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Obama flouting the law

August 26, 2013

Among the most serious energy-related challenges facing the United States is what to do with waste generated at nuclear power plants, health care facilities and other users of radioactive material....

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Aug-27-13 11:46 AM

Isn't this an interesting circumstance?

If it's the "law of the land" why isn't it being implemented?

Because it's Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's state?

Because Pres. Obama has seen fit to only implement the favorable parts of certain laws? (Obamacare & federal immigration are two examples.)

Because it's a Democrat administration and whatever they do is deemed Democrats?

Where are the "law of the land" accusers now? Should we pick and choose which laws we want to obey?

Apparently we can, under the current administration. It's a science, not fiction.

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Aug-27-13 11:50 AM

Maybe we need HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius as Nuclear Regulatory Commission chief....

"This is no longer a political debate. This is what we call the law."

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Aug-27-13 12:32 PM

You should read up on the situation before you regurgitate and bloviate on the talking points. This disagreement has been going on for years and years. It will continue to go on because they (Nevada) does not want it. It is basically all of the legislators of Nevada. It really is an interesting read. Check out New Mexico's take on it.

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Aug-27-13 11:39 PM

Regurgitate (verb):

1. to vomit forth (partially digested food)

2. to bring back to the mouth (undigested or partly digested food with which to feed the young)

3. (intr) to be cast up or out, esp from the mouth

4. (intr) Med (of blood) to flow backwards, in a direction opposite to the normal one, esp through a defective heart valve

Bloviate (verb):

To discourse at length in a pompous or boastful manner

I must be verrrry talented to be able to do both these activities at once.

Thanks, centerish, for the "kind" words, as always.

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Aug-28-13 6:59 AM

Good one loco, This is probably the first time you have presented "facts" in your comments.

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Aug-28-13 2:18 PM

So it is now a centerish-certified fact that I AM verrry talented?

Your "kindness" knows no bounds, I'm sure.

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Aug-29-13 10:01 AM

Now hold on loco, I just said you made a factual statement for once. Don't go getting all starry eyed and claiming to be talented. That is stretching it just a bit. I will have you know that I am in the running for the kindest blogger of the month award. So there.

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Aug-30-13 9:26 AM

centerish, I'll support your starry-eyed bid for that blogger of the month thingy, but only if it's rendered as such...

"Kindest" Blogger of the Month

Warning: I haven't had my coffee yet, but TGIF.

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Aug-30-13 11:03 AM

What, 9:26 am and no coffee?? What is going on. Come on over and I will brew a cup or two for you. The month is almost over and then I can go back to my normal self and not worry about Kindest blogger of the month stuff. Thank goodness it is the 30th.

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Aug-30-13 6:03 PM

I'm just one busy woman, centerish. My feet hit the floor running on this almost last day of the month.

Yeah, I'll have to agree with you on that Monthly Blogger thingy. It's way too much pressure, isn't it.

And thanks for the offer of a cup or two of java. Very nice. I did get my quota in earlier and am having a good afternoon, even though it's a little hot outside.

Fabulous Friday :-)

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