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Shame on North Dakota

July 28, 2013

Don Feller, Portland, Ore. Having been born and educated for 16 years in North Dakota, I am stunned by the drastic turn of attitudes by the electorate of North Dakota....

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Jul-28-13 7:43 AM

we're glad you left.... you belong on the left coast..

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Jul-28-13 3:08 PM

It amazes me how someone who has NO interest in living in this state LOVE to tell this state what to do. ND laws don't have a thing to do with Oregon, so perhaps the idiots who live in Oregone should mind their own*******business.

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Jul-28-13 6:11 PM

I know many pro-choice people Dustoff3 but No pro-abortion. Most of those pro-choice people have no problem understanding the anti-choice position. In other words, we would NOT force YOU to have an abortion.Your intention is to force your opinion into law and take away choice.

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Jul-29-13 4:55 PM

Having been through Oregon twice in my life, I'm stunned whenever I hear news stories about this very progressive state. Stunned, I tell you.

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Jul-29-13 7:01 PM

Ver, you are so accepting of others!

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Jul-29-13 8:42 PM

billldoesntgetit,He is a race baiter and I suspect his mother is not proud of that.

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Jul-29-13 8:56 PM

billldoesntgetit Dirt under our feet is what they are..

Your a real piece of dirt and a dyed in the wool race baiter along with being a git which is rotter

Hateful racists and people like Obama who shove their beliefs and ignorance at everyone

deadmocratic women are controlled by their masters..

Both which are scheduled to go broke.. Dimwit..

Democarts should be renamed to Dimm-ocrats

You are the dimmest bulb in the place..

You idiots and your FREE!!!!!

God I cannot believe how dumb those people REALLY are..

But he crawls around down the back alleys like a thug,,,

Obama the jobkiller..

Obama the food stamp King..

Obama the Chicken who cannot enforce the Obamacare law he wrote..

Obama the failure..

Obama the fools fool..(libs love fools) (Libs relate to stupid on a daily basis)

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Jul-29-13 9:02 PM

so now there is a rule for minimum posts to have the 'right' to post? Vera, you are so accepting of all points of view. Kills you that you don't set the rules, doesn't it! hee heeheeheeheehehe

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Jul-30-13 2:07 AM

willgarr, having the right to control the reproductive organs includes saying no to sex in the first place, it includes using birth control, and it includes women as well as men!

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Jul-30-13 7:13 AM

and happily, we're glad you're gone ! please stay in your new miserable home. if it's so great out there, why are we seeing OR license plates here with people looking for work? you libs run out of jobs or looking for new welfare benefits?

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Jul-30-13 9:13 AM

"Can anyone find a post from billldoesntgetit that is constructive,diplomatic, perhaps a little civil, tolerant or reflecting any positive position that might be generally accepted...We'll see if that same context will be tolerated from the other perspective...Game on!"

"Who are you disgusted? And when was your last post besides the 7:01 comment? Hardly a secret multipersonalitypostinggoingon so who cares what YOU say disgusted or whoever..."

"Kills you disgusting that you're having to look at yourself in the mirror doesn't it...HeeHeeHeeHeeHawonYou"

Game on indeed.

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Jul-30-13 10:26 PM

Veritas, take a breath. I will be in Oregon in a week or so. Last time I was there, there was a Parade. Maybe I'll even get to see the gays, people who hate coal, people who hate oil, people who want more money, people who want free health care, people who want us to make drugs legal, people who want abortions on demand and paid for, the dang parade went on forever. My only words, "what the h*ll". Grow UP.

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Jul-30-13 11:26 PM

North Dakota is not that poor. You can make a good living, if you choose. Stats are what you make of them and how you want to use them. Your a Druggie, a drug, an abuser, an user of the system, I and apparently you know the system. Oh pity me, oh , oh , oh. I have had users of dogs knocking on my window for money for them. I am part of the humane society, don't give me that, unless you will give up your dog. Same as children and same as welfare. Figures don't lie, but liars, can figure. Simple as that. Just depends which way you want it to go.

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Jul-31-13 12:48 AM

I suppose BGDT has the numbers on the jobs numbers. Let me see: Hundreds of thousands???? Tens of thousands??? Or maybe just thousands... So, who is closer to the number? Right wingers like BGDI??? They must have the number. So, how about the company that is building the pipeline... Well, what say you, fancy pants, how many are there??? How about 5,000 or so for the actual building of the pipeline.... for maybe three years... How does that sound? Now, all these inspectors to manage the that figure is around 50 or so. But, the potential damage to the US is amazing as Louisana is showing us with their lawsuits against the pipeline companies. Did you over look that?

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Jul-31-13 12:50 AM

So, Hoeven is bought and paid for. The line does not cross into ND. We will be producing over a million BPD by the time this tragedy will be finished. But, ND is supposed to get maybe 50,000 BPD to add to the totals. Ya right...Hoeven has been bought off just like big oil buys all congressmen especially REpublicans.

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Jul-31-13 9:51 AM

Because voting for what you believe is right for unborn children is so barbaric. It's pretty simple, if you don't want a baby, don't get pregnant. Very, very simple. If you don't want to be fat, don't eat so much. If you're too stupid to realize these things, then lets use Obamacare to sterilize rather than abort.

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Jul-31-13 11:15 AM

Gosh, billwillneverevereverevergetit, doesn't population come into this equation some where, or you don't use it because it doesn't fit your mentality. Oregon, with nearly four million people vs ND with 672,000. ND is a welfare state and that is a fact.

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Jul-31-13 12:49 PM

Gosh, half/dim wit , I did not even mention per capita. I just gave you figures on population. Gosh, you are slow. Oh, and the 20,000 jobs is incorrect. Obviously you never do research. The company states that it is around 5000 jobs for about three years. As they figure it, that is 15000+ jobs as each year is figured separate by the pipeline company. You wingers want so badly to build it up. As to the residual jobs in ND... almost NONE. The only residual will be food, drink, gas, and misc for the workers in the states where the pipeline is constructed. You are drunk on fox news garbage.

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Jul-31-13 12:54 PM

"TransCanada CEO Russ Girling said Friday that the 13,000 figure was “one person, one year,” meaning that if the construction jobs lasted two years, the number of people employed in each of the two years would be 6,500. That brings the company’s number closer to the State Department’s" Then, later it was found that the 6500 figure was also inflated. Oh, and by the way, the residual effects they listed included dancers, Choreographers, and speech therapist. Ha ha

Read more: ***********care2****/causes/transcanada-admits-it-lied-about-keystone-xl-jobs.html#ixzz2adulnQQF

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Jul-31-13 6:16 PM

Veritas Jul-30-13 7:24 PM

If something was even said in this post, I've decided to address it anyway. Call it my act of charity for today.

washingtonpost . com/blogs/fact-checker/post/president-obamas-low-ball-estimate-for-keystone-xl-jobs/2013/07/29/

Great article. Did we all know that Cornell University is against the Keystone XL project?

"Ordinarily, we would expect the president to cite an estimate from his own State Department, rather than a think tank opposed to the project. (Note to President Obama: When researching such matters, reporters generally look askance at estimates produced by advocates or foes of a particular issue.)"

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Jul-31-13 6:34 PM

"How many jobs did oil create in North Dakota??? Just asking.. How many INDIRECT jobs did oil create in North Dakota??? Just asking???"

"You think these construction crews are not going to need food clothing and shelter along this 1900 miles? You think the construction equipment won't need repairs fuel ect.."

BDGI has this one right. Just ask any "economic development" guru in NW ND if their "estimates" were correct about this oil boom/construction boom/investors boom/people boom.

Real Life vs. Cubicle Study

I think the estimates might be small, what with the rest of the national economy still sluggish.

This latest work opportunity could be called "The Pot At The End Of The Keystone Rainbow" instead of "The Pot At The End Of The Bakken Rainbow."

Who knows how many little towns along the pipeline route will change, just like ND's small towns, maybe for the better?

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Aug-01-13 2:26 AM

Factual, yes, Hateful-- that is all yours, BDGI. You spread your hate all over the blog. I am still wondering what jobs or even residual jobs will be created in ND by the XL? Now, as to the residual on the XL out of states , you might want to do like the pipeline company and include dancers, hookers, etc. Well, well... 5000 jobs with a pipeline across the heartland carrying toxic chemical/tar sand crude. And, off it goes to china and we paid the price. You do zero research except from non-credible sources that fudge the facts all the time. What a loser you are.

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Aug-01-13 8:30 AM

Veritas, I'll defend any buffoon's right to say what he/she wants. As this is an MDN forum, their editor has the ultimate authority to decide whose rants stay or go. Your game seems to be staying, as well as others in their diversity. Why are you moanin'?

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Aug-01-13 8:34 AM

centerish, next time you're researching (anything but right-wing) sources, don't forget to cite what President Obama's very own State Department said about the Keystone XL. Or did you get that 5000 jobs figure from them?

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Aug-01-13 12:27 PM

First of all, loco, you need to button up before your prove to everyone how little you know. I posted my source and it was the company that is going to build the pipeline. I assume that is not good enough for you because it is not what you heard on Fox or read from your right wing sources. The pipeline is a joke and bad for the US. Even British Columbia has told their own government not to put the pipeline across their province. But, we are going to run this garbage across our country. The Koch brother will make billions as will a foreign company, Dutch Shell. Oh, and don't forget the half owner of the refinery, Saudia Arabia. Good deal for them but not us.

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