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Lawmaker questions

June 16, 2013

Sedalia Mahlum, Bismarck The elected officials of North Dakota are entrusted with acting in my best interests, and those of all students....

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Jun-21-13 8:08 AM

Thanks, DustOff. You're always looking out for the little guy, aren't you?


Beautiful summer morning here in ND, with not even a breath of wind. Gorgeous!

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Jun-20-13 10:57 PM

"He who laughs last, probably didn't get the joke..."

matman, we say this about my sister, because really, she doesn't get any.


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Jun-20-13 10:56 PM

As far as being "maternal" in my post, I'll plead guilty, because I am "maternal" - old enough to have had children, old enough to have children Sedalia's age and older.

This isn't rocket science. Ms. Mahlum wrote a letter. The MDN allows comments on letters. I wrote a comment. Others wrote comments.

Why is my comment considered so outrageous? Because Veritas didn't agree with it?

Some feathers are easily ruffled, I guess.

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Jun-18-13 2:17 AM

Sedalia, you're breaking my heart.

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Jun-17-13 6:53 PM

Uh, Veritas, I never said "young and naive." You said the two words together.

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Jun-17-13 5:57 PM

"POOF"...There they go AGAIN!! Thanks MDN...You stay "CLASSY" too!!!

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Jun-17-13 3:30 PM

glad to see young people intersted in our country. I have children the same age and i truly believe they are the ones that will get this country fixed. They are growing up seeing the absolute dysfunction that is our 2 party system. By the same token I to had dreams of changing this country all by myself once upon a time. Then i grew up and starting making a living. Then I noticed the harder i worked and more money i made. the more that was taken to pay for programs for people that didn't work as hard. I hope we can teach our children to be fiscally conservative and maybe a little socially liberal.

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Jun-17-13 3:09 PM

"When will legislators put as much energy into supporting the child after it's born as they put into making sure the child is born?"

I don't know, perhaps when the lives of the children who are born are in as much danger of being legally snuffed out as those that aren't?

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Jun-17-13 10:40 AM

Thanks, disgusted, for polite words.

Thanks, icart, for remaining true to form.

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Jun-17-13 12:14 AM

Your envy is showing!

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Jun-16-13 10:49 PM

Way to stay CLASSY....Disgusted!!!!

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Jun-16-13 9:02 PM

You continue to show such class with your posts. You make the democrats proud, I am sure. Locomotive gave the writer some points to consider, contemplate and defend. Challenging positions creates growth.

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Jun-16-13 5:43 PM

"Our Legislature has become so hugely unbalanced that it's hard to imagine what would happen if Democrats and Republicans had equal say in the way our great state is run."

Politics 101 - The majority party is the majority party. It's a hard truth.

Diplomacy 101 - There were several proposals and bills that both Democrats and Republicans worked on together in the recent session. It's unfortunate Ms. Mahlum wasn't able to look past the more sensational issues to see that process happening.

Citizenship 101 - How does one live in a state where one's viewpoint might be in the minority? Should one be respectful or patronizing while trying to win others to one's causes?

14 is a young age to determine one's political outlook. Nevertheless, Ms. Mahlum has a few of the Democrat talking points down, in spite of her youth.

Perhaps a few more years need to go by before she's 100% sure of what she wants to be.

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Jun-16-13 1:07 PM

Boy, you got that right, Hope4Change.

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