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Obamacare: The law of the land

August 24, 2013

State legislators from throughout the nation recently heard a stern lecture from Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebeliu....

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Aug-27-13 10:55 AM

I think we're approaching a day when TRUTH is in the eye of the beholder.

Here's another way of phrasing it...

Everyone will do what is right in his or her own eyes.

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Aug-26-13 7:23 PM

There's some more of that first-rate hyperbole, Veritas. Too bad most of it is horsefeathers.

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Aug-26-13 5:15 PM

"Over 565 Million dollars spent by the GOP to turn ACA into a politically disastrous outcome merely for political gain at the cost of lives..."

Your use of hyperbole cracks me up, Veritas. According to Democrats/liberals, which "lives" are worth the cost of fully implementing ACA? Everyone's?

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Aug-26-13 5:04 PM

"When will we just get government out of our lives?" What an inane comment. I'm always amazed that the people who continually demand less government in our lives are almost always the very same people who demand Roe v Wade be overturned and have no problem subsidizing big business. The Republican party loves to cry for less government. Unless, of course,that government intervention is benefiting them.

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Aug-25-13 12:38 PM

Kind of interesting that the health insurance industry got some legs when businesses provided the funds to pay the premiums, then health insurance became too expensive and businesses were forced to have the employees pay a percentage and now businesses can't afford to pay the premiums and individuals are now forced to pay.

It is a great country... for billionaires and a health insurance industry that has a captured market that works against the individual.

In essence, you become a slave.

Americanists forcing americanism on americans. It is wrong.

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Aug-25-13 11:36 AM

An almost sane presentation by BDGI. I was almost stunned but not quite. You have to be kidding if you are blaming nurses salaries or military salaries for the increases in cost. (minimal at best) The medical costs come from pharmas overcharging and regulating the drug markets. It comes from hospitals duplicating services with competing hospitals. It comes from equipment companies overcharging to make huge profits. And, it comes from having to provide services to anyone who comes to the emergency services for help. The military corporations are the problem. Building things we don't need (like the 34 million dollar complex in Afghanistan that no one will go in) and charging exorbitant prices for things like hammers and toilet lids. The irrational comment on nurses slays me. If the patient load drops as you say, they lay off nurses. Is that so tough to understand?

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Aug-25-13 11:25 AM

Yep, lets have a national vote on those items, leftwing. So the propaganda does not go on forever, lets vote in 30 days. A vote on Gun registration, a vote on assault rifles, a vote on gun clip size, a vote on women's right to choose, a vote on equal pay, a vote on the minimum wage, a vote on not allowing political parties to gerrymander voting districts, a vote on term limits, and a vote on campaign contributions/lobby reform. How about one more: All media presentations/programs must be factual and truthful or be subject to personal litigation. I am sure that we can find some more but, lets start with this.

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Aug-25-13 9:59 AM

Which employees qualify for health care insurance at the Minot Daily News?

While I hope nothing bad happens to anyone working for this illustrious organization -- I certainly don't want to continue funding your employees through the EMERGENCY ROOM LOOPHOLE.

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Aug-25-13 5:30 AM

The easiest, simplest way to solve the problem of Obamacare and who wants it is to have a national referendum. Allow all of the voting populace to decide, not just the representatives who don't represent the people whatsoever.

Have a vote. Do you want ACA or not?

Vote yea or nay. Not a hard problem to solve.

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Aug-25-13 12:40 AM

Whatever, I will keep my own insurance. He, the President, Promised.

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Aug-24-13 10:53 PM

Wow, loco, you continue to dazzle us with your factual presentations. Yes, the majority of the people wanted a revision of health care and health care for those who did not have it. It was not until you wingers spent upwards of a half a billion dollars to spread garbage. And, you believe it and help spread it. Oh, and there were almost 400 insertions or amendments put forth by the Republicans that were included in the bill. Oh, and there was a debate on the bill that was televised for almost ten hours. Oh, and yes, there were Republicans there. So, the Republicans have stonewalled the bill from the start. Now , lets talk about the Republican alternative to the health care bill. Ok. You first, loco, bring up the first option from the REpublican health care program. The only reason they are spending so much to repeal it to protect their contributors, the heath industry, Pharmas, and medical corporation. You got nothing again. Loco.

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Aug-24-13 9:45 PM

Thanks for this newest tax, ACA supporter, as the SCOTUS said it was a tax, after Pres. Obama said it wasn't a tax.

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Aug-24-13 9:45 PM

Marvin51, discussion on the ACA bill was NOT welcomed before the late night Senate vote or the House vote. It passed by partisan (the opposite of bi-partisan).

Tell me when the Democrat Obama administration has been willing to "work on" the bill to "improve" it. This has been an administration of "my way or the highway."

Always easiest to blame the "other party" but the ACA is all the Democrats' baby. Some liberals are saying "don't debate or repeal it, let it fail, because it won't" (such devotion to the ideal) while the administration is advertising its exchanges over the airwaves like crazy "even if you don't have insurance now."

raj is advertising, via reverse psychology. Even if I don't want to buy insurance, I'll be FORCED to. Certain folks believed in the ACA tenets, passed the bill and will now see what's in it.

Thanks for this newest tax, ACA supporter, as the SCOTUS said it was a tax, after Pres. Obama sa

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Aug-24-13 9:29 PM

"Before neocons bashed Obamacare, healthcare reform was wanted by the majority of the country."

I call Oscar Mayer on this statement.

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Aug-24-13 4:13 PM

Another editorial written by someone who knows nothing except they hate Obama. Obama is given the right under the law to grant temporary waivers. That's all that's been done. No violation of law. The pattern is complain until granted a waiver then complain about that. If one fourth the effort had been made to improve rather than destroy the law we would be well on the way to a much improved healthcare system.

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