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The IRS' political targets

May 14, 2013

Last week, Internal Revenue Service officials insisted high-ranking leaders at the agency were not aware some conservative political groups were being harassed over tax matters....

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May-18-13 10:51 AM

Democrats...deflecting charges instead of creating jobs.

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May-18-13 10:50 AM

I can't believe Romney's name was used in your post, willgrr.

In May 2013. After the 2012 election. After he lost.

So he (or Bush or any other creature) will do as an excuse to deflect from the present administration?

Does the administration have something to hide? Or does it plan to stand behind all its actions?

Will the buck stop at President Obama's desk? Or will his cronies and blindly partisan supporters prevent him from accepting any responsibility for his administration?

It's never his fault, is it, willgrr?

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May-18-13 10:46 AM

"Republicans....creating scandals instead of jobs."

Convenient scapegoat, willgrr, instead of complaining about the lackluster performance of the current Democrats in charge.

Is the unemployment rate significantly lower than 8%? Uh, not yet. We're workin' on it.

willgrr. Unfailingly partisan. To the nth degree.

Thanks for being consistent.

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May-18-13 10:01 AM

"There has been an explosion of wing dingers claiming to be exempt from paying taxes."

willgrr, with the Citizens United decision, there's probably been an ample amount of defty lefties applying for corporate status, perhaps even non-profit status, as well, don't ya think?

Your assertion seemed a little thin, so I added to it.

Now if you have a source to prove that it's only right-wing interests that have been applying, provide it and I'll retract my assertion.

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May-17-13 3:42 PM

Fool me once, shame on you. fool me,,,errr fool me again.....ah, don't fool me twice.

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May-16-13 4:33 PM

First of all, with the lack of common sense from the Republicans, (36 votes to repeal without even a discussion of the jobs bill sent to them 14 months ago), you know nothing will happen... It is political theatre. If we don't repeal the supreme court decision to call corporations people, we wont have a chance to stop the proliferation of these fake groups. We have to throw the law out and if not, at a minimum, we must not keep their donors secret.

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May-16-13 2:45 PM

"Do I give a rip about any con group being denied? NO. Do I give a rip about a lib group being denied? NO."

I can agree with DustOff on this.

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May-16-13 12:49 PM

Now, Dusty, does Karl Rove's crossroads group meet the criteria as a non-political organization? Just wondering, since you skipped that question to go to Planned parenthood.

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May-16-13 10:03 AM

The only thing wrong is that all these so called charities should be tightly scrutinized by the IRS. Someone shouldn't be able to get a tax writeoff and be able to hide while funding political organizations.

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May-15-13 11:33 PM

North Dakota is one of the nation's biggest welfare queens. Spare us the faux outrage.

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May-15-13 9:24 PM

So, disty, that NCAAP thingy was just above board. Ya right. So, how many of the fake 403 applications to the fake non-political groups were denied? Were there any liberal applications denied? So, Karl Rove's group (crossroads) is non-political? Seems to me that you are as lacking in facts on this issue as you are on the rest. Oh, and after you paid your speeding ticket did you head up to Jordan to lead the movement of the freemen up there or did you just have a movement.

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May-15-13 9:13 AM

Congress - 5 years, "0" budgets.

Vetoed Budgets "0"

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May-15-13 3:16 AM

Congress finally has something to do.

Tax Reform - 0 Budget - 0

Partisanship - 10 Political partisanship - 10

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May-14-13 7:50 PM

DustOff, dare we say "oppressive government" which might apply if "somebody" was using a powerful arm of the government to intimidate people who have different ideas?

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May-14-13 7:18 PM

If the IRS has apologized for targeting conservative 501(c)4 applicants (Tea Party, Patriot, etc.), and if the IRS didn't target liberal 501(c)4 applicants (I don't know any, but I'm sure Veritas can find us some with his resources), I'd call it uneven. Not even close to fair and balanced governance.

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May-14-13 2:23 PM

You want a lie, dusty? Well, ok. Dusty is a very intelligent, thoughtful person who investigate everything from independent sources. Enough??? As to the Health care law, I don't represent to know the ins and outs of the law and therefore I blog on this point very discriminately. In fact, mostly not at all. But, all I see from you righties is completely unsubstantiated rhetoric that you get from your right wing sources. At least you could try to be a little factual.

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May-14-13 12:44 PM

Well, there is one more supposition that is out there. The right wing need to get more facts, their congressmen should stop being the party of no, and you guys should stop listening to Fox and rush and the boys. Almost all of you don't know what the health care plan is all about anyway. You just regurgitate the right wing lies. Pathetic.

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May-14-13 11:12 AM

It is now beyond any and all doubt or circumspection: Barack Obama is either the most sinister, deceitful, lying president in history...or frankly the most ignorant & disengaged. There is no in-between. Take your pick.

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May-14-13 7:17 AM

The IRS has been used in previous administrations against the NAACP and other more liberal groups. They are simply doing what they do which is picking low hanging fruit.

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May-14-13 6:26 AM

The messiah reminds me of Sgt Schultz from Hogan's Heroes. "I KNOW NOTHING!"

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