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Abortion response

July 7, 2013

Jerome Behm, Burlington I am writing to comment on the letter written by Kayla Schmidt which appeared in the June 23, 2013, issue of The Minot Daily News....

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Jul-07-13 9:36 AM

I just LOVE how these letters are written by men...Men who will NEVER HAVE TO MAKE THIS DECISION!!!

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Jul-07-13 11:29 AM

I feel I am happy that those also that don't own firearms are also allowed to have opinions on guns....just t i t for tat....

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Jul-07-13 11:34 AM

There should be no decision to make by a women. If you don't want to have a baby don't have sex. Unless you are raped, there should be no choice. Unless you are in danger of death from the pregnancy there should be no choice. It is murder in my opinion. I am not a man either.

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Jul-07-13 11:35 AM

Hey Jack....Did you know that men and WOMEN can own a gun?? hhmmm??? Did you also know that men CAN NEVER HAVE A BABY???? hhhmmm????

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Jul-07-13 11:37 AM

And that's great for you Curly...YOU can make that CHOICE for yourself....SO happy for you to make that CHOICE...BUT....Who are you to deny any other woman that CHOICE????

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Jul-07-13 11:49 AM

Last time I checked we live in a democracy....Not a DICK-tatorship

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Jul-07-13 12:17 PM

My name is Lori and as a woman am staunchly against abortion. So, don't give me this hogwash about only men are against it. I know many women who are against it. Last time I checked it wasn't just men marching on Washington to protest abortion or any other public demonstration protesting it. Women who say stupid things like icart 68 seem to forget that you need a man to make a baby and other than that aspect, don't want anything to do with the man once the unplanned pregnancy takes places. People like icart68 say "it's my body". First of all, it's not your body, it's the baby's body and two, since half of the child belongs to the father, I think he has a right to say what happens to that child. Why is it that the same people who want the government to stay out of the business of outlawing abortion are the same people who want the government involved in every other aspect of our lives?

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Jul-07-13 12:29 PM

Lori here again: A great leader once said, "Isn't it funny how those who are for abortion have already been born." And, icart68, you seem to be so big on CHOICE. Who are you to make the CHOICE that another life should live or die regardless of where it lives, in your womb or outside. You would deny someone to own a gun to protect their family, but you are all in favor of killing a helpless baby in the womb. Clearly, your morals are greatly skewed.

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Jul-07-13 12:51 PM

Curly1, spot-0n!

icart, we do not live in a democracy, we live in a republic

Lori, great thought processies going on in that head of yours.

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Jul-07-13 4:50 PM

Say Lori/Brian....Was that "great" leader Rick Perry??? One other thing...What about a woman who's raped...I can just suppose that you believe that it's a "Gift from God" or "A woman's body has a way to shut that whole thing down" or "Rape kits can clean a woman out" don't cha??

Do you think that a man who rapes a woman is considered a "FATHER", and deserves the "right" to those decisions for the woman? What about the father who molestes his 12 yr old daughter?? Does he have ANY RIGHTS????

Women like you who criticize other women or men who have other views than yourself, really prove what a hypocrite you really are.

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Jul-07-13 4:51 PM

A lot of anti-choicers who look down upon young mother but they don't approve of abortion so shouldn't they support the woman rather than being so critical? Pro-choicers are about more than abortion, its about supporting women and their reproductive rights so aren't we undermining our purpose by criticizing women with large families who are perfectly capable of caring for them?

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Jul-07-13 6:36 PM

Cart, so then most abortions happen as a result of rape or incest?

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Jul-08-13 10:21 AM

Rugby Reader the guy who goes off to War and kills innocent people under the guise of the US Marines then comes back and wished to support abortions to ease his own wrong doing.. AS he collects a Government check for the killings he did..

I still say take the DNA from these aborted fetuses and publish the sperm doners name along with a fine for causing a childs murder. ' Obvious to many of us the womb is not a safe house for many little ones.. Johnny or Penny or any other little child wishing a chance at life..

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Jul-08-13 10:23 AM

I suspect many abortion supporters on here are angry white men who are now paying child support for their irresponsible acts..

They wish to keep the door open for easy outs for the women they get pregnant

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Jul-08-13 10:32 AM

icart's CHOICE to abort leads to continued irresponsibility for men, not to mention further hard-heartedness for women.

billdoesnt, you've got a great point about DNA and holding a father responsible. Good on ya!

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Jul-09-13 10:48 PM

Re: Republic v Democracy

So from the 1830s, so from the founding or in the mid 1780s until the mid 1830s we referred to America as a Republic. From the 1830s until the modern era we referred to it as a democracy, but then when Joe McCarty came along he started, he and some of his advisors, and Karl Rove really got on this big time, said, "wait a minute, calling this a democracy sounds too much like the Democratic Party. We should call it a Republic because that sounds more like the Republican Party." And so the talking point on right wing radio has been, and Limbaugh's been pushing this for 20 years now, has been that we don't live in a democracy, we live in a republic, and that you shouldn't call it a democracy, it's a republic. And the reason why is because they like the word republic because it sounds like republican and they hate the word democracy because it sounds like democratic. Thom Hartmann

He like democratic republic

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Jul-10-13 1:44 AM

rajiihammr: I hate to burst your bubble but disgusted is correct, the United States of America is a Republic. Per Article 4 section 4 of the US Constitution: The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.

Since this letter is regarding abortion. As a woman I too am against the murder of an unborn child. Science has proven over and over that babies begin developing at conception not birth. Also women in their 20's have the majority of abortions and rape had nothing to do with the conception, just carelessness by both the man & the woman, after all to some abortion is the next best thing to contraceptives. If you are not ready to have a child then either use birth control or just say no to sex.

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Jul-10-13 10:10 AM

anonym, apparently you've not been paying attention to prior discussions about this topic. I'll fill you in, so that you can make some more "educated" comments on the subject.

Abortions are a direct result of our failure to provide our young men and women with an adequate supply of of free contraceptives. Additionally, abortions are so prevalent because we as a society are not doing enough to support these children after birth, were they to be born.

It's our fault people are killing their babies. I just thought you'd like to know, so that in the future you do not continue to place blame with those with whom in a rational world that blame would lie.

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Jul-10-13 10:13 AM

Raj. It's a Constitutional Republic. They used to teach this sort of thing in high school, well before anyone ever heard of Rush.

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Jul-10-13 10:33 PM

Great posts, anonym and angeR.

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Jul-11-13 12:59 AM

angeR69: I have been paying attention to every discussion regarding abortion, pro-choicer’s like to blame society for a woman’s choice not to demand the use of contreception. They disregard the fact that inexpensive contraceptives are available in any drugstore or discount store, but if it is not free it must not be accessible to everyone. Therefore it is societies fault, their inability to use common sense, that unprotected s e x can result in a baby. Or admit the fact it is a living, breathing, heart beating human being gestating in the woman’s womb until it is born, it is easier for them to call an unborn baby a collection of cells, as Jerome pointed out from the 06/23/13 letter by Kyla. The reality is all human beings born or unborn are a collection of cells and DNA. If the body is a privacy issue protected by the constitution, why does it only apply to girls/women & abortion? Perhaps a pro choicer would like to explain.

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Jul-11-13 7:40 AM

Well said, anonym.

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