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Obama’s legacy muddied

May 30, 2013

A politician can pull off only so many well-timed maneuvers before even his staunchest supporters must admit the efforts do not pass the smell tes....

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May-30-13 8:47 AM

Who cares if the Republicans are just as stupid, but not more, than the Democrats? Dumb and dumber at work with the blind leading the blind like it always is.

Obama is irrelevant. Corruption is part of the process. Lobbying efforts make money for the well=heeled and failure is not an option for the lobbyists, no matter who is in charge.

All the Minot Daily is doing is listing all of the faults that are inherent in the system, be it Bush, be it Obama.

Presidents are irrelevant, it is the system that needs to be addressed, the problems recognized and solutions presented. That is not going to happen with the business as usual.

Follow the money, not Obama.

Obama had a great opportunity to be a great president and he frittered it out the window.

These are the good old days.

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May-30-13 10:01 AM

Varicose Bush didn't crap on America..

Obama did!!!!!!

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May-30-13 10:03 AM

Excellent Article Minot Daily News!!!

Thanks for telling it like it is.. Now watch so Holder doesnt investigate your reporting..

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May-30-13 3:14 PM

Let's see now...various apologists ready with any and all attempts to deflect attention from the present administration's quagmire?


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May-30-13 5:10 PM

This newspaper's legacy is so muddied they'll soon have to use white ink.

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May-30-13 7:20 PM

Don't really understand the reference to underwear (again), but whatever floats the boat of "Veritas Sez," I suppose.

So it's Pres. Bush's fault that America is polarized? Really, that's convenient...

And it's Congress' fault that we're still in a mess? So what about the economic news of today, that things are looking up? Will Congress be getting the credit? Seriously doubt that...

What has the Republican Party done for me in the past five years? Now that I've had some time to think about it, I might say that the GOP has been one of the few obstacles to a style of government that this nation has not seen before. Legacy, indeed...

Sail on, compadres, sail on!

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May-31-13 12:45 AM

I just listened to Lenny or is it Lanny Davis. He blamed the CIA. Interesting. The same talking points you blame Bush. It's not Bushes fault.... It is you people, and you people alone. Your unhappy about your choices. This is your un- happiest with everything in your life. It is Bushes fault. Well I for one say this mess is Obama's Fault. His alone. He has been the President. Be happy, he is your President.

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May-31-13 5:37 AM

MHW May-30-13 11:06 PM

Is this what people mean when they say bring out the tin foil hats?

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May-31-13 5:39 AM

Missy, you're right. It's never the left's fault. Ever.

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May-31-13 10:42 AM

It has got to be a conspiracy, right hypocrite dusty. It is tightly woven group of underground liberals who are conspiring with the uber left wingers to steal the guns, take away your rights, and probably steal your car too.

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May-31-13 11:38 AM

Change the word from Chicago to Texas and you completely describe the Bush administration....

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May-31-13 7:31 PM

Veritas, he is your President. I have no respect for him, just the title.

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May-31-13 7:36 PM

And I didn't break any law voicing my opinion. Otherwise, you and your friends, would have been arrested a long time ago. Have a great evening.

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May-31-13 8:45 PM

The entire GOP is muddied -- just ask the GOP.

Bob Dole (you remember Bob Dole . . . your candidate for president) recently suggested you haters hang a sign on your front door:


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Jun-01-13 10:47 AM

"No, of course not. They will just blame the liberals. That's because everything is the liberals fault regardless of whose fault it actually is."

So the weight of any responsibility is not to a liberal's liking?

How would you like to be former President Bush, to bear all responsibility for this present administration's cares and woes?

Awful big shoulders he has, five years into retirement from his active presidency.

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Jun-02-13 7:13 AM

Buddy you're a boy make a big noise Playin' in the street, gonna be a big man some day, You got mud on yo' face You big disgrace, Kickin' your can all over the place....

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Jun-02-13 10:07 AM

"Don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows" Bob Dylan

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Jun-02-13 11:08 PM

I'm waiting for willgrr to find the photos he wants. Because if they exist, he'll surely find them.

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Jun-03-13 7:55 AM

willgrr, it seems counterproductive (at the least) to ask for photos of which you said "I'm quite sure they don't exist."

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Jun-03-13 8:47 AM

willgarr Bush didn't get a call about embassies under attack and then give the order to stand down as he disappeared for the night.. Came out the next day and told lies about it.

Had Bush had warnings or been notified the embassy was under attack he would have DONE SOMETHING>

Neglect of duty is about as low as the Commander and Chief can crawl on his yellow belly

But miost of us realize what a low down yellow belly we have in the White House..others forgive him but then when he causes the death of one of their kids they will say Its OK because Obama is God..and he can take lives as he sees fit..

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Jun-04-13 8:37 AM

DustOff3 fatigue how about locomotive fatigue Its about time we adhere to some facts...all this smoke is clouding the scenery.

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Jun-04-13 1:10 PM

Post the Bush photos then, willgrr, puppydog, or anyone else who has them.

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Jun-04-13 4:51 PM

Peter Ferrara, Forbes 10-25-12

"Yet there was our President Obama telling this mendacious fairy tale (the youtube video) to the entire world at the U.N. And there was U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice telling the American people the same concocted fairy tale. Typical Progressives, they were so certain that they could easily buffalo a majority of their countrymen, no smarter than the representative Homer Simpson.

"An incredulous IBD editorialized, 'How could emails be sent to the White House Situation Room in real time describing a terrorist attack on sovereign U.S. territory in which four Americans were killed as it happened, and as a drone flew overhead recording the truth of the carnage, and the President and Secretary of State insist that it was all about a video and there was no evidence to the contrary.'"

I guess this is all there is, willgrr.

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Jun-04-13 10:39 PM

No doubt in my mind the college kids are for Obama. Ever hang out with a bunch of them? They are for the free stuff.. They brag about their student finances and when the checks come they head for the Casino and blow it then live on top ramen for a month.. Obama is leading them on telling them he is going to forgive college loans.. in other words Obama says take it its your party away and let the working people pay the bill.. Any college kid milking the system would definitely vote for Obama.. So will all the stupid college kids who went out and got a degree.. ran up the student loans.. cant get a job and they want their loans to be forgiven as Obama is promising..

What these educated fools who are really dumber then dumb cannot seem to realize is that Obama's promises are nothing more then blatant lies. He took them to the cleaners and they still have not figured it out..

Great educated bunch of dumb fools!!!

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Jun-04-13 10:42 PM

Obmas hair is getting whiter and whiter.. Guess all his lies are catching up with him and he can no longer defend them..thanks to emails and paper trails.. Going to be a long HOT summer for Obama..

And then he still has to deal with the budget, wars and running the country as he battles the IRS, Benghazi, and the AP..

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