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Growing concerns bring crowd to city hall

April 2, 2013

Minot residents turned out in force to protest paving districts and expansions of an RV park and church building at the Minot City Council meeting Monday....

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Apr-03-13 11:57 AM

There is plenty of room for an interchange at 21st Ave Nw and the west Bypass, if you design it right. It would only require 1 bridge overpass for the Northbound lane. Unless they are planning on extending 21st Ave past the bypass.

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Apr-03-13 10:39 AM

People no matter where they live in Minot deserve a fair shake! In addition this growth nightmare isn't that bad in other communities because of rightful planning, listening to the people, and a true government for the people by the people.......

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Apr-03-13 10:36 AM

In other action, council member Blake Krabseth asked the council to advance a Wal-Mart development on 21st Avenue Northwest that the planning commission held due to neighborhood concerns. Although neighbors were notified of the possibility that the project could be discussed on the meeting, council members were reluctant to move forward.

"I am afraid that our constituents would be very disappointed," council member Amy Moen said. "For that reason, I am not going to vote that we push this through."

I just don't understand how Amy Moen gets her way when the growth is the same on the southwest side of Minot. Did those residents get a fair deal? No they didn't and what is so funny about all of the building on SW Minot it has now changed hands back to local again, so the local snuck back to appear like a good patron. I understand the need for building but it doesn't make since the hearing timing for something so important and the will of the people being ignored over

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Apr-02-13 9:11 PM

These hooples were so busy hating on Obama in Washington, DC -- they failed to notice what was happening in their own back yards.

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Apr-02-13 9:03 PM

Left- Why don't you explain how you are qualified to belittle everyone that disagrees with you and your end of the world thinking. You live here by choice, to complain about every facet of life here makes you a hypocrite. They are entitled to their opinion as are you.

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Apr-02-13 3:24 PM

I also laugh at the people who say there are other cities out there that are much better than Minot. I say to those peopel, "If it's so great there, then GO!"

The majority of the country, though there has been some improvement, still seeing a shortage of jobs, which then causes cities to be losing money, and then the infrastructure falls apart. The crime rate in those places is higher because the city has to lay off their police forces. Lucky for you, you can afford a house because someone else got foreclosed on by the bank - good for you.

Embrace the change people, it's not going to kill you.

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Apr-02-13 3:14 PM

I love how everyone around here complains how Minot isn't the same place it used to be and how it is a terrible place to live, but they are the same people who fight any type of attempt to make improvements in the area. Most of the people in this city has the "how does this affect ME" mentality, which is really what is hurting the city. People complain because the crime rate has gone up, which still isn't bad compared to a lot of other cities, but don't raise taxes to be able to pay our police a rate that will make them what to stay. "We need a new middle school", but don't you dare make anyone pay for the roads that will be needed to support the school or the housing that is going up nearby.

People want to blame the oil boom for all of the problems in Minot and ND as a whole, but I believe that half of the blame also needs to go onto the people of ND, who fight change with every fiber of their being. Don't fight and complain about the changes; make helpful su

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Apr-02-13 12:28 PM

All I will say about last nights council meeting,there was alot of: "You pat my back & I will pat your back" went on.

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Apr-02-13 9:37 AM

While I agree that more taxes suck, I am tired of the short-sightedness of individuals like Mr. Dunn. You purchased property in a new development in an area that had poor infrastructure to begin with, in a town that has just experienced a major catastrophic flood, in a new area that is planned for a development of hundreds of housing units and a new school. What did you think was going to happen to bring the roads up to snuff? Now, the whole lack of notification thing by the city, that's shady. But come on! It's called long-term thinking people!

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Apr-02-13 9:25 AM

How many of those complaining wanted a shopping district on North Hill? During the flood that need was realized but did they think it would be free?

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Apr-02-13 9:08 AM

This is growth no matter what you call it. Grand Forks, by the way, is not providing affordable housing built solely by private developers. The Grand Forks Housing Authority, through grants and taxes, has built some units but no one believes the government should be competing with private business - particularly housing.

It is very expensive to build major infrastructure. Developers should, and do build everything within their projects on their own dime. Combine that with the fact that construction financing on single family residential projects is almost non-existent, and the costs just get that much higher.

This is about major construction. Roads that will benefit many. That's all.

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Apr-02-13 8:32 AM

Residential construction is expensive as it is. Developers are not asking to put private collector streets or utilities that only serve their projects into Paving Districts. Because Minot has no public roadway fund, major arterial roads - and despite its current classification 30th Ave NW is a major arterial based on approved land uses and future traffic counts - there has to be a way to build major infrastructure that will not unfairly buyer one project and will allow that developer/builder, whoever they may be, to keep overall costs down and bring a product to the market at a reasonable price.

Make no mistake about, many people will be driving on 30th Ave, 16th Street, 8th Street, and 36th Ave to drop their kids at the new school.

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Apr-02-13 8:28 AM

I'm not sure the city really understands what they did last night. The 30th Ave Paving District, though costly, was extremely necessary for the overall health of North Hill. Unfortunately the residents in the area are misinformed about exactly how these come into playing. The total construction (from Broadway to 16th Avenue) totaled $7+ million dollars. The road did not benefit any one developer, it benefits everyone in the area - everyone in the new, non-flood zone area of Minot. combined with the construction of the new Ramsted school, the 2500 plus new units that have been approved and are under construction in the area (not to mention the future commercial property at the bypass and 30th) make this a benefit to all.

It is really short sighted to complain about having to contribute to a major improvement that will ultimately benefit everyone in the area while bemoaning the fact that "affordable housing" isn't available in the community. Residential construction is e

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Apr-02-13 8:01 AM

tax tax tax.

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Apr-02-13 7:48 AM

Bottom line is people are feeling that they have no control and developers are taking advantage of Minot and its people.

Minot, as it once was, is gone.

Glad I bought property away from Minot when it was a decent price and much easier to acquire. Glad I didn't buy in western North Dakota. Glad I'll be able to move away from Minot and not be squeezed by the ever increasing costs of living here, which has become more trouble than it is really worth.

I wouldn't be happy having to put up with what is going on and is not going to stop.

Take your money out of the banks like they did in Cyprus, sell your house in Minot and find a nice town to live. It can't be done in Minot anymore.

The evidence is all of the discord that is here at this moment. Sales taxes, property taxes, water bills that are way too high, and on and on it goes to make it not the place to live.

There are places out there that are now a better place to be.

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Apr-02-13 6:49 AM

once again, i see higher sales and property taxes in our near future.

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