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Obama's changing philosophy

June 8, 2013

President Barack Obama’s position on the terrorist attack last fall at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, is puzzling in the extreme. U.S....

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Jun-08-13 1:04 PM

where are the reports to back up this theory? After looking at many sources, none were found to state that the identities of the suspects are known. I doubt if the MDN is privy to CIA classified information. You fellas are too funny!

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Jun-09-13 5:50 PM

I would bet my bottom dollar that if Obama had R behind his name you goons would be demanding his head! Your posts speak of hilarity.

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Jun-09-13 7:30 PM

Your post proves my point. You believe that I blindly supported Bush. That is a false assumption.

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Jun-09-13 9:44 PM

I cannot top the first three posts to this article. Beautiful.

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Jun-09-13 11:29 PM

What do you have to say about the 304 that were killed during President Clinton's administration? There were not calls for investigations relating to the attacks then either.

The difference is President Obama and his administration repeatedly said the attacks were spontaneous because of the video and not a planned terrorist attack. Whereas under President Clinton & President Bush the attacks were called terrorist attacks. The investigation was call by both Republicans and Democrats on the House and Senate intelligence committees.

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Jun-10-13 7:47 AM

Rugbyreader.. You seem to know exactly what went down in Benghazi.. Why don't You tell us?

Answer all the unanswered questions that Obama cannot seem to answer.. Tell us who gave the stand down order... tell us where Obama was that night for many many hours with no contact..Why did he lie about it not being terror when he knew darn well it was just that... I guess its going to take another "leaker" to come forward and tell all about it because its darn sure Obama is not going to.

I think Obama got drunk and was not capable of comprehending what was happening and no one dared to cross him.. It WILL come out.. Time will bring forth people who know and they will spill their guts..

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Jun-10-13 7:49 AM

Obama is like the Bev Doolittle paintings.. Obama is not what he seems.. Many of us can see his hidden objectives..others just gaze at what he appears to be..

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Jun-10-13 9:14 AM

I hope Rugby agrees with me in saying that you cannot equate Obama's "changing philosophy" to that of lying. I feel both of us would just call that moving forword.

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Jun-10-13 10:04 AM

will, glad to amaze you, but FYI, Bush is no longer in office. Was I posting here when he was in office? NO. Did I agree with him? NO. But, her is NOT running the country now, and hasn't for 5 years. Obama remains in campaign mode. That, too, is in the past.

And Rugby Reader, I have berated you before for using the word 'retard'. At least try show a bit of adulthood and refrain from such language.

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Jun-10-13 10:11 AM

This newspaper has now aligned itself with terrorists like Najibullah Zazi.

You people better believe the U.S. is tracking all of MDN's phone calls and emails.

Treason will not be tolerated.

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Jun-10-13 10:52 AM

Yup Bill GIT We can see why yopu have a crush on him.. He is exactly like you.

rotter: a person who is deemed to be despicable or contemptible; "only a rotter would do that"; "kill the rat";...

Two peas in a pod Obama and GIT Obama

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Jun-10-13 4:32 PM

This is a sick farce.

None of these loud-mouthed hooples could point out Benghazi on a map . . . or even spell it.

Why all this fake outrage about Benghazi?

There's only one explanation for this absurd hatred of America's President and Commander-in-Chief:


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Jun-10-13 6:03 PM

Yes namexxx if we dislike Obama then by all means we must be raciest.. I mean how the heck could we ever have a thought or a plan of our own because God Almighty Obama is the Master in charge and we must all bow down and kiss his feet because he is black and we musty make him feel like he is special..

I guess he doesn't put his pants on like all the rest of us do.. He must crawl in from the bottom of the leg..because after all he is so special and so honored and so Godly..


So you hate white people huh namexxxd Bush was white and you hated him.. Are you a member of the blacks that hate the white group?????

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Jun-10-13 6:08 PM


Your so full of hope that all this stuff will go away.. Sorry lil buddy it ain't leaving. Obama will still be forced to answer and explain all the scandals he is involved in..

Just watch and see.. He is just beginning to feel the real heat coming his way..

What a legacy.. Killed people in Benghazi, has the IRS target political groups so he could win the election, had the DOH target the news people so he could get even with Fox and now Snowden has spilled the beans and made Obama look like a bigger fool then he already is..

Seems his parade is getting rained on day after day..Now boys don't forget to send Daddy Obama a fathersday card.. He needs all the love he can get. from his lil boys,...

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Jun-10-13 10:40 PM

notea4me.. Don't matter what color his skin is.. He cannot handle the job.

Go ahead and blame all his problems on his skin color but under the hair is suppose to be a brain.

I cannot help it if the guy is dumb.. His policies stink and you Dems know it as well as I do.. You use race to try to make him a hero.. he could be sky blue pink but he still is an extremely poor excuse of a President and he is NO Leader..

So you play the race card.. but it won't help the situation the country is facing.. Dumb is dumb and dumb is not a color.. Comprehend?

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Jun-10-13 10:53 PM

Will Its not what Obama has done.. Its what he hasn't done and what he claims he doesn't know..

He is trying to slip out of all the scandals by saying he knows nothing..

Either is is a liar or a fool or just plain dumb.. Take your pick.. he fits them all..

So Obama is in a Gay pride march huh? Guess I missed that one but it doesn't surprise me..

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Jun-11-13 8:39 AM

What would liberals complain about if Obama was all white instead of half white? What if he had been born with white skin instead of black skin? Would he have not been elected? Would we have not had to give him a pass on his stupidity and dumb decisions he makes?

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Jun-11-13 8:40 AM

Obama was the very first Prez ever elected on the color of his skin and not on his ability to lead the country..

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Jun-11-13 12:07 PM

Garr Any idea whats under a Ponies tail?????

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Jun-11-13 12:13 PM

Racism in Rugbys mind is any one who has an R after their politicaL PARTY.

Lets see if I can explain this in easy to understand English for Rugby who only has about 3 words in his vocabulary.

If you go to a horse sale (I have attended many) Do you walk in and buy the prettiest horse in the ring because it's an albino or a black beauty.. Or do you look at the pedigree and research the back ground to see if the horse you are bidding on is of a decent bloodline to be able to improve the quality of the horses you raise??

ANY dammmm fool knows you find out the background of your breeding stock. You just don't buy because its a pretty color and expect to improve your bloodlines..

Ignorance at its finest. Elect Obama because he is black and you want to prove a point..

Point Proven!!! He is not qualified to be the President of the United States.. but the dumb fumble and bumbled along behind him as he destroys America..

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Jun-11-13 12:14 PM

Rugby I bet you lose thousands of dollars at the race track betting on the prettiest car..or the pretties horse or picking one with an interesting name and never knowing anything about what it takes to win a race..

Can't believe what falls out of your ante military mouth.

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Jun-11-13 12:15 PM

You cannot fix dumb!!!!!

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Jun-11-13 12:47 PM

I can!

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Jun-11-13 2:30 PM

The racism is clearly evident.

When will this public newspaper put a stop to it?

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Jun-11-13 4:58 PM

So as usual Namexxx and Ruffbyreader Cannot figure it out.. Obama was voted in strictly on his color.. not on his qualifications..

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