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Republican polices anti-life

April 28, 2013

With regard to the abortion issue in North Dakota, the Republican “pro-life” crowd says they passed new restrictions on abortion because they value human life....

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May-04-13 5:42 AM

First I want to say I am pro-life. Second, Republicans seem to always refer to the pass pointing out that they were the ones that propelled civil rights. Although this was true in the pass, times have changed and I think that kind of Republican is hard to fine. I agree that Republicans often use “family values” platform to get elected but do very little to ensure that families are able to provide stability for themselves especially the poor and working poor. They also use this made up idea that government is to intrusive in the lives of it citizens , when in fact it is the governments responsibility to ensure that our natural resources, food, highways, schools, public transportation, and consumer rights, and financial system are regulated for the protection of all. I also would like to say that pro-life means all life, anti-abortion is a better title for republicans, who could care less how people survive as long big business can continue to prey on our country.

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Apr-30-13 8:14 AM

abolition of Slavery. His "Cooper Union" speech in New York made the claim that Federal governments were limited in power to limit slavery in the territories. He then was nominated by the Republican Party, for the Presidential candidate, in July of 1860. He won the Presidential race, by electoral votes, but only gained a little more than 40% of the popular vote. On November 6, 1860, Lincoln was the President elect. Lincoln remained a member of the Republican Party until his untimely death, in April 1865, and winning a second term as President of the United States.

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Apr-30-13 8:13 AM

Abraham Lincoln was Republican, and the Republican Party's first US President. Shortly after he first entered politics, in 1832, Abraham Lincoln joined the newly formed Whig party, and remained a devoted member until 1852, shortly before the destruction of the party, in 1856 in which members became deeply divided over the issue of slavery. Before leaving the Whigs, he ran for a seat in the Illinois State Legislature, won but ended up declining to take the seat, because he wanted to run for Senator. He then left the Whigs, briefly joined the "Know Nothing Party", a fractioned Political Party, which steamed from the now defunct Whigs. In 1856, he joined the Republican Party, and was nominated by the party as the Senatorial candidate, in the 1858 race, for the Senate, opposing Democrat incumbent Stephan Douglas, the most powerful man in the Senate; Lincoln loses the race. In early 1860, he was invited by a faction of the New York Republicans to deliverer a speech on the aboliti

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Apr-30-13 7:51 AM

so which party started the civil war over owning slaves and fought tooth and naill against the civil rights act??? you guessed it the ever loving DEMOCRATS!!!!!!

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Apr-29-13 12:28 PM

Thanks, Hope 4 Change. and Matman, hatred is now defined as pointing out the rights of the homeless which includes public urinating in such as parks and sidewalks? really?

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Apr-29-13 7:00 AM

There are government programs for everything from conception to death, obviously people are in favor of what we have now or we wouldn't have it right? Give a man a fish and he can eat for a day,teach a man to fish and he can eat for a lifetime. That little saying means free stuff does nothing to improve peoples lives.

Anger69 summed it up pretty good... "Even if we were to assume every last one were true, from the standpoint of a child, having to put up with all that still beats being torn apart and sucked down a tube."

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Apr-28-13 11:54 PM

Pro War ... check Pro Gun... check Pro Pollution... Check Pro corporate profits... check Anti Children... check Anti Healthcare... Check Anti Milk... Check Hypocrites.. Check

Yeah, I'd say he has the talking points down, and managed to work all of them in.

Even if we were to assume every last one were true, from the standpoint of a child, having to put up with all that still beats being torn apart and sucked down a tube.

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Apr-28-13 10:37 PM

matman, I am disgusting because I wish I could be a democrat? dust-off, is my life in danger? Thanks for the rules of engagement.

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Apr-28-13 9:01 PM

Great posts, disgusted.

Muchos gracias, DustOff, for explaining the ground rules for us again. How could we ever be proper without you?


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Apr-28-13 7:57 PM

After doing some research, I find I was mistaken. The democrats show the greatest concern for humans and value their contributions. "Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco, framed Assembly Bill 5 as an attempt to create a statewide baseline of homeless civil rights. “Today numerous laws infringe on poor peoples’ ability to exist in public space.” "(f) The right to engage in life sustaining activities that must be carried out in public spaces because of homelessness, including, but not limited to, eating, congregating, possessing and storing personal property, urinating, or collecting and possessing goods for recycling." "“Public space” means any space that is predominantly within the public domain or that is held open to the public, including, but not limited to, plazas, courtyards, parking lots, sidewalks, public transportation, public buildings and parks." Wish I was a democrat.

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Apr-28-13 5:56 PM

it's high time people take responsibility for their actions... you have kids you pay for them... not murder them... don't expect everyone else to take care of them. only communists, nazi's and socialists insist on taking care of your kids... it was in the history books...

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Apr-28-13 10:21 AM

You really blew any hint of thinking when you wrote the now dead talking points of Obamacare. No one is talking about people dying without that great insurance. Insurance does NOT prevent death. It is a fact that people die everyday who have health insurance. EVERY DAY. Every person was given health care prior to Obamacare. The nearly 17,000 pages of regulations will do little to make health care cheaper. It has already caused increases in the cost of insurance and medical devices.

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Apr-28-13 10:11 AM

you of little knowledge, First the bill to provide a third cup of milk by noon was a ruse by the democrats to raise money for their party. Even two democrats from the legislature stood and apologized for the actions of their party members. Second, defining the value of human life is different between conservatives and liberals. The liberals believe that a person can not survive without the government. Conservatives believe in the creative mind of each individual and the industrious nature of each man, woman and child. People are far more creative and self sufficient when they are not regulated and controlled by rules made by a group of people several thousand miles away. Third, pro-war or anti war can be debated. Johnson was a real pro war kinda guy. Conservatives do believe in the Constitution and the thinking by the writers of the constitution. Federalist papers provide us with much of that thinking process.

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