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Thank you, governor

March 31, 2013

Eleri Oley Kerian, Grafton Thank you, Gov. Jack Dalrymple for signing HB 1305, SB 2305, and HB 1456....

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Apr-09-13 8:18 PM

NT4M, your transformation into a walking, talking Democrat advertisement appears complete.

Welcome to the Left Wing. It's all yours.

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Apr-01-13 7:27 PM

notea4me One can assume you don't breathe then? because even your breath is polluting the country. I can assume you don't own a vehicle and you walk to and fro from the welfare house? And of course you don't own a gun they don't let felons purchase them..

So yup your a deadmocrat all right!!!

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Apr-01-13 10:24 AM

More c/p...

rhrealitycheck . org/article/2013/03/01/challenges-in-the-trans-vaginal-ultrasound-debate/

"Both supporters and opponents of abortion rights get another thing wrong: they misunderstand standard abortion practice. The use of trans-vaginal ultrasounds is routine among abortion providers. When I started this work three decades ago, pregnant women often had to wait until they were seven or eight weeks pregnant before providers felt comfortable performing an abortion—they needed to wait that long to confirm a pregnancy and its placement. With advances in ultrasound technology—specifically the ability to conduct trans-vaginal ultrasounds—providers can now verify an intrauterine pregnancy as early as 4 weeks. Women no longer have to wait through weeks of pregnancy symptoms and distress before having a desired abortion. Trans-vaginal ultrasound is a useful tool and shouldn’t be maligned by abortion rights supporters seeking to make a quick exaggerated political point."

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Apr-01-13 10:23 AM

And a c/p for NT4M's second point, minus the hysteria.

The governor signed three bills, easily googled: ND (bill#) legiscan

HB 1305 is the bill "relating to the prohibition on abortions for sex selection or genetic abnormalities."

HB 1456 is the bill "relating to limitations on abortion after a determination of detectable heartbeat in an unborn child and to grounds for disciplinary action for physicians; and to provide a penalty." From the bill: "Except when a medical emergency exists that prevents compliance with this subsection, an individual may not perform an abortion on a pregnant woman before determining, in accordance with standard medical practice, if the unborn child the pregnant woman is carrying has a detectable heartbeat." I'm not sure that a transvaginal ultrasound qualifies as "standard medical practice" (see next post).

SB 2305 is the bill "relating to limitations on physicians and abortion facilities."

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Apr-01-13 10:21 AM

NT4M, your first point. I'm not lying when I say I'm pro-choice. I choose not to have an abortion. But the other side says I can't have that designation. I can't be pro-choice.

The media and abortion supporters have deemed folks like me to be "anti-abortion" instead of "pro-life." So now I can call those calling me anti-abortion liars?

Get real. If you promote abortion, it's pro-abortion. If you don't promote abortion, it's anti-abortion. Is this issue just about semantics?

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Apr-01-13 10:17 AM

Next law that needs to hit the books is the Father of the aborted fetus needs to be Named..and made to pay a fine. He needs to be brought into this process and fined for fathering a baby he didn't want to support..

he is as much to blame as the women.. And lord knows they sell birth control for both female and male.. Why are they not both using it? And then the libs come back and tell us they both failed..Same time same place right libs????

I bet if the men were forced into the equation there would be alot less need for an abortion.

I say DNA the fetus and find the father.. He should pay for doing the deed>>>

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Apr-01-13 10:14 AM

Now aint that the shame.. ND is going to spend money to fight to save a babies life and all the liberals are upset.

They would rather kill a kid then spend money to save it.

You libs are really something else.!!!

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Apr-01-13 9:54 AM

Thank you governor, is right. Did you realize that in federal cases, the loser pays the legal fees of the winner. Now, even the Gov. thinks we will lose, but he wants to push it. Well, get ready to pay both sides of the fees. the lawyers are laughin all the way to the bank. No property tax cuts, no income tax cuts, Roads? infrastructure? But double the legal fees. Great deal for the people of ND. Maybe Jack should give back the couple of million in subsidies his family farm gets.

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Apr-01-13 8:46 AM

Tommy7 Noteaforme Bill Garr.

Whats really bothering all of you GUYS is the fact these women may not be so eager to put out for you.

Its all about you. You could care less if the women gets PG as long as she has an abortion and your not on the hook for child support..

Your looking out for your own behind. Has nothing to do with the women.

Women don't HAVE to get pregnant.. If they do it means some man had his way with her and he doesn't want to be responsible for any brat he might have created,.

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Apr-01-13 12:54 AM

This makes me want to puke or is that illegal now too?

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Mar-31-13 10:04 PM

Why can't you people stay out of other people’s lives. You are the same ones who don't support programs for the poor. What happens after these children are born is not your concern is it? You are the same ones who molest and rape children and believe it is god's will when it results in a pregnancy. You have no right to make decisions over the body of another person. Get your stinking religion out of the lives of others. Free will means god gave man and women the right to choose, not the legislator, not the governor. I hope you all burn in*****for your sins. You want to save lives, then help the living. Give up your wealth to the poor. Oh wait, you don’t give things up like your money or your guns!

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Mar-31-13 8:58 PM

This letter states just what legislation the governor signed. No more, no less. The frenzied pro-abortion folks are the ones lying about the signed legislation. Period.

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Mar-31-13 5:33 PM

Did you know that North Dakota ranks #1 in overall freedom?

The overall freedom ranking is a combination of personal and economic freedoms.

Freedom in the 50 States can be googled to find out all the info on what we are judged on.

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Mar-31-13 5:26 PM

It amazes me that when people want to do right in the world and save lives that all of a sudden we are communists..

The name calling is the only defense the libs have against killing kids..

What a sick weird bunch. Grown ups who want to gang up and kill babies..

Pick on someone your own size folks..

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Mar-31-13 8:49 AM

Good Letter! Goes to show North Dakota is not afraid to take the lead in the hard situations..

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Mar-31-13 7:53 AM

Amen... our family sent the governor and the sponsers of the bills along with our represenitives a big heartfelt thank you.... I hope all pro-life supports do the same. Good letter.

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