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Protecting our civil liberties

June 25, 2013

Basic freedoms — the ones cited in the Declaration of Independence and guaranteed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights — were given a lot of thought by our nation’s founders....

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Jun-25-13 5:44 AM

If the US gov no longer has any interest in protecting all individual rights and the Bill of Rights, it is a complete and utter failure, which it now is and should be replaced.

Read the Bill of Rights and you will find out that the US gov is unconstitutional and illegal.

The US gov is a rogue regime and needs to end.

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Jun-25-13 9:09 AM

The Declaration of Independence is a form of dissent. It rejected the British throne big time.

Jefferson would be hunted down by the US gov as it exists today.

Go and read what it says.

'Disobedience to tyrants is obedience to God' - Benjamin Franklin

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Jun-25-13 7:10 PM

Holy Crap....Did the MDN just state reasons for a "bigger Government"??? Has*****frozen over???

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Jun-26-13 9:30 AM

No, icart, the Vikings just won the Super Bowl.


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Jun-26-13 12:30 PM

Why would blackmail of any official be out of the realm of possibility in our day, billgitmo?

For centuries, civilizations all over have had to endure corruption in their governments, in their school systems, even in their religious leaders.

Human nature is what it is. Does it mean I believe the charge about Justice Roberts? No, it's not been proven. But to act like it wouldn't ever, ever happen is to deny being human.

As it stands, all of us citizens, agreeing or disagreeing with ACA's mandates, will be required to pay this "tax" too. Oh joy.

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Jun-26-13 3:47 PM

willgrr Jun-25-13 8:55 PM

"George Bush feeds Dick Cheney a new born baby every morning to the tune of $8000.00 at tax payers expense."

willgrr Jun-26-13 2:51 PM

"I never said conservatives eat babies. You are LYING again."

So to clarify, according to willgrr, it's only Bush/Cheney that would be guilty of such a thing and not conservatives at large.

Now I understand completely...

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Jun-26-13 4:18 PM

billgitmo, I was quoting willgrr.

Are you his clone?

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Jun-26-13 9:12 PM

willgrr, your brain's going to explode if you keep reading articles at that site.

Sorry, but I didn't find articles that represented any recent posts here at MDN.

Perhaps somebody will have to c/p at a decidedly lefty site in order to keep things "fair and balanced" coin a phrase.

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Jun-27-13 9:26 AM

willgrr, I'll clarify.

"Sorry, but I didn't find articles that represented any recent posts here at MDN."

That meant any recent posts {in the comments section} here at MDN. For instance, any comments about Justice Roberts or Pres. Bush & VP Cheney or Vince Flynn or Chicago operatives get the idea.

MDN itself is mild decaf compared to some of the hyperbole out there, liberal or conservative.

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