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IRS clearly targeted groups

June 26, 2013

An Internal Revenue Service official in Washington now is admitting she knew of the agency’s discrimination against conservative groups seeking tax-exempt statu....

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Jul-03-13 9:29 AM

As always, Jack, you are the voice of the "looking forword" party, no matter what else they call themselves.

Have a great 4th

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Jun-30-13 6:15 PM

Veritas, I was very clearly told that certain Democrats prefer "Democratic party" and are almost insulted if I would say "Democrat party." So sometimes I choose to say both.

It's your view that "liberal guys tremble to the sound of a conservative woman's...view & or whatever's..." I really don't know what you mean by this. Slam? Probably.

"The Art of War" would be "The Art of Compromise" if written by a married man. Hmmm. Perhaps by a married liberal man.

Sorry, couldn't resist. :-)

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Jun-30-13 11:35 AM

Yep, and you would not admit to watching the actual legislative body show their colors in real time. Too bad you don't have the brass tacks to watch too. No wonder you have such a wharped view.

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Jun-30-13 8:29 AM

So says a partisan member of the Democrat or Democratic party.

Sure, I didn't see that one coming...

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Jun-29-13 10:52 PM

well, as we saw in the Texas legislature, there is no room for anyone except old white men in the Republican party. There actually is no republican party, it is just a bunch of old idiots trying to suppress anyone who does not look like them...

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Jun-29-13 9:11 PM

There's no room in the Democrat or Democratic party for conservative women.

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Jun-29-13 11:19 AM

I was kinda looking for the Names of all the people who pleaded the fifth? Could you list them?

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Jun-27-13 10:27 PM

From accountingweb article...

"A report from the Associated Press (AP) on June 27 casts possible doubt on the Democrat claim that "progressive groups faced the same extent of mistreatment as conservative organizations, dozens of which faced delays exceeding a year." The AP obtained a letter from George, which says the term "progressives" did appear on the IRS list of groups with potential problems, but no indication has been found that the applications from progressive groups were sidelined for additional scrutiny."

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Jun-27-13 10:26 PM

accountingweb . com/article/irs-scandal-shifts-focus-bone-watchdog/222010

Some quotes from this interesting article, posted today...

"At the suggestions of partisan misconduct, George's spokeswoman, Karen Kraushaar, responded with a flat rejection, reminding Congress that the inspector general doesn't come up with reasons to investigate on his own. TIGTA only investigates upon receiving requests from Congress. "'Our audit report answered the questions it was asked to address,' Kraushaar said. 'Other questions that are now being raised are the subject of additional review. . . . The inspector general for tax administration has made a mission of being even-handed and suggestions to the contrary are misplaced.'

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Jun-27-13 10:20 PM

Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration site includes this bio of J. Russell George...

"Following his nomination by President George W. Bush, the United States Senate confirmed J. Russell George in November 2004, as the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. Prior to assuming this role, Mr. George served as the Inspector General of the Corporation for National and Community Service, having been nominated to that position by President Bush and confirmed by the Senate in 2002."

There's more to the bio, but nowhere in it did I see the claim that Mr. George said he is a Republican or that somebody else said that he is a Republican.

Stretch it 'til it fits, centerish...

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Jun-27-13 10:11 PM

Yep, hypocrite Dusty, you are definitely getting your information from Fox sources. The head guy was appointed by Bushhhhhyyyhead and is a Republican. The Republican who authorized these directives was listed for the last two weeks by even Darrell Issa. You missed it? Boy, not keepin up but you are well paid. Now, what right wing site did you get your numbers from. Another non-issue that the hypocrite cannot let go of. You need to watch more Rachel. you might learn something... No, you won't.

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Jun-27-13 9:12 AM

The more IRS workers, the more the fifth is taken? Quite a column there...

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Jun-26-13 8:41 PM

If it's proven that IRS agents were deciding a group's eligibility for non-profit status solely through their own biases, I do think they should be let go.

Sorry, but that goes for hyper-rights as well as hyper-lefts. In the present saga, it looks as though IRS agents were either "following orders" or stalling applications based on their personal "biases" or philosophies about conservative organizations.

We all don't know exactly what the IRS agents were doing, but we can hope to know sometime. I said "hope," didn't I?

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Jun-26-13 2:47 PM

"Seems the IRS was doing their jobs but unfortunely some employees had their own bias's to contend with...And they should be fired!"

I can agree with this, Veritas.

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Jun-26-13 9:43 AM

The liberals would be in the "Progressive" groups, which were also targetted.

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