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Shirvani's job review: Failure

May 10, 2013

What are we to make of an announcement Thursday that the State Board of Higher Education passed a resolution to conduct a job performance review of Chancellor Hamid Shirvani? Will Shirvani’s review......

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May-13-13 10:58 AM

Until you have worked on a daily basis with this beast and his hired thugs, you have no right to say he's not the problem. He may not be the ONLY problem and I can work for a boss who's not "nice," but this chancellor is dishonest, disrespectful, vindictive and a liar. No one in our state (students, employees, taxpayers) should be forced to suffer this fool.

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May-12-13 11:31 AM

oh, dear, on May 10th post, @ 9:42 it should have read, Bosses are not always nice, that doesn't mean they are NOT good.

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May-10-13 12:09 PM

I have never seen a published number of staff who actually voted, but I have been told that at MSU it was about 19 staff members. I would not call that representative of the feelings of all the staff.

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May-10-13 12:07 PM

A through housing cleaning is in order. Even after the all the money that was 'dumped' into the institutions, they again raised tuition. I would like to know if the members of the board who attended the dinner and social were herded into a separate room to discuss business, and if so, by whom. I would also like to know from whom the e-mails were initiated. Maybe the people will vote to change the entire structure. That would be good to remove the rottenness that has permeated the system, but I don't believe Shirvani is the rotten core.

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May-10-13 9:56 AM

If I am not mistaken, all of the colleges oppose Shirvani for his leadership or lack of leadership style. He should be fired if for nothing else than the violations of the open meeting laws. If they found numerous blatant examples of the law violations, imagine what else went on. He is the trained professional and knows better. He held the dinner parties, etc, and he was compliciant in the law violations. He goes now. The Board goes as well. The attorney who has publicly stated that the board did nothing wrong, should be fired and required to attend law school for review.

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May-10-13 9:42 AM

muleskinner, being accused of ruffling feathers is not a reason to fire the person. But, you are right,the guys in the east vehemently accused him of not being nice to the presidents. Well, he is their boss. Bosses are not always nice, that doesn't mean they are good.

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May-10-13 8:24 AM

Haven't Mr. Shirvani's efforts revealed a low graduation rate at North Dakota's 2 east side universities?

Or, are his findings skewed to present the image of low graduation rates and the 2 universities take issue with his work?

NDSU has a graduation rate in the 4 year program of 19.0 percent. For every 100 undergraduate students, 19 graduate after 4 years.

If the enrollment were to decrease by 75 percent to approximately 4500 students, graduation rates would no doubt increase.

The work required to increase the graduation rate by 3 fold would be greatly reduced.

Forbes has the information on graduation rates at NDSU.

It could be that Mr. Shirvani's work has exposed a flaw in the system and the powers that be at the universities don't like the light of day shining on their poor performances.

Ham Shirvani has ruffled the feathers of those muckity mucks in Fargo and Grand Forks and they don't like being exposed as frauds.

Is that why he has to go?

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May-10-13 4:52 AM

The problems with the higher ed system started well before Shirvani was hired. I am not defending nor condemning him. If heads are to roll, however, they need to start with the administrations of the instituitions such as Dickinson and NDSU. Shirvani was hired to clean up the system. He has been attacked by those from NDSU relentlessly. Are we interested in cleaning up the system or just go through chancellors yearly and ignore the infected wound within the system itself?

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