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Temps affect taxes

City sales tax collections slump with construction delay

April 18, 2013

Minot’s city sales tax collections are down from levels of the past two years, prompting city officials to keep an eye on the potential need for budget changes....

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Apr-19-13 6:57 AM

willgarr-duh.......i believe in limited govt. govt feeds on itself and if you don't limit it, how do you pay for it? it's getting time to get out of minot and let someone else pay property/sales tax that are getting insane. How many retired 50 yr old govt employees are we paying for right now in the magic tax-ya good city?

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Apr-18-13 10:24 PM

Here's an idea: The city could pledge one day's sales tax revenues to Hope Village as a gesture of goodwill to Minot's flood survivors.

Or, is the city too greedy to be that generous?

Seems as though Taco John's has a heart, the city just might have one too.

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Apr-18-13 5:40 PM

and enhanced under the new messiah, along with every other vote buying scheme known to pols. i don't agree with vote buying from either party - it's the dems that have perfected it using OPM.

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Apr-18-13 4:28 PM

Even though I liked some of the things he did and/or said, I've never thought of the late Pres. Ronald Reagan as a god.

True story.

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Apr-18-13 11:50 AM

i got no prb helping those that need help. and i suspect i donate more than you do to causes i choose. and i would do more, except i have to give it to the govt so they can re-distribute it to their future voters. i'm just tired of ones like the gal taking a pic of michelle O. in a free food with her obamaphone.

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Apr-18-13 10:42 AM

If the city has this tax money, then why do we have so many problems, such as:

Street Maintenance--half the streets in Minot are almost destroyed

Snow removal--happens a day or two AFTER the snow stops

Tree's--I should not have to plan a route when towing a 5th wheel to avoid hitting trees

Emergencey Services--we don't have enough, and we won't get any new ones at what they are willing to pay them.

Trashed out homes/buildings left over from the flood--are an eyesore and a health/safety risk

General appearance of the town--hardly any landscape work being done, roadsigns covered with so much mud they are illegible, the tree in the river by the old water plant, guardrails on still bent and twsited from dikes, walking bridges still up and full of trash the list goes on and one

We are going to end up with a toen no one wants to live in.....

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Apr-18-13 9:33 AM

Wow matman.. to much tax is what is making many people poor. Lower taxes will make people less poor.

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Apr-18-13 8:25 AM

All they are doing is collecting money, and there is more of it all of the time, how can it be bad?

How do you not make it work for you?

If Minot had a local tax on gasoline, a penny a gallon, the city could have a new fund from gas tax revenues.

The City of Minot should have a 'one-cent per gallon tax on gasoline' vote, so the public can pay even more in taxes. It would be a fair tax. You can be sure that the vote would be fair and the gas tax vote would pass.

Anybody look at the price of gas at the pump and maybe consider that the price of gas might have an effect on sales tax collections?

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Apr-18-13 7:38 AM

Rome fell because of cities full of people who produced nothing thus paid no taxes and the taxes had to keep increasing on the farmers who produced everything until the producers realized it was futile and all moved to the cities too. According to history the farmers overused the land so bad from trying to produce more and more to pay taxes that the land became useless. The taxes these days are on producers and non producers alike until they are on welfare and living off taxes. There is a lesson there to be considered. I bet all the towns west of Ward County have continued to see increases in their collections.

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Apr-18-13 7:32 AM

i see another sales tax/ property tax increase in our future to make up for the 'shortfall'. after all, govt is the only thing that is never expected to cut back. gotta keep the parasites fed,clothed, and new obama-phoned.

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Apr-18-13 7:23 AM

Has the tax man finally strangled the golden goose?

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Apr-18-13 1:08 AM

Amazing other cities can make things happen without a ton of taxes...maybe one day minot will stop taxing us to death to live in horrible part of the country.

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