, noted that some of the money went to Pell grants and deficit reduction.) So what does he mean by “overcharging”?

"Alexander spokesman Jim Jeffries said the senator’s statement hinges on the $8.7 billion directed to the health care law. “

"'Alexander was trying to make a point, an apples-to-apples comparison at the time,' Jefferies said. 'If the president and then-Democratic Congress were going to take over the student-loan system to eliminate profits to banks that were ‘overcharging’ students, then the government ought not overcharge students to pay for Obamacare; instead, Alexander argued, it ought to lower interest rates by roughly the $8.7 billion used to fund Obamacare.'"

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Sep-05-13 2:30 PM

From WA Post 7-17-13

"When the health-care law was passed in 2010, Democrats slipped in massive changes to student-loan programs, essentially cutting banks out of the business. In the official score of the health-care bill by the Congressional Budget Office, ending federal guarantees for federal loans and replacing them with direct loans made by the Education Department would yield $58 billion between 2010 and 2019.

"All federal money is fungible, but with such a large pot of money suddenly (theoretically) available, Congress wanted to spend it on other things. Here’s the breakdown of where the money went:

"$36 billion on increases in Pell college grants for low-income students.

"$10.3 billion for deficit reduction.

"$8.7 billion to support the health care law.

"$3 billion for historically black colleges and minority-serving institutions...."

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Sep-05-13 2:29 PM

From The Telegraph PolitiFactNH 6-4-12

"The government’s Reconciliation Act of 2010 was not a takeover, but rather an elimination of a federal student loan program the government had used since 1965. Private companies are still involved in servicing the direct loan program and private lenders can still make their own student loans without a government subsidy.

"The government does borrow in the 2.8 percent ballpark and loans money to students at 6.8 percent but the difference is not a profit; it helps compensate for the unanticipated losses inherent with any loan. Finally, the money saved in the Reconciliation Act of 2010, not “profits” from the direct loans, is used to fund elements of the Affordable Care Act."

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Sep-04-13 9:53 PM

The guy beat the crap out of a cop that was trying to detain him. Since when is that ok? The guy deserves jail time for this behavior. Plain and simple!

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Sep-04-13 8:43 PM

Sounds more like steroid abuse than marijuana.

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Sep-04-13 6:21 PM

This kid deserves whatever punishment the legal system can hand down. This isn't big time college sports. These kids aren't going pro in anything besides whatever their degree may be in. MSU athletics isn't the stepping stone to anything bigger. If you think D2 is anywhere near D1, you're crazy. If you think D2 schools pamper athletes, you're crazy. Don't go overboard as this isn't Alabama or Texas A&M. This is a huge black eye for Minot State, but most student athletes on campus do the right thing, get good grades, and help in our community. I feel sorry for them in all of this.

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Sep-04-13 3:40 PM

Leftwing, Yes,College is a privilege but it also a right for all kids to have the chance to attend if they so wish. The key word is "Kids" not drug users, pushers or thugs. And as far as them not being on school property, They represent the image of Money Sucking University, Alumni and the beaver supporters, but that OK if you want that image but I sure don't and I bet there is a lot of other people don't want that image. If you support these thugs, you must be a musk-RAT not a true Beaver.

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Sep-04-13 3:29 PM

@leftwing. Of course anyone can go to college if they can pay the bills or qualify for some program that pays for it or helps pay for it.They can get a job or the parents can chip in. With only 23% off those tested meeting all the benchmarks to actually succeed in college I question fiscally, whether everyone who wants to go should if they are using taxpayer funded programs. I am not on a high cloud, the accused are. If the NCAA and its affiliate schools like MSU are not going to put anything in place but lip service about drugs then maybe those actually paying the bills should. You do understand that the government gets all the money that is uses for Pell grants and student loans from the taxpayer do you not, and the interest goes to fund Obamacare?

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Sep-04-13 1:06 PM

We certainly do not want to hold the athletes to a high standard of living. I mean, they are so stressed with practice, schedules, and classes if they attend any. Athletes deserve special privileges such as lawbreaking. We certainly can not expect anything good from them, except winning football games.

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Sep-04-13 1:03 PM

@beaversupporter.. Let me get this straight for you...if they are getting pell grants this is taxpayer funded, if they are getting aid from the college this is state and federal funded all of which is taxpayer funded. If they were selected to receive sponsorship from alumni I highly doubt one of the prerequisites was drug user. It does not matter what hole you crawl in to smoke your weed it is illegal in all areas of North Dakota. I am sure when all aid is stripped from them they will not be able to afford to attend college after paying fines and taking substance abuse classes plus legal fees. College is not a right it is a privilege.

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Sep-04-13 12:33 PM

What Taxpayer dollars are being wasted? These young men do not receive one*****dollar from taxpayers. They pay for 95% of the cost of their education with a little assistance from a booster scholarship. So please tell me how tax payer money is being wasted. the four players who are not being charged with attempted murder have no reason to be kicked out of school. They did not smoke or get caught on school property, they were not using school property in anyway and they were on their own time. Yeah smoking marijuana is illegal and they are being held responsible by the legal system. Kicking them out of school makes no sense and does not even fit the crime. They will be punished and have shame with them for as long as they continue to let this define them, but they have a chance to make things right and I hope that they do.

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Sep-04-13 10:46 AM

Funny that the NCAA has a drug policy that all these guys were aware of and signed off on.The school could not be held liable,so the only answer is that they tolerate drug use and abuse by their players.Taxpayer dollars are used to give Scholarships to these players. One of these players has a post on Facebook, to this day, complaining of weed being shorted by his dealer....he uses the N word in every post he writes. He does not have values that go with the citizens of the state that are paying for his education through their tax dollars.One of the guys arrested was a Criminal Justice Major,the ultimate hypocrisy.MSU is just like NDSU except NDSU actually recruits criminals with talent. These coaches need to grow a pair and treat these kids the same way they would if they were the parents of these delinquents.They need drug counseling, they need anger management,they need to be punished as they have brought shame on the family.Maybe we need real men coaching, not just yes men!

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Sep-04-13 10:17 AM

"MSU responds to player arrests" is just so full of ********. (1) Rudolph said "they won't play Saturday," He should have said: All 5 players are off the team and no longer on the roster and dismissed from the team.(2)MSU, AD Rick Hedberg expressed hope that it doesn't reflect on the entire athletic department. Well it does to all sports and the MSU as well. My god, are you guys so blind to what happed? This made the front page on the Washington Post. Man what get publicity for the MSU, The City of Minot, and the State. All MSU supported sports students should have to do DRUG TESTS, period. You get caught you pay the price, Your booted out of school. Education 1st, sports 2nd.

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