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Murders, mental illness linked

April 28, 2013

A clear link exists between mental illness and many mass murders. Adam Lanza, the young man who massacred children and educators in Newtown, Conn., was known to have had some mental health problem....

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Apr-28-13 9:53 AM

What contorts a human mind to the extent such evil is possible? Can such a conversion be spotted and treated..

Just check the video games they played and the movies they watched..but better yet check their religious beliefs..

We have 2 types of madman.. The Muslim massacres and the mentally ill.

Two totally different sets of people but both with the intent to bring harm to others..

Our enemies now are as close as our neighbor..

Things will get worse not better.. The gun plans Obama pushes handle guns.. has nothing to do with mentally ill or terrorists..

So pass the law the killings continue.. Its so plain even a caveman can figure it out..but not Obama..

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Apr-28-13 11:52 AM

And the there's war...mental illness on a large scale or just evil?

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Apr-28-13 12:41 PM

So Rajjhammer I guess the Civil war that freed to slaves was evil according to you?

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Apr-28-13 3:51 PM

Dustoff. I suspect at the rate the country is going down the tubes and the lack of leadership we may at sometime in the next 40 years fight another war right here on our own soil amongst our own people.

At some point and time the Makers are going to get totally fed up with the takers and cut them off. Then all heck will break loose.

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Apr-28-13 4:14 PM

"Fire, heat linked"

Who was the first idiot to study mental illness? The first stupid fool to look into the abnormal psyche? The nut who came up with the ideas of id, libido, ego, super-ego and other nutty ideas about the various stages of the human psyche, that's who.

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Apr-28-13 8:42 PM

Veritas, your dreamworld only works if there is a person behind each gun that is going off.

Sounds like a crowded bed indeed.

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Apr-28-13 10:16 PM

Dustoff Our country cannot sustain the rate of spending that goes on in our Government.. The U.S. government has 15 different agencies overseeing food-safety laws, more than 20 separate programs to help the homeless and 80 programs for economic development. There are 82 federal programs to improve teacher quality; 80 to help disadvantaged people with transportation; 47 for job training and employment; and 56 to help people understand finances. 18 federal programs spent a combined $62.5 billion in 2008 on food and nutrition assistance, but there is little information about the efficacy of 11 of these programs because they haven’t been well studied. Five divisions within the Department of Transportation account for 100 different programs that fund things like highways, rail projects and safety programs.

Our country cannot continue to support all the redundant operations in the Government and we have a leader who does not know or does not care to combine these operations.

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Apr-28-13 10:21 PM

people are becoming very fed up with the Government. The Internet has allowed folks access to things they never would have found in a life time in prior years.

People are becoming more vocal about the Government and its forcing itself into our lives. Obamacare is becoming a huge burden on the country. Economic growth is not meeting expectations.. The GDP is not growing.. 5 Years with Obama in charge and the country is still stagnant. NEVER has America been at a stand still for such a length of time. Obamacare will only make things worse as is already reflected in private business practices. Everyone will be part time workers and need 2 jobs just to feed their families.. Sad situation.. Greece, Occupy Wall Street, California, all samples of what is coming to America in the not so far future..

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Apr-29-13 12:03 AM

Our 2 N.D. Senators agree that mentally ill Americans have the right to buy guns without a back ground check. Sorry willgarr for the copy, I just felt this was very well said.

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Apr-29-13 7:29 AM

If they are not born insane they claim insanity anyway and I agree they are. A Montana Judge supposedly had a murderer in front of him who pleaded insanity and the good Judge agreed yes murder is insane and sentenced him to death.

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Apr-29-13 9:33 AM

Just curious have any of you ever had a background check? The questions asked would never explain if you are mentally ill or not.

Now maybe they should require a Physiatric evaluation at every gun purchase.. A background check is not going to produce any facts if the guy has never gone nuts before..

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Apr-29-13 4:11 PM

Veritas, lunacy, as well as beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

At least I haven't told people to shut up.

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Apr-30-13 10:02 AM

Veritas, I liked DustOff's expansion of your screenplay.


Here's mine...

Nancy, the imaginary ******e, sounds like a girl who cares. It is too bad that a trigger was pulled on the gun that shot the .22 caliber bullet that took her life.

Now, for clarity's sake, is someone going to name that person who pulled the gun's trigger? Or is the gun (in reality, an inanimate object) supposed to take the lead in this play and shoot itself?

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Apr-30-13 10:04 AM

willgrr, you are a pot calling a kettle black.

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Apr-30-13 11:14 AM

Veritas, I didn't realize that you were talking about Nancy Lanza. I thought you were just talking....

My point stays relevant. The gun didn't shoot her. Her son pulled the trigger to shoot her.

What about the help that Nancy Lanza needed for her son? Is it any easier now for parents to admit their disturbed children for treatment?

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Apr-30-13 12:14 PM

willgrr, are you upset that you're no longer #1?

Better get your game on!

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Apr-30-13 2:16 PM

Dusty, calm down, you will have a heart attack and your medicare will have to kick in. After all you have ONLY posted 40 times out of 71. And goodness, the anger you are displaying is bad for your health. We don't want to lose you on the blog. You provide entertainment for everyone. Keep on ranting but please take your pills.

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Apr-30-13 2:48 PM

DustOff3...are you trolling?

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Apr-30-13 2:51 PM

So Libs I see Ovomit has his "Walking Backwards" shoes on today.. He let his mouth overload his brains and now he is in a walking backwards movement.. That boy sure can lie like a rug..

The president says he needs more time and information before responding to reported chemical attacks by Assad regime in Syria, despite saying earlier that the use of such weapons would be a 'red line' requiring action by the U.S.

Just more of the same BS from this gutless wonder.. How soon before we get a chemical bomb dropped here in the USA? Soon I suspect.. the Terrorists have attacked on Obama's watch and he is doing nothing about subsequent attacks that may follow..

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Apr-30-13 3:26 PM

Billreallyreallydoesntgetitoreverwill has no clue on this. Is it because you listen to the usual haters and your hatred abounds. Anyone who has researched the data knows that the Russians have put in sophisticated anti-aircraft deterrents and so an aerial assault would be costly. We don't want to put boots on the ground so there is another option. But, we could be Bush supporters like you and say they need to be invaded. After all, we have a precedent for invading sovereign nations, don't we. You know nothing. Responsible people are tired of Republican war mongering for the benefit of the war machine corporate landscape. Oh, and people are tired of your hate and lies.

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Apr-30-13 4:10 PM

One thing Veritas forgot to cover...

Wikipedia sez "Egocentrism is characterized by preoccupation with one's own internal world. Egocentrics regard themselves and their own opinions or interests as being the most important or valid. Self-relevant information is seen to be more important in shaping one’s judgments than do thoughts about others and other-relevant information. Egocentric people are unable to fully understand or to cope with other people's opinions and the fact that reality can be different from what they are ready to accept."

My guess is that many online posters suffer from this malady, perhaps more than would be willing to admit or accept it.

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Apr-30-13 6:52 PM

Centerfield the dumb duck needs to shut his mouth if he doesn't plan on doing what he says..

He loves to hear himself talk and he likes to strut like a peacock and be big man on campus but when someone holds his feet to the fire he gets his walking back shoes on and runs away..

He needs to either PUT UP OR SHUT UP!!!

Every time he makes these STUPID remarks people in other countries are listening.. They know he is a chicken and is all show and no go.. Now hes been called on his comments and he has to "think about it"

Maybe he should THINK BEFORE he opens his mouth..

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Apr-30-13 10:45 PM

Billdoesnteverknownothing, is your last blog about the issues or is it about you? You really think that foreign countries are listening to me???? I thought they were following you so that they could have some laughs. Do you think that I just gave up government secrets??? Boy, I just looked them up on the internet... So, according to your thoughts,(hahahaah) the other countries did not know about this... Hmmmm. Maybe it was like Bush I and his secretary of state, Baker, who advised Bush II not to invade a soverign nation without provocation because there was NO exit out of the country. But the Republican war machine wanted to kill people for the good of their financial benefactors, the war machine manufacturers. You present no factual evidence for your mental wanderings. Get back on your meds and take care of yourself. We don't want to lose any of you(dusty,loco, or billwillnever). You three are the best laughs on the net.

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Apr-30-13 10:59 PM

centerfield.. I see you are now trying to be Ovomit.. My My you sure are stuck on yourself..

Are you playing dumb or did you really think it was you. You got your walking back shoes on too?

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Apr-30-13 11:04 PM

Play nice now Lil boys.. seems I hit a sore spot with Ovomit and his walking back shoes today..

He isn't man enough to handle the job but only the Conservatives know it.. The libs lap him up like puppy's on the females dogs buds..

Your a sick lot. You may think its funny and something to Joke about and if you do that puts you right up there with the Syrian leaders.. They think Obama comments are funny and not to be taken serious.. as he "waits" to make a decision on a comment he made.. Gutless wonder that punk in the WH>

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