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Pushing the law, no matter what

July 22, 2013

It will be easy for President Barack Obama and liberals in the Senate to overcome a House of Representatives challenge to part of the national health care law....

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Jul-31-13 11:08 PM

Minot Daily News Online:

the psychotic ramblings of beer guzzling, gun hugging racists.

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Jul-31-13 5:58 PM

Not to stay off topic (well, ok, I'm staying off topic), I googled "george zimmerman rescue true or false" and found many articles claiming that the story is false. Many of those articles' sites happen to be left of center.

I liked this one in particular because it mentioned Tom Wolfe.

hotair . com/archives/2013/07/22/stranger-than-fiction-george-zimmerman-emerges-from-hiding-to-rescue-victim-of-car-accident/

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Jul-30-13 8:57 AM

"Seriously, who and or what,where,when & how will the GOP pull it together?"

I didn't think Democrats have ever been interested in the well-being of their political opponents.

Or, maybe a declared GOP presidential candidate could jumpstart the Democrat presidential campaign for 2016?

In July. Of 2013. Voter fatigue, anyone?

It'd be nice if "working across the aisle" were true instead of an oft-stated talking point.

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Jul-29-13 4:01 PM

willgrr: "What difference does it make? You are a laughingstock!"

The question is Hillaryspeak. The next statement is pure willgrr.

I've recently worn a ponytail. I'm not 20, but I'm not 60 either.

Yeah, what difference does it make?

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Jul-29-13 8:13 AM

willgrr Jul-28-13 11:24 PM

Thanks for my first chuckle of the day, willgrr.


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Jul-26-13 10:54 PM

willgrr, I think the words "totally innocuous" don't describe either side of this playing field that much.

I have no idea why your one cited reference was removed.

But there have been other posts--from both sides--that were nothing close to innocuous, some that I had been able to see briefly before they were removed (I'm talking in the last few weeks).

Online editing is not a job I'd particularly like to have, especially when getting several emails & phone calls about decisions that are mine to make. Whether or not we agree with any call, it's the online editor's to make. It's the MDN forum, not a willgrr forum, not a locomotive forum.

Is online editing a job you would like, willgrr? Would you be able to appreciate the level of "attention" from diehard righties that you seem to be giving the MDN online editor? Naming you and providing a phone number to reach you always?

Ah, the information age..

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Jul-26-13 9:54 PM

So what exactly is a level playing field, liberals?

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Jul-26-13 9:52 PM

"This taken from Ornstein piece mentioned earlier...bear any resemblance to what you CONS think Obama does?"

A little resemblance to the 2009 Christmas Eve passage of AHCA.

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Jul-26-13 9:49 PM

Paul Krugman, the same one who suggested minting a trillion dollar coin? I really can't take much of what he says now very seriously.

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Jul-26-13 4:48 PM

I too think it is disgusting for the MDN editorial sensor to eliminate the last post from willgarr. It was a factual repeat of posts from right wingers that were not removed. They were not outside the criteria set forth by the MDN when we signed up. If you are going to express yourself by removing liberal comments, MDN sensor, sign on and show yourself instead of the underhanded method you currently are using. Willgarr should repost it.

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Jul-26-13 12:57 PM

This taken from Ornstein piece mentioned earlier...bear any resemblance to what you CONS think Obama does?

"The clear comparison is the Medicare prescription drug plan. When it passed Congress in 2003, Democrats had many reasons to be furious. The initial partnership between President Bush and Sen. Edward Kennedy had resulted in an admirably bipartisan bill—it passed the Senate with 74 votes. Republicans then pulled a bait and switch, taking out all of the provisions that Kennedy had put in to bring along Senate Democrats, jamming the resulting bill through the House in a three-hour late-night vote marathon that blatantly violated House rules and included something close to outright bribery on the House floor, and then passing the bill through the Senate with just 54 votes—while along the way excluding the duly elected conferees, Tom Daschle (the Democratic leader!) and Jay Rockefeller, from the conference committee deliberations."

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Jul-26-13 11:26 AM

This from Paul Krugman's opinion piece today:

"Over all, then, health reform will help millions of Americans who were previously either too sick or too poor to get the coverage they needed, and also offer a great deal of reassurance to millions more who currently have insurance but fear losing it; it will provide these benefits at the expense of a much smaller number of other Americans, mostly the very well off. It is, if you like, a plan to comfort the afflicted while (slightly) afflicting the comfortable."

Whaaat bill? There are two of you?

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Jul-26-13 10:04 AM

After viewing the last 20-25 posts by the far right bloggers, I am amazed to see the anger and continued wild accusations of these individuals posts. I am also amazed at the extreme level of hatred put forth by two or three of the posters. Their hatred extends to individuals on the blogs as well as anyone associated with views that are considered liberal. I also am amazed that the MDN reviewers allow such behavior as well as allowing one blogger to try to dominate the blogs with a blizzard of innocuous posts. The country was built on the free flow of ideas and the exchange of views in a civilized manner. As Willgarr has shown with just a few excerpts of their posts, the civility of the blogs has been allowed to digress by the editorial reviewers lack of quality supervision.

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Jul-26-13 12:23 AM

So tell me The Rugby Reader, are you still taking the Little women out back and cuffin them? No one can see that way.

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Jul-26-13 12:14 AM

That was a true story. I will not forget as long as I live, my husband coming home and telling me that. He was at the home and told me, the little wife would not quit talking or serving something, the husband got up and grab her by the arm. And came back in and said, "sometimes ya just hafe to take em out back and cuff em. I have never been so angry at my husband than that time, but he didn't know what he should do.35 years ago.

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Jul-25-13 10:16 PM

TheRugbyReader, you forgot about the fat lady. By the way, are they still beating their wives in your area. Or are they allowed to speak their minds now?

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Jul-25-13 8:52 PM

Article recommendation for all you Cons and the sensible, right thinking guys here too: National Journal story by Norm Ornstein today "The Unprecedented—and Contemptible—Attempts to Sabotage Obamacare". It's a beauty.

Oh by golly, I just noticed a comment by that pillar of civil discourse "Billdoesntgetit" saying I am a name caller...I'm a sweetheart bill...I guess you bring the beast out in me.

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Jul-25-13 2:56 PM

Racism is the snobbery of the poor.

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Jul-24-13 10:28 PM

And they should just quit lying about "phony scandals".

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Jul-24-13 10:13 PM

And maybe when he does a speech, he could get the fat lady out of the picture, or demand she loses 100 lbs.

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Jul-24-13 10:00 PM

Center, that is no newsflash to me. You want no smoking in the United States. And then you punish people who try an do their best to quit. The only thing you can do after that is outlaw nicotine, but let everyone smoke marijuana and not a dang thing wrong with that. You want all the little girls to get morning after pill on demand or abortions, whenever. Their parents don't need to know or be told. And I am so sick of watching Obama listening to himself talk..

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Jul-24-13 3:22 PM

Got a news flash for you Missy. Nicotine gum or related materials in the blood stream is rated as smoker/nicotine rates with ALL life insurance policies and ALL health insurance plans currently. No change. Get it. Got it.

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Jul-24-13 2:14 PM

As soon as your President signs up on his own plan, so will I. Until then this plan is garbage. rajii, it also punishes the person that quit or is trying to quit smoking. Nicotine gum equals smoking on the Obama plan.

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Jul-24-13 2:09 PM

So, missy, no plan is better? Well, I would sign up too , just as soon as your republican party puts for the their alternative plan and Hoevin, Boehnor, and McConnell sign up for it. By the way, how is that alternative plan coming?

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Jul-24-13 2:00 PM

Yep, Missy It wipes out the credit. Don't know what to say, it's hard to reward smoking.

Oh, I think I figured out why a post of mine was deleted. It's not for call Bill an delusional old coot, which is completely accurate, it's for mentioning Slim Pickens in Dr Strangelove riding a thing that planes drop and that go boom (can I say boom?). Yeah, that's got to be it. Like never ever mention that thing in an airport...oh man! Like some words you just can't say let's call it the "b" word...(can I say "b"?)

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