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Company rules out second Wal-Mart store

July 4, 2013

A second location for a North Hill Wal-Mart store isn’t being sought at this time, according to an official statement by the Wal-Mart corporation Wednesday....

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Jul-05-13 1:35 PM

And FYI no stink was raised about the development behind Green Acres because not all appropriate parties were legally notified and the way they went about it they were addition the hearing was at 10:30 p.m. at legal is that? nothing was constant in the hearing of the land in SW Minot over the that's why there wasn't stink......

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Jul-05-13 1:33 PM

In addition, it seems nobody sticks up for SW Minot and they have to pay out of their pockets what developers do to them....shame on the City of Minot.....

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Jul-05-13 12:28 PM

The city of Minot and the people running it have about as much common sense as a teenager when it comes to growth and planning of Minot. All the places they could have put Erik Ramstad and they chose a location next to a chemical facility, in which they had already previousily approved all the permits for said facility then decided no...we are going to rescind those from BH, how did that work out?? BH kept their facility and Minot still put the school there. Green Acres is another fine point, in another 10 years, they will be surrounded by retail on all sides, and yet the City had no problem issuing multiple commerical and residential(apartments) permits, and no stink was raised. What reeally gets me though is the fact that Wal Mart basically did everything the city asked them to do, including remodeling their existing store to give it a newer look, changing their initial plans multiple times to placate whomever. Let South Minot fester, while the City continues to idle in park.

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Jul-05-13 12:00 PM

A lot of people forget that the building that houses MLT on North Hill once was Kmart north

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Jul-04-13 10:34 PM

I still say it's ******** about NW Minot! And it's all about the base 50 years ago with the county and the city doing a double annexation and having people from the base drive into town to do their shopping only to destroy themselves. In addition, now you destroy SW Minot and Green Acres who didn't complain about a shopping center in their backyards and getting traffic and so forth. In addition, where do you draw the line. Yes we better not see anybody who voted against it shopping in these areas in South Minot........

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Jul-04-13 1:53 PM

We'll see what happens next....what kind of support the new Market Place gets. As far as N.Bdwy you'd think it would be a natural but if you look at history, the problems and struggles the N. Bdwy Merchants had in the past? To me it will still take a brave man/investors to make that leap. ...

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Jul-04-13 12:35 PM

73 Hockey it is not all of us on North Hill, it is a select few. Those of us who were on North Hill during the flood know that something needs to be done and I agree that Broadway can't handle anymore traffic.

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Jul-04-13 12:31 PM

I agree that other businesses would follow if Walmart were to locate on North hill. It will be nice to have a marketplace but we need some competition, the prices are much higher than at Walmart. Why were the city councilmen worried about Walmart staffing their store but not Marketplace or White Drug?

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Jul-04-13 12:24 PM

Please stop comparing a second Kmart with a town of 25-30,000 people to a second "retail" store on North Hill with a population of near 45-50,000.

Enjoy the bottlenecked Broadway, overcrowded single store and enjoy driving through and around Green Acres all to save your sorry peace of mind on the other hill. Green Acres has been surrounded by Southgate crossing, the Original Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Hobby Lobby, Kohl's, and soon to be Panera Bread and Longhorn Steakhouse. They aren't griping like the whiners on North Hill. I say it again, after the flood, NORTH HILL WANTED THIS.

Give a Minoter 20 bucks and they would complain because it was all one dollar bills.

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Jul-04-13 12:01 PM

Nedragr, that k-mart closed what, 20 years ago? North Hill is ready for something. The new Marketplace will be nice, but it would have made no sense to put the Wal*Mart 2 blocks away from it. The perfect spot for it is along Broadway somewhere north of the airport, and they chose not to do that because it would cost them too much. Frankly, if this causes Costco to raise their eyebrows and jump on putting a second store in North Dakota, it would be better all around. Costco has better pricing, better products, and treat their employees like gold compared to Sam's Club or Wal*Mart. Costco has a corporate mentality of employee and customer before profit, and that is the antithesis of Wal*Mart. The last thing Minot should be doing at this point is "settling" for anything.

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Jul-04-13 11:53 AM

Leftwing..****pare S.Bdwy with N. Bdwy? The reason why 600 homes of been built is simple values, land looked way more affordableto outside sources than the high price asked to the South??

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Jul-04-13 11:04 AM

Bismarck's east bypass has traffic lights, it is still quicker than going through town. Drivers need to be responsible for watching traffic and signals. Walmart, the stores and restaurants that would have followed would have been a nice addition to North Hill and welcomed by many. Other homes have been built and the city expanded to them and around them. People adapt.

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Jul-04-13 10:47 AM

Viking....Kmart tried it once and couldn't make a go of it?? N. Hill is a dead zone.

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Jul-04-13 10:14 AM

We have allowed a few vocal people to make the decision for many. Would the same thing have happened if it was a Target or Kmart? A city council member said that the Wal-Mart would not bring more money to the city but I disagree. I personally will pick things up when I am in Bismarck instead of fighting the crowds at our Wal-Mart and I know many people that shop in Bottineau on the way home from the lake rather than shop in Minot. With this move we most likely have lost the chance to have a Sam's club and many will continue to go to Bismarck to stock up.

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Jul-04-13 8:00 AM

The community should be proud!! Lets continue to pile 5 bushels of apples in a 2 bushel basket. Lets just keep moving it South where it belongs. It's takes a brave man to invest $$ into a buisness on North Hill.

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Jul-04-13 5:28 AM

putting in a stoplight the bypass kinda defeats the purpose of a bypass. after what happened at the other stoplight, i think people would have been using residential streets instead. walmart has paid for the infrastucture for their stores in other cities/states. minot's taxes are insane now - we don't need to fund another private enterprise.

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Jul-04-13 2:47 AM

Come on sams club!

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Jul-04-13 1:34 AM

Figures. Way to go Minot! Now we can keep driving to the south end of town and continue to shop in the mess we call south Minot!I guess Minot isn't big enough to support a 2nd Wal-mart like Bismarck, Grand Forks and Fargo. They will probably give Williston the 2nd store instead. They could use it over there.

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