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Shame on North Dakota

March 31, 2013

Carrie Evans, Baltimore, Md. Gov. Dalrymple: I was hoping against odds (as I often try to do with North Dakota) that you would veto the bills that restrict women’s access to abortion....

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Mar-31-13 7:04 AM

uff da carrie - how about u just tell people you are from a 'progressive' state instead of ND ? that way u don't have to be ashamed. and there are plenty of other places you can still kill the unborn. tell people you are from one of those places- problem solved.

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Mar-31-13 8:03 AM

socialism*****... you hit the nail on the head Carrie has way more problems than being ashamed of ND...

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Mar-31-13 11:26 AM

If women are really concerned about women getting to excercise control over when they have children, perhaps abstinence or birth control would be a way of excercising that control. Using abortion as birth control is cruel and shameful. Don't remember who said it but in my own words for now, abortion should be done early and rarely. You are right Bill, growing up somehow would be appropriate.

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Mar-31-13 11:41 AM

Lesbians aren't going to procreate anyway, why should you worry about our states laws on abortion? What strange bedfellows you make.

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Mar-31-13 11:43 AM

oh, Curly1, I was referring to Carrie, not you! :-)

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Mar-31-13 12:51 PM

Shame on ND??? No, Carrie....shame on you. The unborn deserve the same right to life your mother gave you. Abortion is murder.

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Mar-31-13 2:30 PM

Carrie. First I want you to know I fully support equal rights for same sex marrige. Discrimination is discrimination. Its sad when folks say that Americans do not deserve the same rights of other Americans. Every year at tax time I am reminded of obvious discrimination when my mother and law and her partner of 20+ years do not recieve the same tax credit as their daughter and I do. Onto abortion. Shame on North Dakota for not making adoption easier when they make abortion more difficult. Congrats though on making abortion more difficult to get. Everyone deserves a chance at life. We shouldnt let irresponibility of the parents be cause to snuff out a life. Now do something about adoptions PLEASE!

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Mar-31-13 2:49 PM

My, My, My. Look at those great posts. Let me see-just how many of you are men and what is the average age? I guessing that it is almost all men with maybe one woman. I am guessing the age at around 60, average. Nice diatribe, lots of negativity but I suppose because she is a liberal and a lesbian, and she is not entitled to voice her opinion. ND just passed three bills that are fully or partly unconstitutional. So, now we can pay out millions because Jack wants to challenge the constitution. Say, I realize that the state does not have anything else to do, but it is not all right wing tax money they are spending. Where is the discussion on property tax relief, roads, impact, income tax revisions? It is just these religious zealots interfering with the government process in the judgemental position that the Lord did not give them.

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Mar-31-13 2:51 PM

In response to Hope4Change, The Republican Party is the dirtiest hypocrites on the face of the planet, if you are so apt to play the blame game. The consistant bloats for "small government minding their own business", while pushing constantly not to lower a military budget that is unsustainable, putting billions of dollars into keeping marijuana illegal, and throwing Americans in jail and ruining their life over a substace that has no harm, while allowing alcohol which has a massive death rate attached. You ever heard of someone coming home, rolling a j and beating their wife? I dont think so, that is reserved for drunks! Also as for the trickle down economy that the repubs have sold us on behalf of the 1% is proposterous!!! Im tired of getting trickled on! It doesnt work, and folks who make the most should PAY THE SAME PERCENTAGE OF THEIR INCOME AS THOSE OF US BUSTING OUR BUTTS! They pay an average of only %15! Lets stop comparing parties, yours is rotten to the core!

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Mar-31-13 3:39 PM

In response to bill doesnt get it. First, great name buddy. Why does my wife and I get a tax credit for being married and ma doesnt? huh? You skipped that. The Bible has no place in government. We have been given free will as a gift from God. The government has no place in the morals catagory. Government that stays out of confining free will follows The Laws of God. Otherwise we get no buying on sundays. That is the End of Times. Yes of course its about benefits! People who love people of the same sex should have the same access to benefits as people who dont! Thats discrimination. Again, no grey area, but basic word comprehension. Its about equal rights for all Americans. We as Americans seem to be split over what this debate is all about. It is not about money. Its equality. 100%

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Mar-31-13 4:01 PM

CD you need to re-evaluate your faith.. Abortion is murder.. check out Jeremiah 1:5. homosexuallity is wrong look up Leviticus, Revelations and Matthew, worshipping the government as God is wrong check out the 10 commandments, as far as the law goes again the 10 commandments and Leviticus... Our entire constitution is based on writtings from John Locke who based his writtings on the Bible. Again I find it hard to see a Democrat as a Christian as their beliefs are so far apart.

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Mar-31-13 4:18 PM

Sub, I dont need to re-evaluate my faith. You need to reinterpret your understanding of the Word. The greatest commandment is love. I agree that Dems in Washington have issues. But I cannot tell why in the world Christains are Repubs?! Is it just because of abortion? Do ya'll really like to create laws based on morals? The Ten Comnmandments were written by the hand of God in stone! Two tablets. 1 of which was acceptable for government to use as a basis for laws, 1 of which was for people to keep within their hearts and deeds. One tablet to protect people, and 1 to protect the soul. I choose love and life. I could never support a government that gives unnfair advantage to one group over another, that includes special treatment to rich and straight over working class and gay. Thats morals not protection. My faith is built upon The Rock. Thats why I mostly vote Dem. God Bless this Easter and Peace on earth.

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Mar-31-13 4:20 PM

Legalize lesbianism! So, why are you interested in reproductive rights?

As a Nodak, did I ask you to speak for me? Speak for yourself, sailor.

Shame on North Dakota? No, shame on Jack. He's the unqualified nut who signed the legislation. He has a lawyer friend who will 'earn' the five million set aside, paid for by the tapped out taxpayers of North Dakota.

Jack and Drew could care less about the average North Dakotan. North Dakotans are just schumcks who deserve to be bilked say the hypocrites in the Republican Party. You know the score. Jack and the crew need to keep their noses out of the business of women's rights.

The ultimate abortion is to pass a law to castrate all men, which you just might favor.

Mission Accomplished.

The law might not pass in the state legislature though.

Should the State of North Dakota pass a law to legalize lesbianism, or is it ok for it to be to be an illegal lesbian?

You can't legislate morality!

Shame on you.

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Mar-31-13 4:26 PM

So change the tax laws, not the definition of marriage. Create civil unions. r/t abortions, on one of those tablets, thou shalt not kill is carved. Too many people are square pegs in a round hole. and instead of rounding THEIR edges to fit, they cut away and kill everyone else.

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Mar-31-13 4:34 PM

To disgusted. Just pointing out that I said earlier that I support the abortion laws passed. Ive been posting on the story for awhile. Not trying to spam, just enjoying the debate..... OK, now, why would we not allow people to "marry"? Why do we allow straight people to "marry"? I say w only allow straight popl a civil union, and Gay people are allowed to "marry"? Doesnt seem fair does it?

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Mar-31-13 4:40 PM

A civil union for every couple with marriage for male/female couples. And change the tax laws. Of course, marriage for gays would not have been an issue if employer insurance had not been brought into the fold. Three wrongs don't a right any more that two wrongs do.

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Mar-31-13 4:53 PM

Disgusted.. I offer a counter-offer. A Civil-Union Certificate from the government for everybody equally. In order to rcive this Certificat there should be a clause for break up of said Union, therefore eliminate extreme overburden of our Judiciary with divorces. A Marriage certificate from your Church(Mosque and temple to be pc) that the Government keeps their nose out of. ?

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Mar-31-13 4:57 PM

That is a much better solution, for the government as well as partners.

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Mar-31-13 5:06 PM

This all deserves to be mocked. Only at The Onion web site would you read such complete nonsense.

Eventually, Congress will pass legislation that gay marriage does not constitute a 'full union', since it will be two people of the same sex, it lacks the full value of the 'opposite sex optimal enjoyment of human sexuality', it will be a credit on your 1040. A tax credit for a 'deficient same sex union' will be allowed by the IRS. They'll pay you not involve yourself with normal sexual behavior, just abnormal sexual behavior that Carrie endorses and enjoys.

The 'Marriage Equalization Act' will help it to become law, so fear not, help is on the way.

The US gov will solve all of the problems, especially gay marriage.

Yeah, right. And the state legislature is involved with limiting the rights of women? Shame on them too. If you can have gay marriage, you can have abortion. It all makes sense.

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Mar-31-13 5:06 PM

We should run the world together disgusted. lol

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Mar-31-13 5:14 PM

CD, I agree :-)

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Mar-31-13 5:30 PM

Bill, my mother-in-law is not a scammer. She is a good woman who loves God. Equal rights is the issue. She would never dream of tainting her partnership with a scam to get equal benifits. Also, what guilty conscience? I dont track what you are talking about.

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Mar-31-13 7:31 PM

The Bible never says that Adam and Eve were the only people, just the first. They were also the ones who screwed up. Cant you see the slippery slope we go down when we think ours is the correct interpretation of our Creator! All armies thinks that they are on their Gods side, because that is their mother and fathers interpretation. Our creator loves us all. Did you not read how the apostles (sic?) were the greatest sinners in the kingdoms? Equal rights is not a scam.

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Mar-31-13 9:26 PM

CD how do you interpet Jesus "I am the way the truth and the life, no man comes to the Father except through Me!"? sounds pretty much like one way not many....from listening to you I would not base my faith on your interpetation at all!!

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Mar-31-13 11:26 PM

That same guy said---- Judge not, lest Ye be judged!!!!!!!!!!!!! I believe he meant you and the rest of the wild righties.

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