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Prove you are a citizen

April 14, 2013

Jake Tiessen, Garrison On your opinion page of March 31 this year there was a letter written by Marvin Frank of Grand Forks....

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Apr-16-13 12:55 PM

I heard that with the "immigration reform" legislation being proposed, that the legal....the legal immigration numbers will be increased from about a million per year, to about a million and a half per year. I feel that is a good thing, as we can fill some of those jobs that Americans feel they must refuse to do, in order to keep collecting unemployment. We do need them to continue to collect that gift in order to get those votes to our Democrat Party....

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Apr-14-13 11:37 PM

BillGarr, always always preoccupied with race. No Asian Pan Handlers? True. Since you brought it up, we never really hear to much about Asian illegals either. Must be because we've secured that border with... Asia?

But then you libs never were able to distinguish between legal immigrants and illegal aliens. Why control immigration at all? Why not just let everyone in?

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Apr-14-13 9:32 PM

I'd have a problem with illegal immigrants being granted amnesty, only to vote Republican as a payback.

What about all the immigrants who have come here legally, going through that onerous, time-consuming process, only to wait some more before they're granted citizenship?

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Apr-14-13 8:12 PM

I had to show my ND ID to vote in ND, isn't that already a law? Or is this about mail in ballots?

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Apr-14-13 7:12 PM

"Seems the only ones getting caught for voter fraud are Republicans. " Because the Democrats don't get caught. Practice! Practice! Practice!

No I don't really see voter fraud as a huge problem. It exists, but the bigger problem is blanket amnesty for current illegals. Sooner or later, once they've cut the line, become legal and eventually achieved citizenship, they'll be voting Democrat. They owe the party. It's expected.

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Apr-14-13 4:17 PM

"There are too many people who vote and are not entitled to vote."

In case the letter writer or the readers don't understand the significance of Veritas and now me reposting this quote from the letter it should be said that that sentence is an untrue statement.

But, of course, that won't stop people from thinking that elections are stolen by voter fraud. Willful ignorance runs deep on these pages.

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Apr-14-13 3:46 PM

I feel there really are NO illegal "immigrants" in this country, since we can't name them, or know where they live.

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Apr-14-13 12:01 PM

Name us just one you KNOW (to possess knowledge!!) of!

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Apr-14-13 11:53 AM

There is little we can do in this world without ID. Nothing wrong with showing one to vote. I bet if they have to show one to get public assistance they can figure out how to get one.

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Apr-14-13 10:48 AM

One ID equals 1 vote.

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Apr-14-13 8:11 AM

People who have broke the law don't want anyone to know where they are so they and their family are the ones not wanting to show ID. I mean after all if you have welfare cards in 5 different names it means you have to show 5 different Ids when you vote and someone just might catch you.

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