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Ugly truths about Minot

June 9, 2013

Rob Port, Minot The controversy over a new Walmart in North Minot has, unfortunately, uncovered a couple of ugly truths about our community....

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Jun-13-13 11:06 PM

Moen didn't bat an eye for the building of a huger shopping center in SW Minot and was all for it.....where was our voice? I am sorry, at least Wal-Mart had open communication throughout the process.....have you really gone out to oil country and really see who is living in the fields in the middle of the mud? It's harsh reality for people trying to live the American dream as for Wal-Mart, ever go to the South? there is one almost every corner if not at least 15 to 20 minutes away from each other plus why not competition? You should also get pissy at Ryan buying out all of the car dealerships as well.....and for Cashwise they aren't bringing in higher wages and MarketPlace gives back to the community! And finally Menards didn't give back to the flood they just took flood victims money and local......

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Jun-12-13 4:05 PM

Y'know, maybe we should be like the Chinese government and buy American-made America, right?

Fact: we live in a global economy.

Fact: we get to choose how to best spend our money to get what we want or need.

Fact: buying only American-made doesn't necessarily imply that one's patriotism is without question.

Bring on the capitalism!

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Jun-12-13 10:40 AM

You got that right.

The mayor's street is clean. City Council's streets are clean. The streets of the men who own and run the Minot Daily News are very clean and neat. No potholes there!

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Jun-11-13 6:37 PM

Maybe, just maybe if we get another "wall-world" then the city will be able to raise more tax money to fix the roads, let alone have a street sweeper clean them once in a while. This "dirt bag" town needs some serious cleaning. I sure the mayors street is always clean.

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Jun-11-13 2:17 PM

You knew what I meant smart***es.

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Jun-11-13 12:48 PM

w w w . madeinamericastore . com

Any other stupid questions?

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Jun-11-13 10:20 AM

willgarr, show me a business in this country that ISN'T 80% Chinese.

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Jun-11-13 12:54 AM

People that are familiar with Minot are going to use the back roads to get to the new Wal-mart. The problem I see living in that neighborhood is Sunset Blvd isn't made for the traffic that will come. Marketplace is not next to the Wal-mart location. 20th St that curves in to Sunset isn't like 16th or even are riding bikes up here, playing in front start whipping around here like others areas around town, it won't be the same. If you haven't been up here, come look around before saying it's this or that. Growth is great but seriously when are limits going to be looked at on the impact it will take on good old close neighborhoods? Fix the sewer system before adding more houses, apts, businesses so Minot can actually support the growth or maybe the roads so messed up to either you stay home or chance bottoming out uour car....but at least uou could save on gas with the holes on the car floors so you can use your feet. Yabba dabba doo

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Jun-10-13 3:49 PM

I do not get how people are saying "Walmart will ruin the neighborhood" because of traffic, crime, lights etc etc. Guess what, the Marketplace going up there is going to cause the same thing. I for one am a fan of having a Walmart on north hill. If you are concerned with their business practices, don't work there and don't buy from there. Simple as that. As far as them "costing taxpayers money" due to welfare; a E-4 in the US armed forces with a wife and a kid qualifies for WIC/Foodstamps etc etc. Do you want to shut down the armed forces too? I agree with "Disgusted" on their opinion. Walmart is a business, why should they be responsible for the flood? Yes, they make money, that is the nature of being a business. This town needs competition, as I am getting really sick of the monoply Marketplace has on groceries.

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Jun-10-13 1:44 PM

Yeah -- we should've gotten more FEMA funds. We don't get enough hand-outs from the feds.

More Free stuff!

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Jun-10-13 1:12 PM

"If Walmart were truly interested in Minot and the community, they would use their profits to help restore Minot's devastated residential areas that were flooded in 2011"

They could surely do better than the money the city got from FEMA. Remember the story of how THAT got p!ssed away?

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Jun-10-13 10:23 AM

Amy Moen pull your head out of your *%$+, you on the city council to help promote business. North Minot needs this business. If any of you folks think the oilfield business is here and not going to get bigger, you better go to Watford City, Williston, Stanley, or Sidney. It's just starting to move into Minot. It's people like Amy Moen that give Minot a black eye. It's fine for expansion is somebody's district but don't you touch mine. I'm utterly shocked and disappointed that you Amy Moen are against this. "What's good for the goose, is good for the gander!"

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Jun-10-13 9:37 AM

So what you are saying really is that it is not Wal-Mart costing each taxpayer 9 grand but every individual who chooses to accept a job paying "low wages". If no one applies for employment because of the "low wages" then naturally the wage will go up. Unless you are in Minot and the wages seem to be agreed upon by the "mafia".

So if I don't get paid well and recieve welfare, it's the employers fault?

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Jun-09-13 8:20 PM

share with all of us your data regarding Wal-Mart costing each taxpayer 9 grand.

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Jun-09-13 10:50 AM

It is not the responsibility of Wal-Mart or any other business to restore every flooded home. Besides, they gave Red Cross $125,000 in 2011. Back to Port's letter. He is spot on. The responsibility of a city government is to create a buisness friendly environment. Then market then decides what and who is coming. Giving market Place a run for their money is a good thing.

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Jun-09-13 10:13 AM

Ugly truths about Minot? Gimme a break. Sensationalism and accompanying nonsense.

Minot can pick and choose as it pleases and it is Walmart itself that wants to do the picking and choosing and run away with profits while feigning to help the community. If Walmart truly were interested in preserving a neighborhood, they wouldn't even be considering the location; however, it is there for a profit and that is that. They're basically running roughshod over a neighborhood and don't care one wit that they are. Apparently, nor do you. An ugly truth there for sure.

If Walmart were truly interested in Minot and the community, they would use their profits to help restore Minot's devastated residential areas that were flooded in 2011. I see very little progress regarding flooded homes that are beyond repair, but lots of progress in bending over backwards once again for Walmart.

Ugly truths about Walmart are out there too, just ignored.

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