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The week that was

June 23, 2013

NO NEED TO CUT NUKES – President Barack Obama’s proposal to reduce the nation’s nuclear weapons stockpile quickly ran into opposition from some members of Congress, including North Dakota’s......

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Jun-23-13 8:09 AM

The US needs 10,000 nuclear weapons and Russia needs 15,000 nuclear weapons to protect the earth from complete annihilation.

If one nuclear bomb is targeted at a place like Mecca or Medina and is detonated, it will probably kill 300,000 people. Maybe even more!

300,000 x 10,000 nuclear bombs would kill 3 billion people. 15,000 Rusky nukes would kill 4.5 billion people. All of the humans on the planet would be DEAD!

It would be the greatest war crime in the history of the world.

Didn't Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev talk about nuclear arms reduction when they visited Iceland and shook hands?

What's the matter with that?

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Jun-23-13 3:25 PM

Yep, count on the congress to keep weapons systems that are obsolete. Grand Forks should be closed as should ellsworth/Great falls. Gutless politicians. Take the farm subsidies including the 60% of the premium for crop insurance, add in the 180 million for flood relief these past two years and more to come and all you right wingers can do is cry about cutting food stamps, snap programs, meals on wheels, etc. Shows how out of touch and heartless the minority Republican party really is.

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Jun-23-13 5:12 PM

farfarandawayleftfield to the core. Of course, it's always the other party's fault. That's the game, isn't it?

Poor Sen. Heitkamp. Any common sense she brought to this first Senate term will have to be done away with if she expects to remain a Democrat. I say this because of the Democrats' opinions here on MDN. Boy, were they mad about that guns vote...

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Jun-23-13 9:37 PM

That's a whole bunch you got out of centerish's post, Veritas. If I were to re-read it, I still wouldn't be able to see it, like you did.

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Jun-24-13 12:26 PM

Some are pretty touchy today.

Tread carefully, all...

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Jun-24-13 12:44 PM

Lets be defensive when you are on thin ice, loco. Maybe you could explain why those three air bases need to be kept open? Maybe not!! But, you would rather cut food stamps, meals on wheels, and child nutrition programs rather than close useless bases? What actually has Heidi done besides run for office already. I expected her to do what is right for all the people and not just to get back in office and pacify the winger-dingers. I also think Hoeven did well as governor and I actually voted for him as a man of principal. But, he too is running for office. I do give him credit for stepping up on the border issues and immigration. That is what I expected of him and others. But, where is that pesky jobs bill? Where is that end of sequestration bill? Farm bill? Any bill other than ending Obamacare(37times). None. A wingers legacy.

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Jun-24-13 1:54 PM

centerish, one fact that you fail to realize in your post is that I'm not running for anything. I don't have to parrot what you'd like to hear about bases staying open or about food stamps being cut.

The proposed cut was 2 billion (a very small fraction of the total farm bill) which didn't pass, BTW.

Your outrage is misplaced, as usual.

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Jun-25-13 12:35 AM

You know what, loco, that 2 billion wasn't much to whom? You or the people that need the food stamp program. Is the oil industry more in need of 40 billion dollars? As usual, you fall short of common sense and long on right wing attitude.

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Jun-25-13 9:23 AM

centerish, that number was right. 2 billion a year, for 10 years. We're in debt to our eyeballs, yet to you, the confirmed lefty, it's OK to refuse any cuts for a program that has little, if any, accountability.

MassLive 6-20-13

"The food-stamp program, called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, costs about $76 billion, serving nearly 1 out of every 7 people in the nation."

"The House farm bill sought to impose $20.5 billion in cuts over 10 years. The Democrat-controlled Senate approved a farm bill with $4 billion in food-stamp cuts over 10 years."

So can you be as equally outraged with the Democrat senators who helped to pass their version of the farm bill with 400 million in cuts to SNAP in a year?

Well, that's a different matter entirely, isn't it?

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Jun-25-13 6:02 PM

So, loco, what you posted tends to show that both sides were cutting the program, right? Well, I would take a 400 million dollar cut per year vs a 2 Billion dollar-that is Billion with a B- -- So you write as if you are very smart and that we should criticize the Senate for their cuts. Well, loco, there is a very large difference in the amounts. I don't know if you realized that. You must feel good about taking food away from those who actually need it. Good for you, loco... you are a true American.

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Jun-25-13 6:52 PM

centerish, you're preferring less cuts to more cuts, in the matter of food stamps, a program you support.

But I'm positive that you'd prefer more cuts to less cuts in an area of government that you don't support, such as defense.

Six of one, half dozen of another

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Jun-25-13 9:31 PM

And how many expenditures in the military have been abused/miss spent/lost and how many people went hungry because of it. You have no argument so why do you continue to make a fool of yourself?

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Jun-29-13 9:46 PM

Yes, centerish, there is NO abuse, fraud, mishandling of food stamp funds, is there?

Of course not...

Look at any government program and you'll find waste and abuse.

That's not a real newsflash either.

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