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What does future hold?

May 12, 2013

Taylor Brorby, Minneapolis The Minneapolis Star Tribune recently ran an article about a hot topic in my home state: the oil boom occurring in North Dakota....

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May-13-13 7:33 AM

Mr. Brorby, why do you live in Mlps where you need electricity, fuel etc to live? Why didn't you help save us by walking to Washington state and back instead of riding a fuel powered train? put your money where your mouth is, ie if you hate fuel don't use it, don't just harp about it.

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May-13-13 9:33 AM

I can't add a single thing more to subman's and Jack's posts.

Thumbs up!

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May-13-13 12:07 PM

Since these "progressive" loons haven't be able to stop "fracking" they attempt to insinuate that somehow this will "hurt the children and those "future generations" He'll fit in well in Seattle

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May-13-13 4:06 PM

Mr Brorby's sky fell and thumped him pretty good. The earth will heal itself like it always has or we wouldn't be here. What is being done in ND isn't new it's just new in ND, some of it anyway.

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May-13-13 6:13 PM

If people would just read from a plethora of first-person accounts about how things were in Europe before/during WWII, they'd receive a great education about abuses of government, loss of freedoms, hubris of human beings, inhumanities of war, and more.

Scholastic Books has several books (child or adult reading) from survivors of concentration camps. There are classics like "The Hiding Place" or "The Diary of Anne Frank" to read and learn from. Google will be your friend as you look for resources.

"What Does The Future Hold?" An old phrase comes to mind...

"Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

George Santayana

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May-14-13 6:42 AM

gosh taylor, i didn't realize how smart you really are. sadly, MN has you, not us. How's MN's economy, BTW ? MN is too worried about fred marrying frank to worry about jobs. govt supplies jobs, right ?

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May-15-13 10:12 PM

How will the land be forever changed, by the amount of skyscrapers and 4 lanes like the concrete city you live in?

Hope you and your husband/wife are happy there Taylor.

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May-18-13 10:21 AM

Right on partisan cue, NT4M.

A different Democrat couldn't have said it better.

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Jun-04-13 1:21 PM

"Well, after 8 years of Tim Pawlenty and a couple years of Tea Bag Republicans controlling the MN state legislature, it hasn't been all that good.

But, now that the Dems have taken over, it's starting to get better."

Really? Nobody I know would agree. Maybe you should come down here with we the little people and see if your pathetically partisan nonsense still holds up rather than hanging out in some mansion on Lake of the Isles with all of your high-society, brie-eating friends who presume to know what's best for everyone else.

Yes, why don't you do that?

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