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Right idea, wrong strategy

May 6, 2013

Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, has the right idea but the wrong strategy....

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May-06-13 12:40 PM

leftwing: Reread the article, if you must. He just told you what strategy to use: Don't Bail Them Out. When you personally make an ignorant left-wing decision in your own life, I assume you are not bailed out, hopefully influencing the next time you want to make an ignorant left-wing decision. He's advocating the same for banks. It's obviously simple, to the point, and correct--good grief.

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May-07-13 10:17 AM

" customers should not have to pay more for insurance of the type Brown envisions. Instead, federal regulators should get over their "too big to fail" kick. Refusing to bail out one or two mega-banks would have a salutary effect on their peers."

I agree with these sentences, and I don't trust Buffett's "do as I say and not as I do" advice.

ComnSens, excellent post: "Don't Bail Them Out."

DustOff, excellent posts: "let bad businesses go..stay out of their way... tax payers money should not be used to bail out businesses..."

These points seem simple, yet to those who believe that gov't has a rightful place in helping businesses avoid their bad decisions, the points must seem complex.

Our gov't is very firmly entrenched, enmeshed, and entangled in almost every single aspect of the economy.

To be frank, not all governmental "business" decisions have been spot on.

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May-07-13 12:14 PM

bailing any business out with public money seems to be the exact opposite of what captilism is supposed to be.

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May-07-13 8:03 PM

The imbeciles in the state legislature who have the gall to call themselves Republicans, don't make me puke, had the wrong strategy, no doubt about it.

They forgot about North Dakota and North Dakotans, the stupid fools. Can't get much worse than President Obama? Think the dumbest representations of North Dakotans in the State Legislature who dare call themselves Republicans.

It's enough to choke an ox.

Wrong ideas, wrong people who are absolute idiots.

Republicans are fat pigs fat cats and fat heads.

Hey, North Dakota, have you ever seen such a motley crew?

No. Get these bums out of office. They might not be too big to fail, but they make a big stink. It smells bad.

Is there anyway we can send them to Siberia?

Banks are not too big to fail, don't kid yourself.

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May-07-13 8:31 PM

Number 1, I would have respected women's rights and respected the spirit of the legislature itself by not sullying the legislature with legislation that restricted women's right to choose.

That alone is enough to call them complete imbeciles.

Number 2, that actually too the time to waste the time on legislation restricting abortions and earmarking money to defend the legislation. Stupid fools.

Number 3, Their heads are in the clouds and any regard for the people of North Dakota went out the window.

They're the modern day garden variety of Republicans who really aren't capable of thinking at all. If the oil money weren't there, they would be begging for money.

They're imbeciles and stupid fools.

I wish they were real Republicans.

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May-07-13 8:37 PM

Edit, corrected typos:

Number 2, that they actually took the time to waste the time on legislation restricting abortions and earmarking money to defend the legislation. Stupid fools.

Number 3, they didn't have North Dakotans in any of their decisions.

Number 4, Jack is the Grinch who stole Christmas, not a governor.

Number 5, the Republicans had an agenda and agenda driven policy that does not serve the people of the State of North Dakota, just the money masters.

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