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Protecting personal freedoms

June 18, 2013

Virtually every time a totalitarian regime has subjugated its own people, the process began by warning them dire consequences would result if the government was not permitted to take small steps to......

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Jun-18-13 2:44 PM

I like this Veritas guy. Good arguments with references to back them up. Doesn't go with "Virtually every time a totalitarian regime has subjugated its own people..." A-hem, MDN fearmongers. Take note.

According to the NSA, appx 50 terror plots were thwarted since the implementation of PRISM. I'm ok with my Government developing a program to keep this country safe.

However, if 50 successful attacks had happened you can bet the MDN's editorial would read something like, "OBAMA! has done nothing to keep this country safe. It's a good thing we have our guns, pitchforks, torches, and religion to cling to!"

Theoretical, yes. Hypocritical, absolutely.

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Jun-18-13 8:49 PM

Is there a way to look back at the opinion pieces done in say 2006 in the MDN? And if we did what are the odds that the MDN used "Bush demands" in a reference to GW Bush?

Dustie---Kennedy cut taxes. Just enough to stimulate the economy, Reagan over did it and set us on the road to unending deficits.

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Jun-18-13 9:01 PM

Rajiihammer- looked for the exact same thing today. My intent was to dig up inconsistencies in their editorial stances, but then I realized I have much better things to do than research my chosen topic of discussion. Who needs an educated position when I can simply spout partisan BS....waaaaait a second....that's like most of these editorials and polls!

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Jun-18-13 11:34 PM

"He who would trade liberty for security, deserves neither liberty nor security" Benjamin Franklin 'nuff said.

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Jun-19-13 9:15 AM

"Perhaps the New World came about when someone could carry a bomb the size of a small backpack that had the potential to not only kill 2 Million people in an hour...but render that place uninhabital for many years to come..."

Spoken like a true Bushie...or maybe Dick Cheney. Always looking for an excuse.

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Jun-19-13 6:52 PM

DustOh---What's with this "little o" thing? Are you projecting again?

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Jun-19-13 6:59 PM

DustOh---Any business owner who reduces hiring because of a cost that he can pass along is a dunce and won't be in business long. And wait 'til the present employees find out he's such a tightwad, they'll look for a better boss. All of the businesses will be in the same boat, no more excuse making, compete.

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Jun-20-13 10:29 AM

What I'm seeing is a lot of finger-pointing at everything Republicans either actually or supposedly did, but no liberal willing to think about, much less point at, the possibility of their Democrat president's administration overstepping a line or two.

Some even say they're OK with PRISM (especially now). I'm not that OK with PRISM, then or now.

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Jun-20-13 10:40 AM

rahi....just to let you know....MDN had appointed me as the honorary comma moderator....and I am deeply sorry to inform you that you are dangerously close to using up your allotment of commas. And you are only 6 days into your comma allotment apply sparingly....

Over the allotment, rahi, and ALL comments that have a comma in them WILL be DELETED. "zero-tolerance".

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Jun-20-13 2:22 PM

Git yer pitchforks!

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Jun-20-13 10:33 PM

"It's spelled "Democratic" party."

willgrr, it's only an issue to the most partisan of partisan Democrats. Or Democratics, if you like that better.

And this was your issue of the day? Really...

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Jun-20-13 10:39 PM

leftwing, did your shift key get stuck?

I'd guess you probably wanted to yell.

That's real happy, isn't it?

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Jun-21-13 8:00 AM

willgrr, your Rush offense is stale, as well as the lemmings charge. Way overdone.

To be so sensitive over an adjective. Very thin-skinned Democrats out there...

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Jun-23-13 4:01 PM

16x willgrr? Really?

Wow, that post should really be relevant, but I couldn't see it at all.

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