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Prioritize education

July 21, 2013

Sherry Heilmann, Minot For years I have worked in early childhood education. For years my colleagues and I have received a well-below national average salary....

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Jul-26-13 9:03 AM

The HeadStart program began in 1965, and today many of those children are now the political and civic leaders in Detroit. How well is that cradle to grave nanny state system working?

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Jul-26-13 7:24 AM

"With a congress that has obstructed our governmental process for years, a racism and hatred bent right wing media, and absolutely no direction from your side..."

All this depends upon a certain perspective.

Is the right 100% correct 100% of the time? The short answer is no. But bloviating (interesting word) can be done just as well by the left. Ditto that for name-calling.

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Jul-26-13 6:41 AM

Bill Gates has 80 billion dollars. Warren Buffett has 39 billion dollars.

All North Dakota has is 1.6 billion dollars and it's not that much compared to what Bill and Warren have.

Ask Bill Gates or Warren Buffett for some money, they have plenty.

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Jul-25-13 7:57 PM

Personally I think the Government should open Food Stamp stores and that would be the ONLY place these people could buy their groceries.. Then let Michelle Obama pick the foods you can eat and put them in these Government stores..

About 70% of the people would all of a sudden drop out of the program if they had to eat decent healthy food..

Funny how that would fix the problem isnt it.. And those folks who get the stamps could take turns working in the stores for their free food..

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Jul-25-13 7:53 PM

Centerfield Hope4 is correct. Obama swore up and down Detroit would never go broke. Seems Mr Idiot doesn't have a clue about anything.

Detroit has been under the leadership of DEadMOrats for the past 50 thats FIFTY years and see how they destroyed what was once the RICHEST City in the world.

Now Obama is doing the same to America. We use to be the richest nation.. Not anymore Obama has spent 6 TRILLION dollars since he took office..

For every job Obama claims to have created two more people enrolled in the food stamp program.. One step forward and two steps back.. Thats the Obama two step folks.. he dances to a different tune than the rest of us do.

Guess its that Rap beat that has him acting like the fool he is..

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Jul-25-13 5:25 PM

Regurgitate the right wing conspiracy theories and lies, changie. You talk about someone who shoots his mouth off with false information and hatred, you are completely lacking in common sense, intelligence, and reasonable thinking. Why don't you lay the facts on the table if you have them. With a congress that has obstructed our governmental process for years, a racism and hatred bent right wing media, and absolutely no direction from your side, you still bloviate. Come on, changie, tell us all the facts and forget your false charges. Oh, that is right. False charges are all you have. Sad.

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Jul-25-13 11:26 AM

Gee changie, did not the republicans help for wall street/banks almost bankrupt our country. Didn't the republicans say they could handle the economy better? Better than what? Complete destruction by the obstructionist Republican party? Yep, you sure have it right... It is wonderful to have such an intelligent Republican winger on board....not.

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Jul-24-13 6:26 PM

Let me see, libs were in charge in Washington in the 90's and the budget was doing well. Republicans got in charge with Bush and the boys and the economy trashed...Yep, changie, you sure got that economy thingy working.

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Jul-23-13 6:07 AM

so i suppose the only solution would be to raise our already insane property taxes once again? then if we raise city employee wages again, will that mean the potholes, etc will finally get fixed? it seems the majority of our tax dollars to go wages and benefits and if anything is left over, maybe fix a pothole or two. i'm tired of paying for public employees that retire in their early 50's, thanks to the taxpayer.

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Jul-22-13 1:14 AM

Sorry. I'm just not willing to pay higher taxes for higher teacher salaries. They do just fine. They knew the wages were not get rich type when they decided to teach. And as for oil money? That needs to go towards fixing the infrastructure its wore out. After that we will see.

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Jul-22-13 1:11 AM


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Jul-21-13 8:50 AM

Minot teachers teach an average of 186 days a year. The average non salary job is $51,545 for those 186 days.

The salary jobs in the district have an average salary of $53,371 dollars for 186 days worked.

The Regular worker works 260 days a year with maybe 10 to 15 of those days paid vacation..

Teachers besides the wages also get to use sick days and vacation days.

Wages are relevant when you consider the number of days a teacher works..

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